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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 477 comments Mod
"You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil."

"For Hufflepuff, hard workers were
Most worthy of admission."

"Said Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot,
And teach them just the same.'
...Good Hufflepuff, she took the rest,
And taught them all she knew."

Students in Hufflepuff are kind, loyal, and have no real rivalries with anyone, as they are fair to all. Their colors are black and canary yellow, with a large badger emblazoned on their crest. Students must have...

Age (year):
Physical Description:
Owl, Cat, or a Toad?:
Patronus (optional):
Other (like blood status):

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Kat (sugaraddict) Name: Janine Keller
Age (year): 5th Year; 15
Physical Description: Janine has ivory cream skin, with minature freckles dotting her nose and underneath her eyes. Her eyes are bulbs of icy blue, that are usually hidden by waves of copper hair. She has a straight nose, ending in a suttle point just above her rosy lips. Little pink lips with barely any definition, the color of rosy cheeks in the winter. She often pulls her hair back into a soft bun, but it seems as if her hair always escapes the binds.

Janine has long, willowy limbs and a petite frame to match. She has very graceful movements, always holding herself in perfect posture. She's tall and statues.

Personality: Janine is a girl that keeps things to herself. She's not shy, or social. She's neither, she'll speak up if she has something on her mind and wants to share, but she rarely does. She just keeps to herself and is happy in her own social circle. She doesn't want attention but she's not scared of it. She prides herself in her studies and is a kind hearted person, but she's just not the welcoming comitee. But under all that cool composure, if you are doing something she does not like, she will tell you. Because it's polar opposites. So becareful, because she does have a spark.
When she's not around people, though, except for her closests friends, she shines. In dance, she loves ballet. Her long limbs make it even more wonderful. You might not pick up on her posture, but after a while of watching her quick feet and grace, you probably will have suspiciouns. Not that dance is really anything the magical world is concerned of.
Owl, Cat, or a Toad?: A snowy white cat named Cinderella. She has matching blue eyes and is overly protective of Janine. She's only a few years old but she senses storms and intruders like and experienced cat. She guards Janine's quaters during the day or wanders around the common room sometimes.
Wand: 10 3/4 inch, not hiding anything here. A maghony beech wood that is quite flexible and a phoenix feather core.
Patronus (optional): A white snow lion; almost extinct these days. She takes a liking to animals with blue eyes.With black stripes an spots; it's lethal and graceful. Only taking what it needs to survive.
History: Janine grew up in a muggle family. She doesn't like to talk about it.
Other (like blood status):

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
Name: Maybelle Thomson

Age(year): 13 (3rd year)
DOB: 14 August

Personality: Like most Hufflepuffs, Maybelle is quite humble and quite generous. She's a sympathetic girl who can easily become friends with nearly everyone. She has a bubbly personality, though can sober up when it comes time to work--and work she will. Teachers can expect 110% or more on effort when it comes to her work. Because of this, she often burns the midnight oil to get assignments in just the way she likes it.

Maybelle is a pure-blood witch, and quite proud to be in Hufflepuff. Her mother was a Ravenclaw--the head girl in her final year at Hogwarts--and her father a Gryffindor. She is particularly good at Herbology and Potions, and is fairly adequate at Care of Magical Creatures.

History: Growing up, Maybelle would always play with her older brother (a former Gryffindor, now graduated and studying as a Healer) around the house. When he attended Hogwarts, the two would always write to one another, and when he would return for breaks, he would show off what he'd learned to his younger sister, much to her excitement.

The day Maybelle got her letter in the owl post, she couldn't contain her excitement. When she and the rest of her family arrived at Diagon Alley, she raced down the cobblestone walkways, her parents attempting to keep up through the hustle and bustle of other witches and wizards purchasing supplies for their children.

The moment she was sorted, Maybelle felt no shame as she marched down to her fellow housemates, a large grin on her face. She swore she would be the best that she could and help bring her house closer to winning the house cup.

Appearance: Maybelle is very much the most average-looking, with simple big brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair, though she is a bit short, just barely under five feet. She wears a bright smile on her little pink lips, giving her the persona of innocence.

[image error]

Pet: A barn owl by the name of Wesley.
This barn owl was the utmost joy in Maybelle's childhood, as her parents bought him for her on her tenth birthday so she might get to know him before heading off to Hogwarts.

Wand: 13" Rowan wood and unicorn hair core; springy

Clover Skene: Maybelle's absolute best friend since their first year. They're rarely seen without one another.
Jaime Rennald: A new friend, met around the common room.

