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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 477 comments Mod
"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw
If you've a steady mind.
Where those of wit and learning
Will always find their kind."

"For Ravenclaw, the cleverest
Would always be the best."

"Said Ravenclaw, 'We'll teach those whose
Intelligence is surest.'
...And only those of sharpest mind
Were taught by Ravenclaw."

Students in Ravenclaw are intelligent, witty, and don't like when their intelligence is contested. A great bronze eagle is always in the forefront of their blue and bronze crest. All students must have...

Age (year):
Physical Description:
Owl, Cat, or a Toad?:
Patronus (optional):
Other (like blood status):

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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 977 comments Mod
Name: Primrose Annabeth Lee

Age(Year): Primrose is a seventeen year old, who can't wait to finish her seventh year at Hogwarts. If you couldn't tell, Primrose is finishing up her education this year with her seventh and final year at Hogwarts.

Physical Description: Creamy pale skin that resembles ivory, but Primrose finds pasty is how her skin stays year round. Her warm brown eyes look like someone melted two Hershey's kisses and poured them around her black pupils. A good amount of lash that just touches her high cheeknones are found around her eyes, almost reachimg her eyebrows. Prim can always be found with a large smile on her face, and laughter almost always bubbling in her well-developed chest. Primrose has the perfect look for average girls her age. A nice height, and good curves make her able to wear just about anything, if she can ever get out of her robes. When she doesn't have time do her her long, wavy brown hair in the morning- which is hardly ever, since she fights with the alarm clock every morning- Prim just likes to throw it up in a loose ponytail or bun, or maybe she'll only brush it.


Personality: If you need any questions answered, just look for Primrose in her favorite places; the lake, the library, or the Ravenclaw Common Room. She'd be more than happy to help younger wizards out, just because that's how she is. If a first year needs help on homework, and she doesn't know the answer, she'll run down to the teacher's srudies to ask them. Trust me, it's happened many times and the teachers are totally used to it.

Primrose is fair and does her best not to judge others. She prefers to sit with her friends and read a good book about historical fiction with a cold glass of pumpkin juice and chocolate frogs than play the horribly violent game of Wizards Chess, or watch the brutal Quidditch matches.

Those that know her- and even some people who don't- call her "The Hippie." It's not to be meat as a jeer, it's simply a nickname, and rightfully so. Prim strives for peace in her House, and hopefully all the Houses. Or perhaps it's because of the way she dresses in the hours of robe-freeness she has. Prim reall does look like she belings in the seventies in her skinny flares, go-go boots, and baggy shirts.

Wand: 7 1/2" of cherry wood wand, with a core of mermaid hair. She takes precise care of her wand, keeping it out of reach of danger as often as possible.

Patronus: a small, silver dove errupts from her wand when the patronus charm is called from her wide, goofy lips. The small bird is the most popular symbol for peace back in the seventies, and even more so when the dove carries an olive branch in its beak, as Prim's patronus does.

Owl, Cat, or Toad: Teddy is Primrose's large toad, that is so old it's about to croak at any time. At first, she got the animal because she felt pity on the animal, because no one wanted them and would only buy the pretty, cuddly animals. But over the years, Prim has really grown close to the bumpy toad.

History: Primrose's wizard of a mother, and muggle father met during the seventies, and have held on to the past since then. Prim always grew up with protein and tofu food. In the muggle realm, Prim grew up with many friends, and when she recieved the letter about her powers, her parents were thrilled that she had developed such wonderful gifts, and had embraced th power her mother had when she was her age and since then. She moved to Hogwarts, and returns to her quite home in Tenessee over the summer, where she meets up with all her old friends, and tells them wonderful made up stories of her times at a special band school, where she got in with her talent at playing the harp. Which, she actually can play. Her harp is carried with her from school year to summer.

Other: Primrose is a haf-blood, but she doesn't recieve many jeers over it. It's hard to really dislike Prim, and she even has a few friends in the Slytherin House.

Her beloved harp is her most prized posession, coming only second to Teddy. Her harp's name is Sparkle.

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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 477 comments Mod
Name: America Greene

Age (year): 4th year, just turned fifteen

Physical Description:

America is petite, with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. Her lips always are ready to part with a smile, although most of what she has to say falls on deaf ears. America loves to wear anything blue or green, as the colors complement her eyes.

Personality: America's laugh is quite loud, yet encourages others to laugh, too, and is the first thing most people notice about her upon first meeting the teen Ravenclaw. She turns beet red whenever she's embarrassed, which is usually when she gets something wrong in class. She can also sometimes be found skipping through the halls, or sitting in a quiet nook of the Ravenclaw common room with her nose in a book. Like many Ravenclaws, she is considered a bit odd, and obsesses over Transfiguration, her scholastic love. She's fair at all subjects, of course, but has a real affinity for Transfiguration and, surprisingly enough for a first-year America, Herbology.

Wand: 9", ash, unicorn hair core, flexible and bendy. As her wand core suggest, America takes a very strong, loyal stance on any principle she has. Loyal to her values, she is not easily swayed in any argument.

History: Her mother and father were both quite shocked to learn America was a witch, as both of them are Muggles. They are proud of their daughter, of course, and to this day are still a little shocked to find that magic exists. They are both veterinarians in Cornwall.

America was always doing quirky things as a child: bringing her mother flowers of kinds she had never seen, nor heard of before; helping her father find lost books and tools he'd thought gone for good; miraculously reaching the top of their backyard apple tree (that hadn't bloomed in years because of the cold climate--in fact, The Drs. Greene weren't aware it was an apple tree) to pick a ripe, perfect red fruit from the very top; the list goes on. America knew she was special, and was delighted to be given a chance at going to Hogwarts.

Blood Status: Muggleborn

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) Name: Sam Winchester
Age (year): 6th year
Physical Description:
Personality: Brilliantly smart, but socially awkward. That's the best way to describe him. Even though he likes to help people and to be the best friend of everyone, he will hide himself away if he has a good book. His best classes are Herbology, Charms, and Transfiguration. Worst (if any): Divination, Astronomy.
Owl, Cat, or a Toad?: Baby owl
Wand: 8 inch mix of phoenix feather and manticore thorn with a cherrywood.
Patronus (optional): An otter, which matches his fun, helpful spirit.
History: He was an only child and was around the age of 6 when his parents died in a housefire started by his wizarding powers. He was left alone, without a family, in an orphanage where he learned to control his power. The other kids poked fun at him for being the weird nerdy kid. He stays at Hogwarts almost every year, every day. He never wants to go back.
Other (like blood status): Muggle-born

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. (onawhim) | 1139 comments
Name Dena Maxime Lesage

Age 17 (turns 18 December 22nd)

Year Seventh

Blood Muggles and Muggle-borns do dot along her family tree occasionally, but both of her parents are wizards. Mainly pure.

