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message 1: by Odette (new)

Odette | 316 comments Mod
Hi, All.
I just wanted to welcome everyone to the Endicott Mythic Fiction group. I'm slowly adding all the books from the Endicott website book reviews lists to our group list. Feel free to read at random off the lists and start discussions on whichever books you like.
We'll also have some joint reading projects, starting with Elizabeth Hand's novel "Mortal Love" and the Gene Wolfe story collection "Innocents Aboard," (at the suggestion of group member Kim).
Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to get out of this group, or any ideas you have for making it fun, and we'll see what we can do.
Happy reading!

message 2: by S. Kay (new)

S. Kay (cobwebs) | 56 comments Hello there--

Thank you for this group, I've been looking for ways to keep track of all the interesting books mentioned on the site.

I mostly joined in the hopes that we'd have a monthly (or however long) book to discuss. Harder to do in a smaller group, but it's nice to have company.

I'll be looking for a copy of both the books mentioned above.

Happy to meet everyone,

message 3: by Odette (last edited Aug 01, 2008 10:22AM) (new)

Odette | 316 comments Mod
Hi, Kay. Thanks for joining.

I like the idea of monthly readings, too. What does everyone else think?

If that's OK, how about these deadlines -

Mortal Love - read by August 31st
Innocents Aboard - read by September 30

If we do monthly selections, I would recommend that we choose them a few months ahead of time, so that people who have to special-order them from libraries or bookstores have enough time to get copies.

Please let me know if there are other specific Endicott list books you'd really like to read along with this group. (To make it inclusive, we can plan to have every group member choose a selection - if you all want to.)

message 4: by Kim (new)

Kim | 43 comments Hello there,

Odette has made me one of the moderators of this group though I think the idea is an overall group input. I was a big fan of Endicott but never got around to their books so Odette's idea appealed to me in spades.

I was wondering how we could attack each reading. Originally I thought it might be nice to break it up into chapters as each book is explored (like five chapters each) to avoid spoilers, but since then, I've had a clearer idea. Simply put, we just need to put relevant titles to our posts. If we stick to that and are clear no one will find out about a part before they've read it. What do you guys think?

Love the idea of each member giving their suggestions. Just waiting, currently, for the first two books, but I think I can do Mortal Love by end of August.

As for me, I'm a painter and an avid reader and looking forward to getting to know everyone here.



message 5: by Kim (new)

Kim | 43 comments Sounds good, Baobhan. Can you set one up for Mortal Love and we can transfer everything related there?

message 6: by Rora (last edited Aug 08, 2008 05:28PM) (new)

Rora I've already read Mortal Love, but I may give Innocents Abroad a try. I've read a couple of his books....Peace and Wizard-Knight. To be honest I wasn't too impressed by them, but I keep hearing he's a good writer and maybe they weren't his best.

message 7: by Odette (last edited Aug 13, 2008 12:34PM) (new)

Odette | 316 comments Mod
Thanks for organizing the discussion. (It's great to have co-moderators. :) )

Our current deadlines are August 31 for Mortal Love and September 30 for Innocents Aboard.

Kim mentioned the possibility of having deadlines for individual sections or stories. Do people want to subdivide Innocents into individual story deadlines, or just stick with the one deadline for all the stories?
(I'm fine either way.)

message 8: by Carl (new)

Carl V. | 3 comments I'm so glad you started this group, it is a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of Endicott Studios and in the course to read some amazing books!

message 9: by Odette (last edited Aug 20, 2008 03:13PM) (new)

Odette | 316 comments Mod
Our Endicott book group got a mention in the NEWS FROM ENDICOTT homepage! Many thanks to Terri Windling and Midori Snyder for the link - and to moderator kim for letting them know about the reading group.


A big welcome to any new group members who've found their way from there to here. (and to any of you who just stumbled on us.)

message 10: by Kim (new)

Kim | 43 comments Odette and Baobhan, shucks it was nothin'.

I second the thanks to Terri Windling and Midori Snyder. They are well missed and I hope we can keep some of that magical spirit alive here.

Welcome to all wandering souls.

message 11: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 29 comments Hi Everyone!

I joined up because I love these sorts of books. And I have known Kim since College! We are an ocean apart and now can share reads again. It is great!

message 12: by Kim (new)

Kim | 43 comments Welcome Terri! Enjoying your posts too and thought you would enjoy this group. Nice that we can share this and with so many other interesting people too! Looking forward to reading your take.

Sent out a big thanks to Midori and Terri for mentioning us in the last blog. I look forward to following their other creative pursuits!

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi everyone; I just found this site and I am excited. I am always looking for fun fairy books to read. I am going to try to keep up with the group discussions. I am a mother of a 2 1/2year old boy who keeps me really busy, and I am an art teacher in training. I have just started my certification classes, and I am really excited by that. So, that's way I say I'm going to try to keep up with this group. I will be teaching mommy and me classes within the next year. :-)

message 14: by S. Kay (new)

S. Kay (cobwebs) | 56 comments Welcome to the group, Kathy. Good luck with your classes, and jump in whenever you can.

message 15: by Kim (new)

Kim | 43 comments Hey Kathy, I did my art teacher training years ago, but I remember it fondly. I hope you have wonderful mentors to guide you through it. My elementary experience was that I was on my own because there was no art program, but I wasn't really because all the teachers and the principal pitched in to give me such a wonderful experience that I wished I was staying. All this said, don't worry I think you will be able to keep up and if not, just pop in to say hi when you can. Best of luck!