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. (onawhim) | 1139 comments
Name Fillin Finnbarr Wallace (“Finn”)

Age 16 (born May 28th)

Year Sixth

Blood Muggle-born

Patronus A hare, each hair delicately outlined with silver, whiskers always twitching as its nose sniffs out danger.

Appearance Lithe and slender, standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, Finn’s naivite transmits to his wide, liquid doe’s eyes – a stable light blue. His nose delicate and his cupid’s bow lips even more so, he’s the epitome of contrasts. Thanks to jazz and ballet his body is tensely packed with muscle, but then there’s the fragility of his slender frame and shoulders. Hair of a tousled, sun-streaked blonde that’s cut in a layered style, with sidebangs framing his high forehead; his skin is almost tan (but not quite) and freckles dot the bridge of his nose and pronounced cheekbones.

Personality Quite warm and outgoing, Finn has an impish mischief to him that’s quite endearing. He’s a first-class gentleman, sweet and charming, though he can get quite emotional at times, and this tends to be his weak spot. Popular due to his charming people-skills, Finn remains fiercely loyal to all of his friends, often putting their needs way above his own. He suffers from a low self-confidence, however, and tends to need other people giving him positive reinforcements in order to feel good about himself. Hurt by indifference, unable to understand unkindness, Finn also is a very good judge of character. He’s also patient, but filled with strong internal values: he falls to sympathy and emotion easily and does his best to be well-liked and helpful.

History The first eleven years of Finn’s life were awful. His parents, though loving, were the units of a traditional London family, and of course knew nothing about the magic that was causing Finn to be bullied by his classmates and neighbourhood children. As the weakest kid, he was a natural target, but the added oddity of his dancing and theatre lessons pointed him straight out of the club. This was, of course, until he got his Hogwarts acceptance letter, which was ultimately the happiest day of his life. His parents thought it was a practical joke played by neighbourhood children and took the letter to the police, who for some reason only saw them brandishing a blank piece of paper. Finn then decided to show his parents the numerous talents he’d picked up – animating coffee mugs, levitating off the floor, as well as a remarkably fast healing rate for cuts and bruises, and he was whisked off to Hogwarts with his parent’s blessing. There, his slender form is perfect for the position of Seeker on the Hufflepuff team, and he’s quite good at the sport. Among all things, he’s popular and accepted at Hogwarts. During holidays Finn always goes home (he gets homesick often) and books up his schedule with dance and theatre lessons, back-to-back.

Wand 7 ½ inches of a hazel sprig with a hippogriff talon core, his wand is aptly suited for charms and the like.

Pet A tiny frog he calls Puck, from Shakespeare’s character in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Puck is strangely very hardy (he’s an enchanted creature) and likes living in the pockets of Finn’s hoodies.

Other An avid actor and dancer, Finn dreams of big-name ballet companies and Broadway theatre productions. He’s not a big reader, but he enjoys the occasional short story, and his guilty pleasure is definitely indulging in romantic comedies. He’s also quite obsessed with Lady Gaga and, to the eternal consternation of his classmates, enjoys belting out her songs whilst in the shower.

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Vanessa | 7885 comments Mod
Name Clover Skene

Age 13 (3rd Year)

Physical Description Clover stands at about an average height. Her build is fair, with bits of wiry muscle here and there. She has long golden locks that fall just below her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep shade of cerulean, resembling the rich blues of the ocean. She pulls off a shy, sort of Plain Jane look, someone you could easily pass in the hall without a second glance.

Personality & History Clover was born into a Muggle family, her magical abilities never very prominent. But the occasional weird thing happened – occasional enough to make her the oddball in school and at home. Her brother and sister were never close to her, for they were older and more interested in their own things then in strange little Clover. So Clover played with her brother’s pet turtle most of the time. And although he was a bit boring, he at least hung out with her. Clover accumulated a love for animals. She rescued a dog, her first true pet, and from then on she was never without an animal companion. Cats, bunnies, rats, even a macaw – Clover loved them all.

On her eleventh birthday Clover discovered exactly what she was: a witch. While this explained some things, it brought about a whole new wave of questions and concerns. Most of them were answered by the Ministry of Magic’s representative, and others she learned through experience. Clover had a bit of trouble adjusting, being so timid and surrounded by new things, but she eventually got the hang of it.

Owl, Cat, or a Toad? Clover could never choose one out of all her pets, so she didn’t bring an animal along.

Wand 8 inches, griffin talon and apple wood, swishy.