Patronus Unknown - to be announced

Appearance The most notable thing of Dena’s physique is the cool grace in which she handles her height—5’10”—and statuesque physique. She has only just grown into this: most will remember her as a tall and awkward-looking child. The curves she has, the long legs and conventional, easy beauty of her face make her appear much older than her true age. She’s quick to show her dimples with a smile. Her slanted eyes are a pale green, the striking bone structure of her nose, jawline and cheekbones a nod to her partly Native American blood. Thick chocolate-coloured hair is gathered into a loose side-braid when working, otherwise Dena leaves it down in its half-curled mass.

[image error]

Personality Some can think of Dena as a warm, outgoing person, and yet others think of her as shrewd and introverted, one who prefers spending time with her music or book rather than with people. A true pseudo-extrovert, Dena is not afraid of trying new (or dangerous things). She’s an artist with ambitious hopes and desires and a way of thinking that can make those desires happen. While she does like the occasional gossip it irks her severely when people twist a story to make it seem more interesting. She’s curious to get to know the deeper side of people. Very much in tune to nature and she has a soft spot for the ancient aboriginal prayers.

History Daughter to a Quebecoise witch and descendant of a powerful Cree shaman (her great-grandfather), Dena grew up in a Cree community by Fort George in Ontario, Canada. She lived there with her parents and grandparents on her father’s side until she was six years old, then was whisked off to live in Chicago with her mother after her parents separated, though she visits her father and his new wife in the settlement. She is strictly middle-class and well-behaved, thanks to her family, who believe that first impressions are the most important. It’ll take more than a first impression, however, to get to know Dena well.
Dena is a new transfer to Hogwarts from an American school of wizardry. Reasons for her sudden move are not known.

Wand 9-inch ash wand with a core of Augurey feather. This explains her keen curiousity of certain musical charms—she’s been known to have already invented quite a few and she keeps any new discoveries in a flimsy little leather-bound notebook.

Pet A midnight-coloured creature that Dena has had since leaving the reserve, Cat is exactly what she named it: a sleek-furred cat.

Dena tends to reveal little about herself, leading to some speculation that she has something to hide—or maybe it’s just part of her elusive, pseudo-outgoing nature. Her love of music and culture was given to her by her mother, Sylvie-Anne, and her storytelling talent by her grandfather. She is fluent in French though prefers English. When not studying or wandering the grounds, she can be found giving the first-years a very good story (inspired by Cree legends), often accompanied by one of her many musical instruments—though for this she prefers her cherry-red classical guitar.
Though she’s dated around a bit, but never really got into a relationship that didn’t bore her easily. She finds that she doesn’t connect very well with people in general, so she hasn’t had a best friend or steady boyfriend, though Dena gets along with most everyone well.

Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) | 115 comments Wow no guys yet? Johann shall come back from the dead!

Name: Johan Hegg
Age (year): November 13, 1994 (16) 6th year
Physical Description: He is tall(6' 5" and fairly skinny.) Always wears comat boots and his leather, patch-covered vest. Never seen without a band shirt. He has long blonde hair, perfect for windmilling. Grey eyes and a strong jawline are his main facial features.

Personality: Can be aggressive to those not his close friends, but is often very protective of younger than him. Absolute metalhead, he smokes cigarettes, and wears band shirts all the time. His main goal is to start a band at Hogwarts and hopefully be a sucsessful musician once he gets out. Often gets into arguments, but rarely fist/magic fights. He is smart, but tends to slack off in class usually by writing heavy riffs.
History: The swedish native is a kid born to non magical parents. His love of metal has grown over the years and actually cast his fist spell at a Meshuggah concert.

Owl, Cat, or a Toad?: Nah

Wand: 9.75 inches dragon heartsting
Patronus (optional): Can it please please be an owlbear?!?
Other (like blood status):

Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) | 115 comments Is johann good? I understand if the owlbear is a no go.

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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 477 comments Mod
Where does he get the cigarettes? And more on history, please. No owlbear, unless that's canon, and sorry I didn't get back to you but if a comment is deleted on a topic, new ones don't show up on your newsfeed or something like that. :D

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
Name: Esther Park
Age (year): 15 (fifth year)
DOB: July 19th
Appearance: Pale smooth skin graces Esther. Long black (with a slight wave at her shoulder) hair reaches her mid-back, and often times a radiant smile can be caught on her face. She has small, dark-brown eyes. Like her mother, Esther is tall with a willowy frame.

Image 2

Personality: Esther is a very sweet girl with good intentions. She's a bright witch, excelling most of all her subjects with a particular liking in Arithmancy. She often helps others with their homework by a window of the common room, and is quite well-versed with nearly everyone's name. Although she's liked by many, she calls only a few her friends, and earning such a title from her is no easy feat.

History: Born and raised in Cardiff, Esther grew up with two loving parents. She was put through Muggle school for her first few years. She and her mother knew nothing about magic.

Unfortunately for those few friends, Esther began showing signs of her abilities nearing eleven years of age which attracted the attention of the school bullies. They demanded for her to show them how she could make the flowers move the way she did, and how she could make her pencils move without touching them. When she couldn't, they began to harass her--calling her names and beating her down. As for her friends, they began drifting away, scared that they themselves might be the next target.

The last few years before Hogwarts were positively miserable for Esther. Her friends ad all abandoned her, and she refused to speak to any of the other children at school, for fear of being teased.

When the letter finally came, Esther had just come home from school. Her father looked quite excited when she came into the kitchen, and her mother looked a bit concerned. He was rambling on about a place called Hogwarts and how she was a witch. She didn't quite believe him, but decided to humor him and go buy school supplies with him.

Not until her father took her to Diagon Alley did she finally believe him. She became quite excited when she received her wand and felt the rush of something completely and utterly magical. She was quite excited to go to Hogwarts by then, spending most of her summer reading through her text books.

When it came time to actually go to Hogwarts, Esther was ecstatic. She said her goodbyes to her parents (a quite sad moment for her, for she was also scared of staying on her own), and then off she went. She found herself trying to find a spot on the train, nervous. A few other kids (all older than her) offered to let her sit.

Pet: A little white fluffy kitten with green eyes by the name of Snowball. He's quite the explorer which often leads to him into trouble. Regardless, he's much loved. Esther received him as a birthday present on her fifteenth birthday.

