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So, yeah.Tell me about youself. ^^
Name's Grey! I'm a artist and sometimes a author!

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Jordan | 438 comments yo, names jordan,i like to write read and think.

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Thanks for joining everyone! ^^

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Oh, I just almost finshed the INFO topic, check it out!

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Yeah! Doing that now.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Hey guys. This seems like an awesome RP! the story line is genius!

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Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Seriously i would have never ever thought of that! So how did you think of this story?

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wierd dream I had last night ^^

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Wow thats awesome!

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) ...XD Grey, you are too much... :) <3 proud of you!~

[[ Btw, I'm putting my Author (writer?) comments in these... XD cuz I cool like dat >;3 ]]

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Nicce, Saphy! Welcome!

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) *bows* I feel welcome ;)

Making some charries... Is dere a limit? I'm making a dude and a chick...

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No limit, no limit at all! Witch remind me, I gotta make a questions box...

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Yeah can I make a girl?

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Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) great

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Hello! I'm Quacky...I might not be on much for the first bit because my parents are REALLY mad at me so yeah... But I promise I'll try to stay active.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) same here!!

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) so when are we gonna open the RP

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Soon enough.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) YAY!!!!!!! when is soon??????

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Once we get one or two more peoplr in the group.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) kk how many chozen are there yet??

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Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Thats not good. There is only supposed to be 6. 3 guys and 3 girls

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No, there are 12.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) But in the info it says there is six chozen ones. But anyways if you include the girl who is turning 13 there is only 6 so its good. btw I think twelve is to many

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I know, but there are 12.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) can you please make it 6!!!

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I'm sorry, but I'd like it to be twelve. I'm writing a story(not these charries but the leaders) and I don't feel like going back and changing everything... >.<

message 32: by Avenicci {fire hive} (last edited Dec 12, 2010 12:32PM) (new)

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) ok..............sniffle........sniffle. but there are only 10 leaders

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I thought I post 12, leemee check..

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) can you start the Rp now

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Once one more person joins!

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Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) ok I was just saying it would be cool if while the chozen r traveling they meet other potential chozen and have trials to see who can join and after they pass the trials they begin as an apprentice. so if I were you I wouldnt let anyone else be a chozen so you can have the trials.

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Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) so is that a good idea??

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..well, we have like, 3 spots left in the Chozen...so...MABYE.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) RAWR!!!

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^^ Rp's open!

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) THIS IS AWESOME!!!!

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) Um, well, Miyuki, one of my charries, isn't of age yet... So... She's reserving a spot. Can they find her along the way?

Also, what is the point of the whole RP?

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The Chozen are supposeted to find a way to get rid of Encad's split Souls, and defeat En the Mask, the most powerful half of Encad's Soul.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) Ah. I think I might have skipped that bit... XD

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L | 94 comments >.

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