Patronus A silver lamb.

Other Clover has a knack for Care of Magical Creatures. While she might be terrified of some things, like speaking in front of the class, she has no problem with a hippogriff.

Maybelle Thomson - Definitely her best and closest friend, probably the only person Clover completely feels comfortable around. They're nearly always together.
Fidelis Montgomery - Clover will speak openly to Fidelis at times, though she isn't as confident with him as she is with Maybelle.

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 219 comments Name: Tucker Haddock
Age (Year): 16 (6th)
Blood: Muggle
Wand: 9 1/4" Hornbeam Dragon Heartstring
Patronus: North Ronaldsay Ram

Pet: Brutus the Brave Ignores Signs
Brutus was discovered by Tucker's younger sister, Sallie, in the hay loft of the family barn. Tucker surmised the Little Owl got into a fight with Rawker, the stray tomcat that claimed the barn as his territory. Over the next year, the Haddock family nurtured the owl and Brutus adopted them as his new family. Tucker didn't have the heart to leave his new feathery friend behind and was overjoyed he was granted permission to bring him to Hogwarts. Little did the Haddock family realize that Brutus was sent by a unnamed second cousin, twice removed, who sensed Tucker was destined for Hogwarts during a family reunion.

Physical Description:
Comfortable in his own skin
Golden-brown locks usually are muffled into a haphazard bed-head style that accompanied by his radiant smile and chocolate-warm gaze causes him to appear as a dashing and charming rogue and less like a lazy good-for-nothing neanderthal. Broad shoulders, a tall stature and a well-maintained physique fill out his Hufflepuff uniform. This and the calluses on his hands reap the rewards from years of manual labor on the family farm. When out of uniform, he leans towards the simple and warm pleasures of a handmade jumper, scarf, and hat paired with jeans and work boots.

Tucker can be a tad too blunt with his opinions but he tries to soften the blow with an earnest and tender smile. He means well despite how easily his tongue gets tied and he finds himself shoveling a deeper hole than he started. He simply hasn't the same patience as his sister Sallie with the social order; if he wants to dance with a girl, he will dance with the girl regardless of her bloodline or House and suffer the scorns and beatings later. Initially, magical studies didn't come easily to him and he'd fall asleep into far too many books after reading only two pages. He's more of a doer than studier. It took dating Giselle to change his ways and now he maintains decent grades, enough to get by, and found success in Magical Creatures -- it became his ultimate favorite class.

He loves to knit and has no shame in admitting this fact. The Haddocks raise multi-breeds of sheep, varieties to make a decent living in selling their fiber, which in turn, became a budding fiber and yarn business in East Sussex. After helping to sheer the sheep, he sat down next to his Grandmother who immediately shoved a set of needles into his hands. He found the hobby relaxing and when in a hectic and stressful world as Hogwarts, it got him through many exams. It also earned him a number of friends, especially the girl variety, who would nudge him for a handmade hat, scarf, or mittens. His most notorious design was the hat given to his ex-flame Giselle.

Cleaned up and dashing
Born and raised on the Seven Sisters Sheep Farm in East Sussex, Tucker got an extra dose of femininity by being surrounded by nine females -- a grandmother, mother, six aunts, and a younger sister. The male Haddocks knew they were outnumbered when it came to family decisions and would escape to the fields. Tucker wasn't as fortunate in his youth, being coerced by his grandmother, mother and aunts into knitting circles. It wasn't until he began to fill out that his father and uncles swooped in to rescue the poor boy by plopping him into the fields for farm work. His future seemed destined to be another Haddock farmer that is until his 11th birthday when he received his letter to Hogwarts.

It was an emotional time at the Platform for the Haddocks. Tucker was the first to EVER leave the farm for some magical place, far, far, far away. Needless to say, Tucker's formative years at Hogwarts weren't too bright. He stuck to himself and slept very often, if only, to escape boring lectures or those seeking friendships. After a while, he warmed to the school and grew to enjoy his studies -- a girl like Giselle could motivate ANY BOY. That's when his fellow Huffles got to see Tucker more for his good old humored self. He could take a joke with the best of them and was a strong arm of support for the younger who were equally as homesick.

Giselle, the Smoldering Sex-Magnet
Tucker met this hottie from Beauxbatons during the Triwizard Tournament. He never thought in a million years Giselle would give him a second look; after all, he was nothing more than a good old farm boy and she had Pureblood Wizards chasing her heels. She took a liking to his blunt honesty and they hit it right off, dating for years through written correspondence and summer breaks together. Suddenly, during the last year, she broke it off, claiming she met some other guy, a farmer no less, and returned his anniversary gift to her -- a crazy purple knitted (made by him no less!) octopus hat in honor of their first water adventure; they nearly drowned by the Loch Ness Octopus if they hadn't worked together to escape.