Wand: 10 inch, beech wood, and unicorn hair core.
Blood status: Half-blood
Patronus: Seagull

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Name Marcelina Azucena Espinoza Granados
More commonly known as Marcelina

Year Six


Marcelina is somewhat pretty, with greenish-blue large eyes and elegant, if not hawk-like (or pinched, as some point out) feautures. She has a very slight tan and long, usually picked up dark brown hair. She is very tall, standing at 5' 9". She is lithe and athletic, not to mention resistant.

Personality and History Marcelina is extremely clever and shrewd; gentle and kind to some, cold and sharp to others. It's all according to what Marcelina needs. She sees others as to be manipulated, tools in her arsenal, though there are a few people she considers worthy of notice. Marcelina's standards do not include blood, however. She's as ambivalent to Muggle-borns as she is to pure-bloods. Marcelina's standards are cleverness, of course, and family feats; but mainly the first. Marcelina basically fills her own standards, with the Granados family being a notorious Wizard family in Spain, her grandfather's status as a Warlock, and her intelligence outstanding. However, she secretly values bravery out of anything else, which she wants and lacks. Which is why she is not a Gryffindor.

Her father is in the English Ministry of Magic, and her mother collects rare artifacts and sells them privately. She is distantly related to Squib composer Enrique Granados (a renowned musician) and has thus gotten the family gift of music, which has remained among her mother's family. She is a gifted violinist, and her violin has been in the family for ages. Even though this violin was filched by a Muggle, it was rescued by Marcelina's mother when she was a young witch. Her life was lived in a small Wizard community in Sevilla, but her father insisted she was sent to Hogwarts when she became eleven. Thus she has traveled to England more than once in her childhood. Her wand was made by a Spanish wandmaker, too. Her mother didn't trust Ollivander enough.

Blood If it hadn't been for some Muggles from her father's side of the family (and her tolerance to them), Marcelina would have entered Slytherin. She is mainly pure-blooded, but still related to some Muggles, which is why she fills into a half-blood cathegory.

Wand 13 1/4 inches maple, phoenix tail feather core, very light and willowy. Useful for offensive spells.

Patronus A peacock.

Pet A kingfisher, oddly enough, who brings her the mail faithfully, by the name of Indigo.

[image error]

Other Marcelina excells at Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts, but she has no desire to be an auror.

Lillian Middleton: An old acquaintance. The Espinoza family is very prominent in Pureblood English events, thus the connection.

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~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ Name: Mari True

Age:16((still a fifth year,her b-days in january))


Personality:Mari is very tense and wary,but once you get to know her,nice and a bit of a jokester. She finds it very hard to trust poeple,and talks little.

History: Maris parents are death eaters,still loyal to voldemort and managed to stay out of azkaban.Mari herself doesnt know which side to chose and is under presure. Her parents are just as evil as any other death ater and want Mari to be perfect. So,mari being confused ran from home taking some of her parents many riches and one of the letters hogwarts had sent her ((her parents refused to let her go)) and took refuge there. That was almost four years ago. Every summer she goes to work and stay at the leaky cauldron for decent pay,but she is afriad that her parents will find her and force her home.

Blood: Pureblood

Wand: 12 inch oakwood wand with phoenix feather and unicorn hair core. Suprisingly swishy and good for defense spells

Patronus: A snake

Pet: a barn owl named Stix.

Other: Mari's best subject is potions

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
One. Grammar. In case you didn't bother to read the rules or any other character who has been approved, good grammar is required. Run it through a word processor.

Two. Realism. In case you were blissfully unaware because you didn't read the description of the group, this RP takes place 15 years after the epilogue of DH, meaning that Voldemort has been dead for 34 years. Furthermore, assuming that there is a definite evil is highly unempathetic, but that's a different topic all together. Her parents being Death Eaters, fine, though It would most likely be her grandparents. Also, I doubt she would be able to survive on the streets on her own for that long before schooling. -.-* Next time, I suggest taking into consideration a bit of common sense in character creation.

I would also take a look at her personality. It gives no depth as to what she's like as a person.

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Rowan *call me Red* (rowanmoss) Name: Laila Cabot

Age (year): 16/ 6th Year

Physical Description:
-Medium bright red hair that she had gotten dyed with her parents’ approval. When she did she wanted to make her hair color livelier. She has blue eyes; pale skinned, and is 5'8.

Personality: Laila is very nice to others, she is also very outgoing and up for any challenge. She can be a little smug at times and does have a small temper. She will stand up for others who are getting bullied. With her friends she is bubbly and sweet; but if she was with her enemies she will not typically talk with them. She will be very respective with her professors, trying not to speak when she is not supposed to, only if it what she believes in. She will be very weary around strangers until she learns their nature; after that she will open up a bit.

History: She lives in the countryside of Dublin, Ireland with her mother, father, and little sister. When at home for the summer holidays, she will practice archery in the meadow. When she was young she saw something about archery and she wanted to try it. Once she found out that she was kind of good at it she continued to practice more and more. She also loves to play the violin and piano, and she sings a little. Also in her spare time she will read a lot. Her mom is an Auror and she wants to follow in her footsteps. Her dad works as a bookseller in Diagon Alley and that is where she got her love for reading. When she was little she dyed her hair a brighter shade of red because she thought that it looked pretty with her skin tone. She also had a great relationship with her parents always trying to do things with them when they were at home. She had a bit more of a bond with her dad, because he was more at home then her mom, because of her job.

Owl, Cat, or a Toad: Owl-

Wand: Maple wood, phoenix core, 12 1/4 inches, and surprisingly swishy

Patronus (optional): fox

Other (like blood status): Laila is a Pureblood and has been playing the piano and violin since she was 6. Also is the Keeper on the Ravenclaw team. She also has a good relationship with her sister. Next year her sister will be attending Hogwarts with her, also Laila is very protective of her.

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
1. Please don't make the entire post bold. It's hard to read. Perhaps just the headers (ie: Name, Age, Personality, etc.).
2. Add a few sentences to physical description. I don't believe anyone's hair is that red naturally. You might want to mention why in her history.
3. There are some grammar mistakes throughout the entire thing (ex. the first comma should be a period). Send it through a word processor and it should get rid of all of the kinks.
4. "A bit like a Gryffindor" could mean anything. She might be a cocky buttmunch, or she could be kind and caring.
5. "her mother, father, and her little sister."
6. "When at home[,] she will practice archery" She will practice? As in, when she goes home for summer? Stay in one tense when writing.
7. The fiddle is not an instrument. That's the violin.
Fiddle is when you're playing folk music.
8. You need to expand on her history. What was her childhood like? What about her father? What's her relationship with her sister? All this and more.
9. "Her mom is an aura..." Her mother... is an aura? I think you mean Auror. ;n;

Snowblue~ Rachel is AWESOME!!! :p | 2 comments I don't mean to be rude, but Iviana, it isn't a story, and you don't have to clarify everything and get everything perfect. Thats called be a perfectionist. Not everyone is. Not even all stories talk about their past or why their hair is red or whatever. It doesn't matter. And, by the way, *5. "Her mother..."
If you wanna be a perfectionist. And yes, correct my grammar if you want. I do not care. This isn't a story. And I am who I am and just because I can make one mistake doesn't mean I should kiLl myself over it. I understand that you want to be a help, but you do not have to correct everything. Some people do bad things anyway, make mistakes, in their lives. Doesn't mean they aren't a good person.
So yea, I am probably being mean, but I just wanted to clarify that.

