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Carly  (cloud-envy) "Are you nearly ready?" Alaric asked, irritated. He'd been standing outside her door for a half an hour now, and the day wasn't getting any younger. He held his dark mask in his hands, a blood coloured rose pinned to his attire.
"I'm almost done, this isn't as easy as it looks, okay!" Arianna called through the door.
Impatiently, he began pounding on the door, only to nearly fall through when she opened it.
"Can you zip me?" she asked, holding the strapless boddice of the dress over her chest, her corset almost visable.
Alaric grunted. "Fine." he said, spinning her around so he could help zip up the golden dress that matched the mask in her hands. It was one of his favorite things about the entire dress, so simple and intricate and Arianna, with the music notes delicately faded on it, which you had to look close to see. He zipped up the dress and she turned, her raven coloured curls tumbling over her shoulders. She fitted the mask easily on and smiled. "Let's go."

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Pru had her neighbor tie the corset of the dress tightly. she held her breath, her eyes popping out of her skull from the tightness. it didn't bother her so much, since she thought the black and red victorian dress was gorgeous.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Ariana smiled and walked with Alaric after putting his mask on. She had to pause for a moment, admiring how the grey of the mask made his blue eyes even more intense than they always were. She smiled slightly as they made their way out to their ride.

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((her dress - http://cdn3.iofferphoto.com/img/item/... ))

"Don't you look dashing?" her neighbor chuckled. she smiled shyly then grabbed her mask, starting to tie it on.

Cole got his suit on and his mask quickly. his smirk said he was excited, which he was.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments Hazel had pulled on her silky, pale pink dress earlier. The pink was almost white-- a good thing too since she typically wasn't a fan of pink. She had decided to pull her tangle of coppery curls away from her face, letting the attention fall on her tarnished gold mask.
Hazel sat in the taxi whose driver had kindly agreed to be her transportation for the night. She stared down at her dress and traced the intricate beading with a manicured fingertip. Why was she doing this to herself? She fiddled with the delicate silver heart on her necklace, deep in thought.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (ari's dress edit: http://www.purple-wedding-flowers.com...)

The two climbed into his car and drove. Ari was in love with the fact that they were having a masquerade ball.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((TAYLOR SWIFT!!! XD Love it))

She listened to the taxi driver scream profanities out his window. Staring out the window, she began to wonder who she'd meet. Would she fall in love? That was the question of the night wasn't it?
The opening of a car door, shocked her out of her thoughts and she glanced over at the man who had opened it. "Thank you," she said smoothly, handing the driver a twenty. Hazel gathered her skirts and exited the taxi.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (ugh i hate taylor swift too, which is why i was like ehnn.. xD
wait, are we doing this in the right era now?)

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((Uh. IDK?))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (better pic -.- posting it on her profile because i cant link it right
and yeah..they were debating renissance or not..)

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((Aha...))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (yeah, which is where im stuck because i dont know if i want to change my last post..)

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((Well there are charity balls...))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (well yeah, but then that would turn the entire thing into like, modern teen drama after the ball, wouldnt it?)

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((That's true... Should we change everything to carrige? Versus car?))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (i dont know, should we?)

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((Eh. Let's wait. Cause what if they make it modern day? Then we changed stuff unnnecissarily (sp?)))

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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) ((can i join?))

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((Sure! Didja' make a charrie?))

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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) ((i will:))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (of course :D
exactly, that was what i was thinking ^^; do you want to just get to the ball and if we need to we can change? because itll only be a few minor things.)

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((Sounds good to me.))