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Jo (Penname8) | 3183 comments
Name Erin Isolde Fry

Age 16 (year 6)
Date of birth December 27th, 1995

Gender Female

Blood Status Half-blood

Patronus A nimble, brisk gazelle.

Appearance Erin looks a little young for her age, with her rather too-slender frame and childish-looking eyes; tiny, petite and almost-breakable-looking. She has long, lemon-yellow straight tresses that go down to her back. Her light-green eyes seemed always filled with laughter, and her small, delicate feautures seem too. Her ivory complexion is something to be envied on her. Her self-confidence and mostly amiability is easy to see in the way she carries herself. She has been taught that image is everything, as is usual by her always new robes or dresses, but she's not shallow as to buy it.

[image error]

Personality Erin is well known among the Hufflepuffs for being a person whom you can look to if you need a favor, and an extra quip if she considers it necessary. She sees jokes in most words, yet is able to keep them to herself when necessary. She is not very bright at academic matters, however, which makes her a rather attractive target for sarcasm. Erin, however, is never too offended by any sharp talk, which she deflects in a whisper. Easy-going and mostly light, she'll be energetic and a party-hard girl.

Erin is also determined to the roots, sometimes going into stubborness. This trait is vital to her art. Her foremost passion is singing, not in the pathetic modern Muggle way, as she might call it, but the ethereal arts of opera singing. Her naturally gilded voice, trained through years of ardent practice, is worthy of notice. In an academic enviroment, however, she is at somewhat a loss, having to resort to nearby help if she is to make it through the exams. In the actual magical world, however, she has no calling yet.

History Erin is the daughter of a wizard politician, Phillip Fry, and a Welsh Muggle music teacher in the Cardiff conservatory, Rosamunde Weaver. Erin's both sides have made their mark on her, the first, of course, giving her an entire life or magic in front of her, and her mother giving her a love and talent for music, and therefore, opera, whihch has become a passionate calling for her. Magic and music are intertwined in her house.

She has two sisters and one brother, all older than her and that have made their mark in the wizard world in diverse areas, such as Gringotts and the Ministry of Magic. At Hogwarts she had quite a lot to live up to, but Erin has managed to erase the trail her siblings left for her. Her academic "disasters" are something people from other Houses poke fun at, but she doesn't mind. As long as the teachers themselves forget that it was Erin who turned a mouse into an electric computer mouse it would suffice.

Wand Sycamore and unicorn hair, 12 inches, limber and lithe. Apt for Charms work.

Relationships Dominic Beckett Cousins from her father's side, they have known each other for quite a long time. Very close not only because they share their school and house but because they share several fundamental traits. Both will rag each other occasionally like they are siblings, and Erin will sometimes cross the dark side to the circle of doom or Bruce, Cecil and the much-feared Rosaline Kelly to enjoy a party.


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♔a b b e y♌ (primadonna_witch_of_breath) | 45 comments Name: Melba Haskall

Age (year): She is 14 years of age, a 4th year.

Physical Description:

Fair, slightly pink skin. Lower lip is slightly fuller than the upper. Brown eyes, thick eyebrows. She has a heart-shaped face. Melba is around 5'0 and slightly chubby. She has a pear-shaped body. She's a terrible dresser when she's out of uniform, i.e. over the holidays or on trips to Hogsmeade. It's not that she can't identify fashionable clothing, or that she's poor, but she simply has better things to do than to spend an hour to dress herself and she also prefers comfort over looks.
She's Scottish.

Personality: Generally carefree about the social caste, she'll be nice to anyone (who is nice to her) and will do anything for her loved ones. She places family and friendship above all else and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is very overprotective and clingy to her loved ones. She loves to get a good laugh as long as it's not at the expense of another person. While sympathetic and kind, she's very jealous and manipulative. She's not the 'forgive-and-forget' type. She will always hold grudges, no matter how many time she says she's forgiven you. Melba will usually bring up all of your wrongdoings in an argument, even if the argument is completely irrelevant. She will always find justification in what she's doing. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad.

Birthday: July 8th

Owl, Cat, or a Toad?: She's allergic to cats; it's not a bad allergy, but it is a bit bothersome. She doesn't like toads and doesn't have an owl.