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
Well that escalated quickly.

I'm sorry if I somehow insulted you. I don't think I said anything that could have triggered you to lash out so much in your last paragraph, but if I did, please point it out. I'm fully aware that people make mistakes (I've made loads myself--both small and large) and I know that doesn't make them inherently bad. Aren't you supposed to learn from your mistakes? It's kind of hard to do that when you don't know what they are.

I was pointing out flaws in a character sheet in a roleplay group. I don't know if you saw, but I'm a mod, and it's kind of my job to do all of that. And I don't recall telling anyone to kill themselves because of a typo, much less you (especially considering this is your only comment in this group and I'm fairly certain I've never met you before. Hi. I'm Ivi.).

I'm not asking her to get it perfect. I'm not asking her to write me a novel. I'm asking her for a character sheet and for good grammar, considering it's number four in the rules ("4. Please use good grammar..."). I understand the occasional typo, especially when typing on a phone (as I was), but when it's a constant error, there's a problem.

Character sheets are meant to be a tool for others so that they have a good idea of who your character is. It's one thing to have notes on a character for yourself, and another thing to be presenting a dynamic and round character to someone else. Yes, a lot of stories don't include background information. But like you said, this isn't a story. Background info helps to characterize in ways that the personality section alone cannot.

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Rowan *call me Red* (rowanmoss) It did make me a little mad last night, and I did change a few things. I don't really know what else to put for it, and I never put any thought into my profiles if there is good grammar because it is a profile. But I hope that it fits the requirements of what you have for this club.

Snowblue~ Rachel is AWESOME!!! :p | 2 comments Okay, well I am sorry that I lashed out so much. I know that I haven't commented on here before, and I am sorry that that would be the first thing you would read of mine. I just didn't think all the information is needed. Good grammar and punctuation is always a good thing, and sometimes you can't always do that, but this just the profile anyway. Personally, and I am not trying to be rude, but I don't think it really matters why her hair is that red unless it is vital information to her history. Again I am sorry, I do not know everything and everybody on here because, like you said, I just joined. I didn't mean to insult you if it did, I just wanted to let you know that everything doesn't have to be completely perfect, but I think I might have been a little harsh. Sorry.

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
Snowblue wrote: "Okay, well I am sorry that I lashed out so much. I know that I haven't commented on here before, and I am sorry that that would be the first thing you would read of mine. I just didn't think all th..."

The information is needed because this is a character sheet, in which characterization is necessary in order to figure out which characters here would be her friends or her enemies. Like I said: I'm not looking for perfection. I'm looking for info and grammar (because grammar happens to be important and also easily fixed.)

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
Rowan *call me Red* wrote: "It did make me a little mad last night, and I did change a few things. I don't really know what else to put for it, and I never put any thought into my profiles if there is good grammar because it ..."

I apologize that it made you mad. If it gives you any condolence, I was in your spot a whole back when I first started RPing and I was being an asshat about it. Glad you're at least honest.

But if you don't know what to add to the sheet, take what I said. Add a few lines to the Appearance section because images links sometimes falter and are occasionally removed.

Again, grammar. You might find it a nuisance, but sending it through Microsoft Word or what have you will help. If you want me to point out what needs to be fixed, I will.

As for her personality, it's a bit short. What does she act like with friends/enemies/strangers/professors?

Like I said about her history, expand. Did her parent approve of her dying her hair? Did she she get along with her parents? Why is she learning archery? If her parents are pureblooded, surely they wouldn't invest their daughter in some Muggle activity.

Also, fourth years are fourteen. Sixth years are sixteen.

Rowan *call me Red* (rowanmoss) I think that I fixed everything and thanks for telling me what could be fixed; it helped a lot.

Rowan *call me Red* (rowanmoss) Does my character meet your requirements?

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
Grammar. There are several misused commas and other strange tense changes. Also, incorrect word usage (ex. "She will be very respective with her professors" should be "She respects her professors.")

What did her parents thing of her dying her hair? Why would her parents let her take up archery?

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Vanessa | 7885 comments Mod
Name Logan Carrington

Age (year) 15 (5th year)
DOB: February 16th


Physical Description Logan is rather tall, standing just an inch short of six feet. He’s built with some wiry muscle here and there, although it’s nothing impressive. He’s got a gangly sort of look to him, and with his pale skin he looks like someone who is quite accustomed to sitting in a library. Reddish blonde hair sits messily atop his head, never really settling in one place. Dark blue-grey eyes hide behind a pair of glasses, their curious twinkle usually accompanied by the faintest trace of a smile.



Personality Rumour has it that Logan Carrington is a bit of an oddball. He’s subject to teasing and the occasional parchment-ball to the back of the head, but it’s not anything he upsets himself over. He’s a sincere person who seems to be quite at ease with himself; Logan has no desire to conform to anyone’s idea of how he should be. He’s always got a smile ready in his arsenal, right alongside his wand and quick wit.

Logan is a bit awkward and absentminded, tending to trail off in the middle of a sentence or zoning out while someone is having a conversation with him. You’d wonder what put this boy in Ravenclaw until you stick around long enough to see that he’s actually quite intelligent and thoughtful. Logan has a unique kind of perspective that allows him to see things in a different light, and his wandering thoughts only wander out of boredom.

History Born and raised in the town of Paisley, Scotland, Logan has always had a pleasantly quiet life. His half-blood mother and father, alumni of Hogwarts, were intent on having a son well-versed in both Muggle studies and wizardry; they feared his lack of magical abilities. The boy was quick to learn and found interest in both areas of study; however it was always magic that little Logan found to be the most interesting. He didn’t show signs of magical ability until the ripe age of nine; however, before that time, he’d mostly been reading about it.

Even in his first few years at Hogwarts, the young Carrington showed prowess in performing magic. Yet he lacked focus and his marks suffered as a result. Logan’s father doesn’t approve of this kind of behaviour, although he recognises he can’t help it sometimes. Since childhood, Logan had never been one with a very long attention span.