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check ((sure. I am))

Bridgett walked down the stairs, her long black gown trailing behind her. She walked outside and got into her carriage and told Victor, her driver, where to go. She had a beautiful black mask to match the dress. People always said black made her pale skin glow so that was what she wore.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (Mae you didn't make a charrie ^^; )

Arianna and her friend soon arrived, slipping out. The hall was huge, and you could tell that the ball was livelier than ever. Alaric put his hand on the small of her back, just beneath where the back of ther dress laced up, and started walking with her twoard the ball, both of them looking nervous but excited.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments Hazel caught a glimpse of two people around her age. Her jade eyes darted towards the entrance and she began to walk towards it, afraid that with every step, her heels were getting closer to snapping. Her dress floated around her as she glided up the steps.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Arianna bit down on her shell pink bottom lip. She exhaled, looking around as they entered, the balroom bright and lit. The string quartet was playing a traditional dance, everyone moving with their stranger partner. She wondered if her friend had arrived, but doubted it. She hoped she could be as lucky as her sister usually were at these balls.

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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) Dilia stepped out the black limo, and started to walk towards the entrance, she knew a couple of people were looking her way.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments Hazel stood, akwardly rubbing her creamy arms. It was loud, though the music was beautiful. It was early in the evening, but you could already smell the intoxication. It was twisted.

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check Carly wrote: "(Mae you didn't make a charrie ^^; )

Arianna and her friend soon arrived, slipping out. The hall was huge, and you could tell that the ball was livelier than ever. Alaric put his hand on the sma..."

((I'm working on it. I'm trying to find a mask I like))

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check She arrived shortly and walked through the large wooden doors into the ballroom. There were already several people there and she wondered if she was late

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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) Dilia tried not to slip becasue of the heel, and entered the ball room.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (ooh ^^ okay! just didnt know if you like, misposted ^^)

"Shall we go for a drink?" Alaric asked. He led his friend to the table across the room, picking up a glass of champaigne.
"Drinking so soon, Alaric?" she smiled and brought a glass to her lips.
"I'm preparing myself." he chuckled quietly, watching the men and women dancing.

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((lol wow i missed a lot for so little time))

Cole arrived soon, along with Pru. They met up and went inside. "You look nervous pru. Afraid you'll meet someone you know?" Cole asked with a chuckle. She shrugged, tugging on the train of the dress.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (saaam!! xD)

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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) ((so what has been going on so far? im confused))

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (everyones arriving to the ball)

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Fenestra | 2840 comments ((Howdy ^^))

Hazel watched as more people entered the elegant ballroom. I need something to drink... She walked over to a table stacked with champaigne glasses, picking one up and taking a dainty sip.

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check She went around the edges of the room, trying to see if there was anyone she knew, which was unlikely. She told herself not to worry. The point of masquerades was the anonymity

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((hehe i know, i know, i've been missed XD just kidding))

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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) ((kk, thanks))
Dilia loved the music, so she started for the middle of the dance floor, and started twirling, and dancing, not caring that she didn't have a partner.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (xD immensely. you were all here then gone and i was like NO I HAVE QUESTIONS~! and then we figured it out :D)

Alaric chuckled, his voice low and deep. "I don't know how some people stand this." he replied, watching the dancing. "Dancing the entire night with strangers."
Arianna shook her head and smiled. "It's romantic." she sighed. "I'm going for some air." she smiled and headed for the glass doors of the small balcony on the other side of the ballroom. When she looked back Alaric was already being pestered to dance.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments Hazel watched a girl in the center of the crowd of dancers preforming a partnerless number. "How odd," she murmured.

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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) Dilia stoped, and started walking towards the drinks.

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check She went over to a table where drinks were and only when she took a sip did she notice how dry her throat was with nervousness.

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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) Dilia noticed another woman standing by the drinks and went over to her.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alaric glanced about, sinking into the shadows, not much of a dancer.

Arianna exited the room and leaned against the railing, inhailing the cool night air. She adjusted ehr mask with ease, glancing up at the moon above the kingdom.

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((yeah i could tell. and you guys were right modern = boring hormonal teenagers XD))

"Well, i'm going to dance. You can do whatever you want." Cole chuckled went out to see if any girl wanted to dance with him.

Pru waited on the sidelines, kind of bored. She wasn't much of a dancer, really. She was too shy.

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Fenestra | 2840 comments She noticed a boy being pestered by multiple girls. Poor guy... She looked down, hoping for someone to ask her to dance.

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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) Dalia went back to dancing.

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