Wand: A springy 11 inch Weeping Birch wand with a Unicorn hair core.

Patronus: A ferret.

History: Melba was raised with caring parents and four siblings; two older, two younger. Growing up, her family was middle-class. Her friends were mostly halfblooded, because purebloods are on the rare side, and there are no muggles in a wizarding village. Out of her siblings (Wren, Nolan, Eden, and Howie), she's closest to Eden. Eden is four years younger than Melba and will be starting next year. Melba is currently the only one in her direct family at Hogwarts, on account of Wren being 24 and Nolan being 19. She's very kind to people, yet very protective over loved ones. She'll take the hit for anyone and has difficulty saying 'no' to her family and friends, usually resulting in her running around in a frenzy. People take advantage of this often, and she is occasionally bullied for her doormat qualities and lack of fashion. In her free time, Melba likes to spend time with her friends and enjoys watching Quidditch. She takes pride in the Hufflepuff house and during Quidditch games, you can easily find her decked out in black and yellow. Her best classes are Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology, while her worst are Transfiguration and Charms.

Blood Status: Pure.

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
1. I'd add a birthday instead of the zodiac sign (because let's be honest, that really has nothing to do with anything). She'd be 14, not 15, considering her birthday is sometime in June.
2. Personality needs to be in complete sentences, not simply listing traits.
3. Considering, students are typically always in their uniform, it's a bit difficult to have poor dress.
4. The comma after cats should either be a period or a semicolon.

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♔a b b e y♌ (primadonna_witch_of_breath) | 45 comments 1. Thank you for catching that!
2. Alright. c:
3. But I thought that there were times where they didn't have to be in uniform, such as trips to Hogsmeade, spending the holiday at Hogwarts, or when they didn't have lessons? Magical or Boarding or not, Hogwarts is still a school, so they're bound to have breaks on weekends or something like that, right? If you want me to remove it I will.
4. Again-- thank you for catching that!

Is it alright now? If there's anything more wrong with her I'd be more than happy to oblige. c:

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
3. Perhaps specify "When she's not in uniform," or else it sounds like she always dresses poorly.

Other than that, I think she's fine. Maybe add a bit more detail to her history as to what her childhood was like to make it a bit longer.

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♔a b b e y♌ (primadonna_witch_of_breath) | 45 comments Alright, I'll fix it right away! c: Thank you!

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
All right. You're good.

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♔a b b e y♌ (primadonna_witch_of_breath) | 45 comments Hooray!~ Thank you. c:

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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 977 comments Mod
Name: Belen Comrad Winslow
Aliases~ Sometimes goes by Comrad, but hardly ever
Year: Fifth
Age: Fifteen
DOB~ March 11th

Appearance: Belen is tall and lean with a muscular build, especially in his arms from constantly swatting at bludgers. The exercise has left him feeling and looking fit.

Light brown locks that curl upwards near the ends flop down across his forehead in a messy heap. If he would let it grow out much further, they owuld cover his wide eyes. The lashes that frame them are short, but incredibly thick, but those aren't what most people notice when they see Belen. Bright cobalt blue, Belen's eyes stand out against the rest of his chiseled face. Compared to his bright blue gaze that can get a bit stormy from time to time can make his hair and complexion appear wahsed out. This usually doesn't happen unless Belen's eyes start to blaze, and that's usually when the young Hufflepuff becomes furious. More rare than his blazing eyes of anger, is Belen's bright, genuine smile. He'll smile, that's for sure, but those raw, ecstatic smiles that light up his eyes like a clear, starry night sky are nearly impossible to come by. More usually than not, his plush, bow lips are pulled up into a smirk or a sneer. If you get a smile to show his straight teeth, you deserve a million chocolate frogs.
Did you say chocolate frogs?

What the hell do you want?

Umm, eye of newt?

Personality: Belen is hte kind of guy who thinks 'in the now'. He reacts to things that are happening in that moment, not thinking about what consequences might later fall on him. It's gotten him into a lot of trouble over the years.

Loyalty is a big things with Belen. Do not take advantage of Belen's loyalty, or mock where his loyalties lie. As earlier mentioned, Belen is somewhat of a hot head with a quick temper if he's rubbed the wrong way. Distrusting his loyalty is probably one of the best things you can do if you want to see this young Hufflepuff explode. Put your loyalty and trust into him, and he will do the same for you, leaving you with a good friend for the rest of your life. Cross him, and you will find yourself with an unforgiving enemy.