In recent years, Logan has been doing a better job of keeping his grades up, although only when it’s convenient. Oftentimes he has to be doing work with others, claiming that, “This stuff’ll drive you mad without anyone to talk to.” He prefers a more engaged approach to learning.

Owl, Cat, or a Toad? Logan has a female owl he calls Lammergeier , or “Lammy” for short.
(view spoiler)

Wand Avodire wood, 14 and a half inches in length, slightly springy, with a core of an augurey tail feather. Excellent for Divination.

Patronus A German Shepherd puppy that scampers about on clumsy paws.

Relationships: --

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soleil (solxilx) Name: Alyssa Etoile
Age (year): 14, fourth year
Physical Description: Alyssa has waist length, dirty blonde hair that she never wears up. Her eyes are blue, and you can never tell what shade due to the sunlight. She is quite tall for her age, and she is asked frequently if she's a 7th year. Alyssa is skinny, and has basically no fat. Alyssa has very pale skin, due to her dislike of the outdoors and exercise.
Personality: Alyssa is a very skilled witch who studies hard, but she always seems to have time to do whatever she wants. She's pretty quiet, not really talking to anyone but Kitty. Some people think she's a bit crazy.
History: Alyssa was born in Adelaide, Australia to pure blood parents. When she was 5, they moved to London after her mom had a job transfer. Both her mom and dad had very good jobs, and were able to get Alyssa whatever she wanted, when she wanted it. But she wasn't a spoiled brat. When the time finally came for her to come to Hogwarts, Alyssa was completely ready, and had better equipment than anyone else, even her own racing broom (Although she couldn't take it to school in her first year, and hates flying anyway.) Especially books. Lots of books. Alyssa went through 4 years at Hogwarts with no friends, and that was ok with her.
Owl, Cat, or a Toad?: A black cat with the same blue eyes as her called Kitty
Wand: Holly and pegasus wing feather, 13 inches, swishy.
Other (like blood status): Pure Blood.

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Name Aretta Bellamy

Age 17 (7th Year)
DOB: April 16th

Gender Female

Physical Description At 5’10”, Aretta handles her height and willowy frame with poise. It’s easy to see that the Ravenclaw once dominated the pitch with those swift, elegantly calculated movements. Countless freckles dot her fair skinned face, a simple face you might easily glance over. But when those rosebud lips curl into a smile, there is a certain internal glow that seems to radiate warmth. Dark blue eyes are deep and calming in nature. Her hair is light, golden blonde. Aretta rarely bothers with straightening out the frizzy curls, letting it hang in waves down past her shoulders.



Personality Like the usual Ravenclaw, Aretta is undoubtedly smart. She picks up on things quickly and without much difficulty. It’s actually rather rare to find her studying fervently night and day; only for an upcoming test will she dig out her notes and flip through them. She finds more interest in learning about a multitude of new and different things, which is why you’ll probably see her with a different book every time you catch her.

More of a listener than a conversationalist, you’ll find that Aretta is easy to talk to. She listens intently to others, her presence coaxing and curious without being intrusive; Aretta has a strong grasp on compassion. She dislikes opening up personally, having difficulties expressing her own feelings, and rarely does so. Aretta prefers direct answers, things that are clear and present and unarguably right – she struggles with the complexity of emotions, opting instead to put on a cheerful façade.

While Aretta doesn’t show it outwardly, she’s a bit of a dreamer. Rationally, she knows that dreaming won’t get her anywhere – but she likes to quietly hold on to her hopes.

History Aretta was raised in a busy household in Northern Ireland with her half-blood father and grandparents. It wasn’t until five years after the death of the witch Sophie Bellamy, mother of the now six year-old girl, that her father remarried. Her new Muggle stepmother was nice enough, but she could never quite accept Aretta as her daughter. This was especially true when she had Aretta’s three half-siblings, none of which turned out to possess any magical ability. Between her stepmother and father, it was decided that Aretta should not tell her siblings of her magic.

Aretta practised her magic secretly in her room whenever possible, or found a quiet place in the park to in the company of her grandmother, who was a witch herself. It was the most extraordinary thing to have magic, she thought, but what a shame it had to be hidden.

When the time came for her to attend Hogwarts, it was explained to younger siblings Elaine, Susan, and Joshua that it was a “special” school. They would often bully her, saying that the “special” school she was being sent to was for people who weren’t clever enough for regular school. After Aretta was sorted into Ravenclaw, she didn’t pay any mind to their taunting.

It was easy to find her place at Hogwarts. Each year brought with it new and exciting prospects, friends, and memories. One of these an unfortunate accident - former Ravenclaw Seeker, Aretta was knocked off of her broom in her fifth year by a stray Bludger. After being hospitalised with several broken bones, and a spirit to match, she abandoned her broom and joined the ranks of the spectators.

Her last year brings with it the anxieties of choosing a future – while Aretta is capable of pursuing a Muggle job, it’s unlikely; her heart lies in the wizarding world. Where exactly, though, has yet to be determined.

Wand A flexible nine inch wand of rosewood, with a core of a unicorn wing feather.

Patronus A slender silver cat.

Daniel Summers - a formerly unrequited crush since her first years at Hogwarts. Aretta has grown out of it; however, she still cares for Daniel as a friend, even though he doesn’t reciprocate those feelings.

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Amrutha Stephen (anniestephenie) Name: Ellaine S. Valdes
Age (year):17, 7th year
Physical Description: With long dark hair and sparkling grey intelligent eyes, she looks calm, serene.She is 5'7, and is quite slender. She usually wears loose coats which suit her tastes, and is comfortable. Her hair is smooth, soft and adorns her shoulders. She seldom smiles, but when she does,it leaves the onlooker smiling. No matter how good-looking she may be, she never bothers to spend time on her looks.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Personality: Stephanie is a shy, introvert and into academics. She never opens up conversations by herself, but when she finds someone with the same interests as her, she's quite friendly. One might mistake her silence as cold and uncaring, but she is rather a simple soul with no courage to meet new people. She is kind, caring and wishes goodness in the world. She can be pretty selfish at times. She gets angry very quickly but calms down soon enough.
History: Ellaine was born of a mediocre family, with no financial difficulties. Both her parents muggles and she has a muggle-born elder brother, named Dominique. Her family originates from the calm countryside of Pays-de-la-Loire(Western Loire). Later, her family relocated to London, seeking better educational institutions for their children. Their daughter was sent to Hogwarts.
Owl, Cat, or a Toad?: Owl, named "Billie Jean"
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Wand:A hard 10 3/4 inch wand of ash, with a core of a unicorn hair.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Blood status: Muggle born

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
If her parents are wizards, then her brother isn't muggle born. If you want to say that he doesn't have magic, then he'd be a Squib.
Hogwarts doesn't accept children from outside the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland). Also, it's made pretty clear in the books that Beauxbatons is significantly higher up regarding aesthetics.

