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((RP once topic is OPEN.))

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Sya hoisted a bag over her shoulder, a grin on her face.
"To the Place of Nails."

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Sya spun around.
"Hey Canna! I'm going to the Place oF Nails. Lady Dia sent a message."

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Sparrow was in the temple praying when his eyes suddenly opened and he hear laughter.

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Jordan | 438 comments Draco breathed deeply as he sharpened his sword slowly and finely.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Sparrow heard the gentle scraping of rock on steel and turned around. "What is your business here." he asked

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Jordan | 438 comments Draco rose his head to meet his eyes and as he did so stopped sharpening his sword, then he returned to sharpening his sword his head now resuming watching what he was doing.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) "Why are you here. You are the only human being I have seen in the temple of night since my parents were alive." The darkness encased him and the quiet man.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Dia was patiently waiting for Sya to get on with the message but she was to wrapped up in conversation. She walked over to Sya, "Lets hurry now Sya. There inst much time." she said this with a smile that was half hiding the danger they all were in if the message was not delivered.

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Sya nodded.
"Yes Lady Dia.Are some of the other Leaders going to be there too?"

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Jordan | 438 comments Draco looked up at him again before resuming with his sword sharpening, every now and then he would stop and run his thumb lightly down the edge of it before sharpening again

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Ludovic grunted, looking at the grounud and shaking his head. "Mein Gott...."

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Fi sighed.
"Nya, when are the others getting here?!?!" She said, adjusting her glasses.

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L | 94 comments Xam paced back and forth, brushing a strand of black hair out of her face. She hated wating.

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Fi glanced over at Xam.
"What's the problem?"

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L | 94 comments "Ah... Just irritated. That's all," Xam replied. "I guess I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today..."

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"Aww, poor you."

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L | 94 comments "Hehe. Thanks..."

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Fi grinnned.
"Welcome."she said as she sat down, pulling out a blank book and a paintbrush.

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L | 94 comments Xam went back to pacing. She stopped suddenly, then walked over to Fi. "What are you making?"

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" A flower~" She said, drawing out a lacy white moonflower.

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L | 94 comments "Wow. That's really good." Xam sat down next to Fi, watching as she painted.

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"Thanks. I am the Arist of Spades, after all."

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L | 94 comments "Well, you are definately living up to your reputation," Xam gave a small smile.

((can Xam only replicate objects, or can she replicate something like a fighting technique??))

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((She can replicate figthinh=g technices too.))

Fi smiled and reached into the paper and pulled out a smile flower.

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L | 94 comments ((KK! Thanks!))

"Nice!!" Xam stared at the object now in Fi's hands.

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Fi smiled.
"I hope everyoine gets here soon."

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L | 94 comments "I do too. Hey.... watch this!" Xam cupped her hands and concentrated on the flower. Suddenly, a replica of the flower appeared, looking the same as Fi's.

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L | 94 comments ((I guess Xam and Fi are waiting for other people to arrive.))

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Ludovic glanced at Canna, nervous. "Who is she?" He whispered.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Ludovic nodded, stepping out from his hiding spot. "I see..."

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 395 comments Mod
Theo stood outside of the Place of Nails somewhat nervously. He'd only recently found out he was one of the chosen and it was still hard to believe.

Taylor had been following a strange group of people for a while, more people kept joining them like just now an odd looking man joined them, he didn't look like a chosen but she could be wrong.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Ludovic smiled. "I'm sorry, is there something you would like to say?"

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Fi grinned. "Hello everyone!"

Sya smileed."Hello Lady Fi."

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L | 94 comments Xam tucked the mirror flower in her pocket as she stood up.

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) "Lady Fi? Who is that?"

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 395 comments Mod
Theo hid behind a tree, too many people!

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Fi smiled.
"That's me- the Artist of Spade." She said with a wave.

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((You're supposed to go to the Place of Nails, and the Chozens are spead across the Kingdoms.))

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Zen weaved along the small, rugged stone path leading from her Kingdom to the Place of Nails.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 395 comments Mod
Lady Fi is here! Theo timidly stepped out from behind the tree.

((I'm wondering... is 19 too old to be a chosen? Should I change Theo's age?))

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((Yeah, the oldest you can be is 17.))

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 395 comments Mod
((Alrighty then... to the character page.))

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Fi grinned.
"Hello all new people!!"

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L | 94 comments Xam watched as people started to appear at the Place of Nails. She carefully rested her hand on the hilt of her sword, which lay in its sheathe.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 395 comments Mod
Theo didn't speak, afraid his voice would come out squeaky so he just waved.

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fi smiled.
"Hello there!"

Zen silently walked into the field.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 395 comments Mod
Theo smiled slightly, refusing to look anybody in the eyes.

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