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you all very much. I am really excited about starting my art training and being a part of this group. :-)

message 17: by Vivian "Rain" (new)

Vivian "Rain" Hi everyone, I loved checking out the Endicott book recommendations, and saw the goodreads group, and had to come check it out : )

message 18: by Kim (new)

Kim | 43 comments Welcome Vivian! I'm sure you'll find some interesting reads here.

message 19: by Vivian "Rain" (new)

Vivian "Rain" Thanks : ) I got Innocents Aboard from the library, but have since misplaced it -- but I'm looking forward to reading it!

message 20: by Reem (new)

Reem (reemhkattan) | 49 comments Hi everyone. I am very excited to be here. I am a huge fan of mythology, folklore, fantasy, and fairy tales as well as children's and YA books. I have been a huge fan of endicott studios ever since I discovered it. I was thrilled to find this reading group. I am currently reading "the pink fairy book" by Andrew Lang as well as "Twilight" to see what all the hype is about. I hope people will find interesting reads here. I have! I have been taking notes of what I wanted to read. Well, salam my friends.

message 21: by Odette (new)

Odette | 316 comments Mod
Welcome Reem! Thanks for joining the Endicott book group - and also for contributing our March reading choice.
I've been interested in reading the Andrew Lang fairy tales books for a long time - my library has a lot of them. I also recommend the fairy tale anthology series edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling (Black Thorn, White Rose; Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears, etc.) - they're definitely a different twist on the traditional fairy tales.

message 22: by Reem (new)

Reem (reemhkattan) | 49 comments Odette wrote: "Welcome Reem! Thanks for joining the Endicott book group - and also for contributing our March reading choice.
I've been interested in reading the Andrew Lang fairy tales books for a long time - m..."

Thank you Odette. I know. I have some Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow books like "the faery reel." I never read any of the fairy tale anthology series yet. I will definitely write that on my list of things to read though. Well take care miss odette and everyone else in this group. Salam Odette.

message 23: by Ramona (new)

Ramona Gault | 84 comments Hello Odette, I joined a month or two ago but find the site quite hard to follow. There doesn't seem to be one place to go to see a current listing of each month's book. Above you refer to the March reading choice but I haven't seen any discussion of that. How can a new member decide the March reading choice? Please, any clarification you can provide will be much appreciated!

message 24: by Odette (new)

Odette | 316 comments Mod
Hi Ramona,
Thanks for joining the group.
If you go to the Endicott Mythic Fiction group page, then click on "polls" on the right hand side, that should take you to the poll for our March book.

fyi: The usual way we choose reading selections for each month is by giving each member the choice for one month from the Endicott book list in the group bookshelves. We go in order of joining dates of the members.

The reason we are doing a poll for March is that Reem gave us three possible books instead of one, so the moderators decided to leave it up to the group members to decide.

message 25: by Ramona (new)

Ramona Gault | 84 comments Hello Baobhan, thanks for your response. Can you send me a URL for "Monthly Group Reading Choices"? I can't see it. Thanks.

message 26: by Lisarose (new)

Lisarose | 7 comments I have been missing Endicott, stopped by for old times sake, and found you all. I recently read "Foundling" Book I Monster Blood Tattoo. DM Cornish. Lovely read- creative unique book- Devastated- book III won't come out 'till 2010. So much looking forward to knowing all of you.

message 27: by S. Kay (new)

S. Kay (cobwebs) | 56 comments Hi Lisarose... we look forward to getting to know you too. I haven't read the book you mentioned, but might have to check it out as soon as I catch up with the others. Hope you enjoy the group as much as I do.

message 28: by Kim (new)

Kim | 43 comments Welcome Lisarose, glad you found us! Haven't read the books you've listed, but if they're on the list, I'm sure we'll get to them. This group is really growing from Odette's little seed!

message 29: by Reem (new)

Reem (reemhkattan) | 49 comments Salam everyone! I am back (for a little while until I start my job anyway!). How is everyone? I hope you are all fine. Well, I am back home in Saudi Arabia and am very happy to say that I at least have a few of the books that are on the Endicott reading list, so I should be able to participate in some of the discussions insha Allah. Btw, is anyone here on facebook? Add me. You will be able to see a lot more of my book collection there on the social reader application. There is way too much to add here! Take care my friends. Salam.

message 30: by S. Kay (new)

S. Kay (cobwebs) | 56 comments Welcome back, Reem. I'm on facebook, but there are several Reem Kattans so I'm not sure which is you!

message 31: by Reem (new)

Reem (reemhkattan) | 49 comments Kay wrote: "Welcome back, Reem. I'm on facebook, but there are several Reem Kattans so I'm not sure which is you!"

Oh, I am the one with the Tifa Lockhart picture. A character from FF VII. computer animated girl with black hair?

message 32: by S. Kay (new)

S. Kay (cobwebs) | 56 comments Ah, there you are. I'll go ahead and add you then, if that's okay.

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