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EE (aievans) | 1 comments Name: Ally
Age (Year): 14 but year three because I'm a September baby
Physical Description: short with long light brown hair and hazel eyes. Gymnasts body {so flat and muscular}.
Personality: shy when I first meet you but I get really open when I know I can trust you. I'm really smart and creative but I also notice a lot of little mistakes. I love to learn about stuff I'm interested in.
History: muggle-born. My parents were shocked when I got the letter but I wasn't. I had a feeling that something was going to happen.
Wand: hawthorn with Phoenix feather.
Patronus: wolf.

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. (onawhim) | 1139 comments Try to use complete sentences, fix the formatting, add more description and depth - and why is your character in 1st person?

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Amrutha Stephen (anniestephenie) Iviana (The Sign Painter) wrote: "If her parents are wizards, then her brother isn't muggle born. If you want to say that he doesn't have magic, then he'd be a Squib.
Hogwarts doesn't accept children from outside the UK (England, ..."

I've tried editing it. Thanks for the tip!

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Katie (Imadanosaur) Name: Katie Brend
Age: 13 (3rd year)
Physical traits: Slim, Tall, Wears what people would call nerd glasses and a fedora, usually wears a vest and steal toed hiking boots. Her voice is loud and has a great sapranoe singing voice.
Personality: smart, kind, social, bookworm, gets stresses easily, feels like some people just can't understand, doesn't trust easily because of her secrets
Pet: owl named Olive
Wand: hazel wood with Phoenix feather core
Patrounus: a small wolf
Other: half-blood, father(muggle) died when she was 3, owns a firebolt, not in good condition, sorting hat had sltherin in mind, was bitten by werewolf but no one knows (didn't happen yet but will)

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Hi Katie,
Please use complete sentences when describing your character as well as proper grammar and spelling. The other section of your character should go under history, and it should also be expanded upon. Why did her father die? What about her mother? etc. Also, I'm personally against the whole werewolf thing unless you can give me a really good (not cliche, not canon) reason as to why you want her to become a werewolf. Furthermore, there are only a scant few number of Firebolts in the world, considering how amazing they're meant to be (there's a Pottermore article on it, which should be on the Harry Potter wiki by now if you haven't got a pottermore account), so to say that she has a beat up one just seems totally impossible.

Also, if she has a "[Slytherin] mind," why didn't the Sorting Hat place her in Slytherin? What does Slytherin mind even mean? (After all, you should never base anything off stereotypes.)

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soleil (solxilx) *FLYING RAINBOW KITTEH* wrote: "Name: Alyssa Etoile
Age (year): 14, fourth year
Physical Description: Alyssa has waist length, dirty blonde hair that she never wears up. Her eyes are blue, and you can never tell what shade due to..." I accepted?

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Name: Persephone Typhana.

Age: 14 (fourth year)

Physical Appearance: Persephone has waist-length white-blonde hair, grey eyes and a pale face which flushes when she smiles. She is slim and slightly small for her age. She never wears make-up, but wears a moonstone pendant at all times. The pendant is a gift from her aunt Marissa, who became an Auror when Persephone was young. Marissa is never spoken of in the house of Typhana.

History: Persephone is the daughter of Orion and Gemina Typhana. The Typhanas are a family full of Dark wizards. Ever since she was a young girl, however, Persephone was obviously not your average Typhana family member. She would sneak the house-elves extra food and was a generally sweet, gentle girl. Orion and Gemina were disappointed, but confident that as she grew up this behaviour would change. At 11 Persephone went to Hogwarts, and was promptly Sorted in Ravenclaw.
Orion and Gemina were furious that their daughter had not been Sorted into Slytherin. They sent her a Howler the very next day, disinheriting her at age 11, and promising she would never be forgiven. Persephone was heartbroken, but as a strong-hearted child continued to study at Hogwarts, making friends and exploring the castle. She received good grades in Charms and Transfiguration in particular, and did well in all other subjects but Herbology. Persephone has an allergy to Puffapods, which she found out too late. After a brief hospital visit she was back on track, however.
Indeed, Persephone's life at home has changed. She dreads returning home during summer. Her parents refuse to acknowledge her existence. She is forced to work amongst the house-elves and is treated poorly. Thankfully, the elves have always been friends with her, and help her the best they can. Persephone struggles through the summer; her only joys being her friends sending letters and the knowledge that she would be returning to Hogwarts soon.

Blood Status: Pure-blood, naturally. Despite her family, Persephone treats all students equally whether they are muggle-born or pure-blood. What would happen if she married some-one who wasn't pure-blood, however, Persephone doesn't know. She never speaks of her friends to her parents...but then again, they never speak to her of anything.

Patronus: Persephone struggles with her Patronus for obvious reasons, but when she produces it it is in the form of a silver fox.

Pet: Persephone has a pet owl from when she was 11. Her parents have tried to take it away, but Persephone hid it in clever ways to keep it safe, such as sending it to her friends' houses. Her small black owl is called Epiphany, and will bite anyone who comes too close.

Personality: Persephone is shy around people she has not met before. Like most Ravenclaws she possesses great wit, and has a wicked sense of humor. Considered "strange" by some students, Persephone hates attention, and prefers to be either alone or with her closest friends. While she isn't very bold, Persephone will defend her friends if necessary. Her love of her friends is stronger than her fear of enemies.

Wand: Eleven inches, rosewood, unicorn hair core. Good for Charms. Performs dangerously good hexes.

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
*FLYING RAINBOW KITTEH* wrote: "*FLYING RAINBOW KITTEH* wrote: "Name: Alyssa Etoile
Age (year): 14, fourth year
Physical Description: Alyssa has waist length, dirty blonde hair that she never wears up. Her eyes are blue, and you ..."

You're good.

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"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."
-Bob Marley

{Name} Aislin Devan Kelly

The name Aislin is of Gaelic and Irish origin, and means "dream" or "vision". It is pronounced "Ash-lin".

Devan is of Irish origin, and means "poet".

{Nicknames} Aislin's parents and brother used to call her 'Ash'.
Aislin was named after her mother and grandmother, Devan and Aislin.

