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Name: Nami
Age; 17
Gender; Female
Personality; sweet, sensitive, very adorable.
Other; Human
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I made a girl do you want to do vampire kidnapped

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yep ")

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Nami was Teagan's next door neighbor she walked home and went into her house and laid in bed.

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Nami yawned and fell asleep

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Nami slpet for a while

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Yuka wrote: "Nami slpet for a while"

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Nami woke up the next morning and got in the shower she was not ready to go to work but she knew she had to

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Nami was in the shower still she had forgotten to look her door last night

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Nami got out and wrapped herself in a towel she heard a knock and put a robe on and opened the door

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Nami looked at him "uh Teagan i am about go to work but when i get back we can"

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Nami looked at him "uh Teagan i am about go to work but when i get back we can"

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"I promise we will hang out" she said and started to close the door. It did not shut all the way, but she shrugged it off and went to go and get dressed.

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She sighed and left for work she pasted the dark park

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she sighed not seeing him

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She finally got to work

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after work i was very late and all she thought about was getting to bed

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She walked up to her house and un locked the door and went inside

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Nami was undressed she sighed and put a robe on and answered the door" Hello"

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She blushed "uh sure Teagan"

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She blushed again and got out some cloths and got dressed she had a bruise on her

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It was on her side. She looked up at him and pulled away and put her shirt on. "I.... Fell" she said looking down. The truth was she fell 3 months again and the bruise will not go away.

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She looked at him and sighed. She walked back down stairs.

((is this what he is thinking i can make that go away but i would have to kidnap you and drink your blood but my vinem will slip into you ))

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((AHHH I GET it now))

She finished making some coffee "Do you want some coffee" she asked

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She got him some coffee and gave it to him. She turned and mwent back into the kichen and coughed she held a napkin to her mouth and coughed up blood. She groaned and threw the napkin away hoping he did not see it. "I will be right back" she said heading up to her room.

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((So she is changeing))

She did not move she did not even know what had happened

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she groaned

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Nami moved

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Nami drank fersly he fangs were tiny

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Nami's eyes were open and red she wanted more

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she drank more. She had blood running down her lips and onto her neck

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She blushed looking at him she had forgotten her human life

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She turned her head and looked at him

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she kissed him

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She was on top of him she blushed and pulled back alittle afraid she did something wrong

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She blushed but a moaned escaped her lips.

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She gasped and arched her back moaning silently.

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She moaned again. She blushed and looked up at him. He eyes very beautiful as she starried up at him.

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She blushed and looked at him.

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She moaned getting wet

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she moaned

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She gasped and gripped his shoulders

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She screamed out in pleasure this was her first time. She gasped and moaned and held onto his shoulders. It hurt a little bit.

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Nami gasped and dug her nails into his shoulders

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She screamed out again and moaned louder

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She came on him

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She gasped and cried out in pleasure

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(I have to go))

She cried out and cam

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She had her eyes closed and was breathing hard

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She moved but was very sore

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