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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 477 comments Mod
"You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart.
Their daring, nerve and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart!"

"By Gryffindor, the bravest were
Prized far beyond the rest."

"Said Gryffindor, 'We'll teach all those
With brave deeds to their name.'
...While bravest and the boldest
Went to daring Gryffindor."

Students in Gryffindor are brave, chivalrous, and have a fierce rivalry with Slytherin. Their crest, with gold-and-scarlet coloring, is superimposed by a golden lion, symbolizing their bravery. All students must have...

Age (year):
Physical Description:
Owl, Cat, or a Toad?:
Patronus (optional):
Other (like blood status):

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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 477 comments Mod
Name: Atalanta

Age: Sixth year (sixteen)

Physical Description:

Atalanta is tall, strong, and sharp-eyed. Her hair is a glossy chocolate brown, and her eyes are a deep blue. She has pale skin, but a winning smile, and freckles dusted across her face. She usually wears a small necklace of a doe around her neck, a gift from her father. Light and playful, Atalanta especially loves wearing scarves, and those are usually a soft black wool, or scarlet-and-gold to show off her House spirit.

Personality: Atalanta is swift on her feet and a great Chaser. She is happy almost all the time, and can usually cheer people up. She is a team player, and though many people tease that she should have been in Hufflepuff, her heart lies in Gryffindor. All her family have been in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, so it came as a real shock to them all when she was Sorted into Gryffindor.

Atalanta tries to do her best for her House, although sometimes her daring tendencies get the better of her and she ends up losing points in nightly escapades. She is especially interested in Astronomy, staying later than most students on the nights they take the class. In all honesty, the only thing she looks forward to more than Astronomy classes are Quidditch matches, as she is fiercely competitive when it comes to games of any kind. As many of her fellow Gryffindors can attest, she will spend long nights challenging all comers to intense games of Exploding Snap, and won first place in a Gobstones tournament in her first year.

History: Atalanta, as a pureblood, naturally had a magic-filled childhood. Her first birthday found her zooming about her family's small backyard on a toy broomstick, three feet off the ground. Her mother scolded her soundly for trying to zip up the fence in a backwards Wronsky Feint, but Atalanta had taken to flying like a fish to water.

From an early age, Atalanta started to lean towards a more Gryffindor-like tendency. She was a sweet child and fairly clever, and so her father expected Ravenclaw from her, and her mother Hufflepuff, like herself. Atalanta's older brother, Davy, was already in his third year when Atalanta got sorted, and so he was particularly shocked when his kid sister didn't join him at the Ravenclaw table, as he'd hoped. But relations were still tight between Atalanta and Davy. He would often watch her Quidditch practices when she made the team in second year, cheering her on from the safety of the stands (he was not one for heights). Likewise, Atalanta would always send her brother books and Potions ingredients for Christmas and his birthday, as Davy could be found mixing strange ingredients in secluded corners of the Ravenclaw common room at all hours of the night.

Now, in her sixth year, Atalanta has had to cope with her brother not being in school with her. She misses him dearly, although he writes frequently from his office in the Ministry with Experimental Magic, Potions division.

Wand: Ash, bendy, 11 inches, with dragon heartstring.


fennec fox

Other: pureblood, and has a calico cat named Caly

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Kat (sugaraddict) Name: Katherine Anne Smith
Age: 13 (3rd)
D.O.B: August 2nd
Appearence: With a soft curve of the nose and a slightly out jutted lower lip, Katherine takes on a much less glamorous look then seems. Soft, manageable hair falls to the nape of her neck, angling horizontally from the back in a un-styled bob. Natural tonesof blond and sandy brown alternate. Streaks of blond in the front and underlayers of a lead-colored brown. Spots of acne dot her nose and cheek bones, and the space in between her eyes. Light brown eyebrows often furrow over her long, dark lashed eyes. Her favorite feature. A cool blue, that often alternates from a greyish stormy blue, to an iced over furious blue, or a relaxed carribean blue. She has youthful cheeks, and a tanned tone from hours in the sun though she loves playing in the dark. She's average for her age, in height and body. With rugged fingernails and a small smile, strong arm muscles from years of swimming and strong leg muscles from intense ice skating practices.