{Age} Fourteen [14]
Year five
{City of birth} Dublin, Ireland
{Date of birth} February 4th

Hair: Aislin's hair is gorgeous. It's a stunning auburn colour, very thick, and reaches just past the small of her back. When she blow-dries it (which is very, very rarely) it has a more full look, but with less wave. She usually lets it air-dry, which brings out the natural beach wave look. Aislin often leaves it down, and occasionally up in a braided crown or ponytail.
Eyes: (view spoiler)
Aislin's eyes are what she considers her best feature. They are very large (some may describe them as having the "deer stuck in headlights" look) with naturally long, dark lashes. They are a stormy grey colour, darkening along the rims, with a pale gold colour in the centres.
Facial Features: Aislin has a rather elfish, pixie-like face, with a small nose and petite mouth with large enough lips. Her smile is lovely, naturally straight (not perfect, but good) and very sweet.
Structure: Aislin is naturally very small for her age. "Delicate," people call her, and it's true. She is very thin, and stands at only 5'1". She isn't strong, and she doesn't look it, either.
Skin: Aislin's skin is rather pale, though not vampire-so. It's more like someone who sees the sun, but does not spend her days outside. Her face has many brown freckles, as with her arms and back.

{Style} (view spoiler)


"They call me different. They say it like it's a bad thing, but honestly, it's the best thing there is."
Aislin was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of four, after her parents noticed that she was acting differently than most children her age. She has always had an intense fascination with music, books, and art, and as a girl, she would always concentrate her interest on those three things. Never playing on the playground with other children, never bothering to learn how to play sports. No, Aislin was always focused on other, different, things.
If she does not have music playing--whether from her headphones, speakers, or something nearby-- Aislin will tend to have a breakdown. Her breakdowns aren't like tantrums, kicking and screaming, but more like the silent treatment. She will not speak, and will scrunch down to make herself less noticeable. Loud noises are something that bother Aislin more than anything else.
At times, Aislin will just cover her ears and shut her eyes tight, sort of rocking back and forth.

"I'm not that anti-social. I just prefer my own company over others'..."
To put it bluntly, Aislin does not like people. She is dreadfully shy. When speaking with others, her stutter comes out, and it is difficult to understand her. Crowds terrify her. She would rather face a pit of boiling lava than speak in front of people (okay, that may be a bit over exaggerated, but she does despise crowds). Places like New York City and Hollywood are some of the most frightening places on earth, in her opinion, due to the quantity of people who visit there.
Aislin much prefers to just stay in her room or in a tree with the music on--quietly-- while reading or painting. She sees things that most do not, such as the different colours the stars make when they are outlined with a dark night sky, or the pattern on a bird's wing. She puts these in her paintings.

"Kindness is a virtue, Mother said, but not everyone knows how to use it."
Aislin was taught to be kind to everyone, even if they were not kind in return. And it came naturally to her. Aislin is very sweet and loving, and generous. She does not mind sharing, and does it willingly.

"I suppose, if you'd like, you could call me intelligent."
Aislin sometimes tries to mask her intelligence with modesty. But in reality, she is much more than intelligent. She is brilliant, and her grades show it. She skipped over the second year, and is now in Fifth. She received an award for her excellent scores last year, but was teased mercilessly because of it. Aislin excels in all classes. She adores reading more than almost anything else.

"I'm a naturalist, and I love art."
Aislin loves being outdoors more than anywhere else. You'll often find her up a tree, or hidden in the woods behind where she lives. She'll rescue injured animals and bring them back to health. She has her own garden where she grows most of what she eats.
As for her love of art, Aislin is a fantastic artist herself. She will sit and study a painting for hours on end, picking out minuscule details that most would never notice.

{History} Aislin was born in the middle of a thunderstorm, which--her mother joked-- was the reason for her fierce love of rain. Her mother did not believe in pain medications, or hospitals, so she gave birth in her home.
Aislin was raised with a love for creativity and kindness. Her parents--both artists--taught her to paint and draw.
She was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of four, and her parents were supportive and did as much as they could for her.
Then, two days after Aislin turned ten, the tragedy occurred.
Her parents, her brother, and she were out driving through the countryside, on their way to a family friend's home, when a car came barreling from around a corner and hit them head on. Her parents and brother were both killed, and Aislin barely survived. She had broken her right leg and received a terrible cut on her back, resulting in a permanent scar across her shoulder blades. She had no living relatives that would take her, so Aislin was sent to an orphanage in England, where she has lived ever since.
Mother Devan Kelly [DECEASED]
Father Brendon Kelly [DECEASED]
Brother Aaden Kelly [DECEASED]

-Climbing trees
-Vincent Van Gogh
-Thinking of home
-Natural remedies
-Riding her bike
-Old fashioned clothing
{Relationship} Barely open. If one was to get into a relationship with Aislin, he would have to be very unique. Plus, she's too young.
-School (the people, mainly)
-Loud noises
-Thinking of home
-Unnatural medications
You may notice that 'Thinking of home' is in there twice, once in 'Dislikes' and once in 'Likes'. This is because Aislin both loves thinking of home, and despises it, because it makes her terribly sad.
-Listening to music
-Climbing trees
-Working out math equations
-Riding her bike
-Watching good old British television: Doctor Who and Sherlock

{Blood Status:} Muggleborn
{Patronus:} A small bird
{Pet:} Her owl, Juno [(view spoiler)]
{Wand:} Twelve inches, willow wood, pixie hair core. Dark brown in colour, with a pattern of ivy spiraling up its' side. Good for Charms and Transfiguration.

-She adores the artist Vincent Van Gogh, because he saw things similarly to how she sees the world. His art inspires hers'.
-She's a vegetarian!
-She speaks French.
-She has an Irish accent, but it's not as strong as some.
-Her knees are quite weak, so when she runs, they give out quickly. She prefers playing Quidditch, because it doesn't hurt.

"A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament."
-Oscar Wilde

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
You might want to consider changing her last name, since we have a Rosaline Kelly in Slytherin, and having two characters with the same last name might get a bit confusing later on, but it's up to you.

If she lived in Dublin, why was she sent to an orphanage in England? Like, surely there are plenty of orphanages in Ireland that would take her... Also, Dublin's in the Republic of Ireland, which isn't in the UK. Hogwarts only accepts kids from the UK.

Muggle tech doesn't work at Hogwarts, so headphones would most likely not work unless you clarify that they're different than Muggle tech.

What's kind of confusing me is that you mark her as antisocial, but also say that she's kind. I guess I'm just wondering in what instance would she demonstrate kindness if she avoids social interaction, because sharing (especially willingly) requires a degree of interaction.

To expand her history a bit more, perhaps explain how the sudden change between living with her family and living at an orphanage affected her and explain how she felt about a Ministry official coming to explain all about magic. Also, where and why did she learn to speak French? And why isn't her accent not as strong if she grew up there?