His tempers are usually short-lived, unlike the grudge that will follow afterwards. During his rage, he will more than likely call you insulting slanders and run his mouth. If you've done him some damage, perhaps caused him pain (like picking on his family or sister), then Belen gets a little bit violent. He will most likely attempt to hex you or physically harm you. Some broken bones are the worst he's ever done and not so much more now that he's gotten older and has a better control on his temper. Though, one of his best kept secrets is the trick to winning back his favor of you if he does become angry with you. A chocolate frog and some Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (soap and grass are his favorites) are the best way to win Belen back over. Once you feed him some good treats, all is forgiven. It just shows that Belen is a rather simple young man.

When Belen isn't being a hot head, losing his temper, and running his mouth, he's actually a pretty friendly guy. He's willing and quick to joke and have a good time. He likes to be social and enjoy people, and usually hates to be alone. Until something makes his temper flare up, his personality is much like that of a loyal dog.

History: Belen is a pureblood who spent most of his younger years living in the muggle world. His parents were wizards who were curious themselves about the muggle realm and also wanted their children to experience both wizard and muggle cultures.

Belen, like many of the muggle boys his age, played several sports as soon as they were old enough. Belen played the usual baseball, football, and soccer that the other boys played, but he also played a form of quidditch at his home with his father. Quidditch won over Belen's love quickly (despite his knack for basketball), especially the position of beater. Beater was a great position for Belen to play because it's been proven that whacking at some bludgers has been able to calm Belen's temper.

Even as a younger child, Belen had a quick temper. It was so bad that his twin sister would give him treats in form of chocloate frogs on days that he didn't ahve any outbursts. Still, the days where he got his treats were heavily outweighed by the days that he didn't. He had angry outbusts frequently, mostly out on his classmates, which resulted in a severe lack of friends. It did help to prevent the secret of magic from getting out to his classmates on his part, however. If he had no friends, then there was no one to tell about the family's magical times together at the home. His sister, on the other hand, couldn't help herself, despite her parent's warnings.

When the teasings hit, they hit hard. Belen couldn't watch his poor sister get bullied, especially bullied about what was the truht. And because Belen's loyalties laid with his family, he decided to take action. This lead to confrontations, and then fights. There wre a lot of fights and they got so bad that the school decided to suspend Belen from school. He sat at home, helpless, while his sister was stuck at school, being tortured by her pupils. His parents had said something to him about how fighting wasn't right, and it wasn't hte other kids' faults that they didn't understand magic, but Belen hand't paid much attention. He was set in his own thoughts and mind; him and his sister did not belong. Their letters from Hogwarts couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

They came in the middle of the year, but because of the hard time thier children were having, they decided to give them an extra long vacation before school at Hogwarts started up again for a new year. Their parents told the school that they were moving their children to a different district and 'transferred' them to another school in that area. In the end, they did move to a place far away from muggles and with only a few wizard neighbors still a good distance away. Belen and his siter have never been happier.

Owl, Cat, or Toad?: Belen's pet is a very unique animal to have as a pet, though Petunia is a main reason that people tend to avoid him. That's because his adorable little Petunia is a pet skunk. An odd choice for a pet (though Belen will swear to you she acts like a cat, but not to worry; the skunk he was such a soft spot for had her stink sac removed when he got her.
Wand: A large 14" wand made with ash wood, unyielding, with a core of unicorn hair. Fairly powerful, but not perfect for his favorite subject, Defense Against the Dark Arts.
Patronus: Belen's patronus is a happy silver labrador. Maybe Belen's patronus is its own way of trying to show that he's not just his temper. Patronus
Other: Belen has a sister in Ravenclaw named Bryonry. He loves her dearly, but with the seperation of houses and schoolwork, he doesn't get to seee her as often as he would like.

Relationships Pending.

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
Here's a list of things you can improve on:
1. Target isn't a UK brand??
2. Creativity isn't necessarily a requirement to "enter" Hufflepuff.
3. If her mother is a witch, she's a half-blood.
4. The history you wrote is kind of disjointed. The way you talk about her father being controlling kind of implies an abusive relationship going on, which has some pretty heavy implications on the entire family. I think her receiving the letter and her mother having to explain herself would have caused more than just her father not seeing his daughter off, and instead a more climactic conflict. (An aside: the sentence "He eventually divorced her." makes it sound like her divorced his child.) Furthermore, how was she bullied in school? You just say "many ways" which is so vague I don't really understand the implications of it until you say that she develops anxiety, which makes me even more curious about what happened.

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