Personality: Oh, my god. Do you even want to know? Like any person, Katherine is complex. But even more so. It changes with her sleep patterns, vicinity, people around her, everything. When at school, or in a place where she's not everybody's friend, she tends to be a bit hyper, out going, and proud. She stands up for what she believes in, and always has what she sees as a fair judgement. When in this predicament, she tends to speak her mind, but also is a bit of a class clown. Giggles and jokes come with her passion, and attention is not an unusal thing for her. But don't let her confidence fool you, sometimes she can get quite broken down. When around all her friends, not her school ones, her lifetime friends, she becomes a softer, more open person. Still the same person around other people, just more concentrated. She's not afraid, her filter is removed, she doesn't worry about what she says before she says it. Lots of laughs and memories comes from this, but also around these people she becomes more caring and concerned. She shows more concern and not neccessarily passion, just softness. But it's unpredictable. Some days she'll be completely giggle-high. Other days she'll have serious opinions that need to be acknowledged. But she loves having fun, either way. You'll see as it plays out.

History: Katherine was always sucked into that assumption of the perfect suburban family. With three cars, one brother, pets, and name brand clothing. But she was always trying to escape that. Not trying to be ghetto, or be a tradgedy. She just hated uniform. Hated the regular-ness of all it. She never wanted to be made into a mold of another brick house and a happy family. She wanted something more, something that wasn't in the form of a perfect school system. Instinctively, she reached for a keyboard, a pen, the keys, the dance floor, the vocal cords, just trying to break the bonds of conformity. On the internet, she found out what it was all about. Talking to other muggles in chat rooms until she 'stumbled' upon a chat room with wizards in it. From that day forward, she dropped the act. She dropped dying her hair, the multicolored shoes, the finger gloves. She continues writing, but now with a quill. She continues dancing, but now in robes. She continues singing, but now in the shower rooms under her breath. She practiced so hard to become a witch, and then one day it just came true. It could've been in her bloodstream. Or it could've been a blessing. No one knows.

She loves her family, despite hating the circumstances. Katherine always had a healthy, silly relationship with her mom. Jokes, but still serious opinions. She gained her book-wormness from her librarian mother. Her brother and her were always in a light-hearted state. Occasional fights, but not that often. He was older than her, always helping her and giving her advice. Her dad was a bit difficult, they always seemed to butt heads. But she loved him nonetheless.

Wand: Beech wood, quite flexible, unicorn core, 10.75 inches
The light brown wood flops around a bit, but the magestic core makes up for it. Always perservering in the end, a powerful element.

Patronus: A sandy blond cross bred cat, taby with sharp claws and big blue eyes. Ridiculously cute but vicious when challenged.

Pet: At her home she has two cats. But, coming to Hogwarts she didn't want to pick, so she plucked one out of a shelter. It's a black and white cat, like the ones at home, with alert green eyes. Just barely past the kitten stage at 11 months. Her name is Meo (Me- O) and is friendly. She loves attention and will sprawl out on the floor of the common room. But, she can be quite fierce when threatened and is an excellent, to Katherine's disgust, hunter.

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Jo (Penname8) | 3183 comments
Name: Maureen Harper

Age: 15 (year 5)

Physical Description:

[image error]


She has flaming red hair identical to her sister Mauricia's; bouncing into great curls in front of her face. These original curls often make her seem odd. Her rosy, creamy light skin contrast with the tone of her hair and the lightness of her outstanding blue eyes. She's She could be, in fact, called a beauty. If only she actually cared about it.