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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 977 comments Mod
Name: Bryorny Ariana Winslow
Nicknames- Bri
Age: Fifteen
DOB- March 11th
Year: Fifth

Appearance: Bryorny has a face where age seems limitless. Her rounded face and full, cherub-like lips make her look her age, yet her prominent cheekbones make her face look more slim and can also add years to her appearance. Her creamy, almost imperfection-free skin can bring some people to mistake her for a second or third year.

Her deep, wide-set eyes are a deep turquoise color. Some days they can appear more blue or green depending on what she's wearing, but for the most part they stay their bright turquoise color. They are fringed with a moderate amount of long eyelashes that although appear blonde in the sunlight, are a light brown color.

Longer still are Bryorny's multi-shaded locks. They wind down the length of her 5'3 body in a swirling color of soft caramel and a light toffee or even vanilla color. The caramel brown is the dominant of the two, but the toffee blends in well to create a beautiful hair color that falls fairly straight though for some reason the ends have a slight wave to them, which could be due to the fact that Bryorny doesn't usually cut her hair, or do much to it in general. She mostly lets it do whatever, and it stays in good shape under the circumstances.

Despite her round, almost chubby-like face, her body is just the opposite. Her body is thin, slender with few curves to it. Still, she is lean and flexible with the slightest of curves at her hips. Her body is one best used for stamina or climbing.
Spread yourself too thin again.

Smile for the camera.

You thought I couldn't see you, didn't you?

What if I never pass Transfiguration?

Isn't life just wonderful?

Personality: Bryorny is a wonderful girl behind a horrid name. Mostly all professors love her. She's an intelligent girl who can answer nearly every question thrown at her, and can turn in her homework on time every time. Her wide vast of knowledge is also helpful for her fellow classmates (not that anyone from her house would need her help) because she's found that if someone asks her for help- even if it means doing their assignment for them - she just can't say no. Seeing someone struggle with someone she knows she can help gives her a sick feeling, and so the word 'no' hardly comes out of her mouth.

Bryorny isn't too timid, bold, outspoken or softspoken. She seems to have everything in order, all her ducks in a row, She lets the silence stay peaceful (she honestly would rather prefer silence most days because it's easier for her to focus and get things accomplished) but will also be glad to join in on celebrations or small social outings. Bryorny is polite, sweet as a sugar cube, and nice to all. She could never understand the reason to be rude to someone, especially if they've done nothing to you. Nothing is usually what she does do if someone is impolite or mean to her. She tries to let what she can roll off her back.

There are, of course, somethings that simply can't roll off someone's back, things that Bryorny can't ignore when brought to her attention. Two very big things are bullying or taunting, and animal abuse, along with the other minor things. When Bryorny witnesses these things, though, she can't help but speak up, make herself and her opinion known. These are usually settled in a civil manner, but Bryorny would be capable of taking action to prove her point.

Unfortunately, Bryorny does have one major flaw that she posesses. One that can make her stand out like a sore thumb and can cause problems not only for her, but for others around her as well. Bryorny is one of the unfortunate people who can't control their body movements very well. Bryorny is a huge klutz, with hardly any hand-eye coordination. She spends most of her time picking herself up off the floor than any normal witch should. This is the above all reasoning behind Bryorny tends to avoid riding brooms, which is sad considering that not every girl has the ability to ride a broomstick for transportation.

History: Bryorny was raised in a pureblood family, but her parents decided it would be just as good to introduce their children (both Bryorny and her twin brother) to muggle cultures. This is also fed their own interest and curiosity. But because they had little experience with muggles, it was hard to juggle both cultures.

Cassidy Winslow was not only a witch, but she was also an animaegus. She had the ability to transform into a large house cat. Her mother's ability would always entrance Bryorny, and does to this day. Her mother told her when she was younger that it took a lot of practice and focus to become an animaegus. Ever since then, Bryorny has tried to be succesful as an animaegus, but it turns out that she can barely transform a small animal into a glass.

At the muggle school where she attended before Hogwarts, Bryorny would tell her class stories of things the family would do together, like her mother turning into a cat for their entertainment. Her parents had warned both of their children about telling the muggle students about magic. They told Bryorny and Belen that the kids didn't take to magic well. But, like many things that parents tell their kids (especially when the children don't exactly understand what their parents are telling them), the warnings can slip the mind in a time of excitement, especially the kind of excitement from trying to impress your classmates with interesting tales. The teacher simply called Bryorny imaginative, and then emailed Bryorny's parents, telling them that their daughter was a great storyteller, but it would be suggested that they make it clear that lying was not a good thing, as Bryorny was convinced with her own story. That night, her parents explained to her that her classmates didn't understand their ways and it was best to not tell others about what they did at home together.

For her classmates, one story was enough. They latched onto it like starving wolves on fresh meat. They teased her about it, how she was a stupid, filthy liar. Bryorny arrived home in tears nearly everyday. Under different circumstances, like only a few jeers about one thing, it wouldn't have bothered her as much. The trouble was that they teased about multiple things nearly nonstop. They mocked her klutziness, purposely created scenarios so that she could fall and spill or break things, called her a liar, a freak, and made harsh comments about her horrid snaggleteeth. (She had braces her first and second year at Hogwarts that fixed her jaw of terrors to a bright and dazzling smile) By the middle of the year, she didn't think she could go to school anymore. She would fake sick to avoid going. Her brother had been suspended for excessive fighting to defend her and without him protecting her, she was scared to go to school. That was why their acceptance letters to Hogwarts couldn't have come at a better time.

Their parents 'transferred' their children to another school nearby and let Bryorny have a break from school and kids until Hogwarts opened for a new school year. Now they have moved away from the muggles and live far away in the middle of nowhere with other wizarding families nearby. They spend their summers there and most holidays.

Wand: A petite 6" wand made of stiff, inflexible holly wood with a core of Runespoor Fang.
Blood Status: Pureblood
Owl, Cat, or Toad?: None of the above. Bryorny recieved a unique calico rabbit for Christmas the past year named Jigsaw. During classes, he stays in her dormitory, but is her little shadow outside of them.
Patronus: Koala bears have been said to be one of the lesser graceful of animals, so Bryorny thinks her silver and whispy koala bear is a fitting patronus for her.
Other: Bryory has a twin brother in Hufflepuff. She doesn't see him as often as she would like, of course with classes and seperate houses.

*Clara Ainsworth- The two are definitely an odd pair of friends, but there is something in each other that the other one appreciates and respects. They have also become 'spell buddies', as some would say. Bryorny has a knack for charms, which the older Slytherin has trouble with, and Clara is a genius at Transfiguration, for which Bryorny herself struggles with. For whatever reason, the two have become stuck on each other since meeting at the lake and assisting each other in their weak magic abilities.

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