Personality and History:: To understand Maureen, we have to go back to her hometown of Waterford, Ireland. Ireland has always been a curious land by itself. Muggle inhabitants of the city are unaware that Waterford has always been a city full of wizard dwellers in hiding.
Unfortunately, it is also very attractive to any mythical creature who finds it in its path. Which is why one day, when Maureen was ten, she crossed her path with a dementor, who attacked her, terrified her and nearly left her mute. In fact, she did stop talking for a month. This was to be removed when she was sent to Beauxbatons (her mother was French). Maureen and Mauricia both insisted in being sent to Hogwarts. Their wish was fullfilled, and their father grudgingly sent them in their fourth year to England.

Maureen still has nightmares about her dementor encounter, however stupid it may sound. She is extremely paranoid with anyone around her. She has little friends, in contrast with her twin sister Mauricia, who is extroverted, friendly and loud.

Wand: Ebony and mermaid hair, twelve inches long, with a particular gift for Defense spells.

Blood: Pureblood

Patronus: An albatross.

Other: Oddly, and unlike her twin, she's terrified of heights, amking her unable to enter the Quidditch team.

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Jo (Penname8) | 3183 comments
Name Mauricia Harper

Age 15 (year 5)

Physical Description

[image error]

She is very thin for her height and age, just like Mauricia, though not underweight. Mauricia is sturdier than her sister, however, as she has been in the Quidditch team since third year. Her bright, stunning blue eyes are memorable--though not as memorable as her fiery curly red hair with the healthy sheen to it, looked after more closley than her twin Maureen's.

Personality and History Mauricia grew up in Waterford, Ireland, daughter of Irish wandmaker Silas Harper and French witch Elodie Harper. Her magic appeared at seven. Her story is much less dramatic than Maureen's. The twins have always been close, even after Maureen's attack and her trouble with the law. Oh, yes. The small Irish girl was confronted by the authorities for revealing magic to Muggles. Consequently, she has always been distrusted by elders in Waterford, who have all known of the story. But what exactly happened?

She lived a practically normal life. Until ten, her Muggle friends found out of her skills, but did not reproach or avoid her. Instead, they liked her for it. After getting a wand and studying at Beauxbatons she was incontrollable. Due to many magicians living in the same area no one could manage or control the movements of one little rascally girl in Ireland. Most of her activities were stealing jewlery or clothing, and was driven to even stealing some magical artifacts (all recovered by their original owners). However, after setting fire accidentally when she was twelve to a warehouse the Irish Ministry of Magic caught her. She was extremely close to having her wand broken in half, but she she used an alibi (she alleged her Muggle acquaintances had forced her to when she had been caught doing magic at home).

Mauricia has never taken magic lightly since her fight with the Ministry. You might expect for this to sober her up, but it did not. It just humiliated her in front of her Beauxbatons friends. Elodie Harper then reconsidered and sent both Mauricia and Maureen to Hogwarts.

Wand Rowan and unicorn hair, eleven and three quarters inches, very elastic and good for levitation charms and transfiguration.

Patronus A silvery, energetic puffin.

Gibson Strait: A fellow Gryffindor who once caught her at the scene of the crime with her fellow criminals, yet let them leave peacefully. Became a friend of hers after she left Beauxbatons for Hogwarts.

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Name: Bruce Ackerman

Age (year): 16 (6th year)

Physical Description: This proud Gryffindor walks with the dignified gait of a hippogriff, and doesn’t fail to look the part. Bruce is graced with a height naturally gives him an aura of authority and importance. His arms are muscular, perfect for his position as one of Gryffindor’s beater. He does nothing special with his hair, but it always has an appealing windblown look to it. Slate-coloured eyes are the dominant feature of his face, strikingly cool and misty.
You talkin' to me?

Personality & History: Bruce comes from a wealthy but separated Muggle family. His mother and father are always out of town, away on business, and just never there. Bruce never really shows that he minds, but he does, and misses them. He’s always wished they could stop and settle down, make up all the lost time he didn’t have with them as a kid. But Bruce’s pride and independence won’t let him do that.
Bruce is one of those people that just won’t admit to something like that.

He’s also the kind of person that can get away with nearly anything because of his charm. Bruce has a way with manipulation that no one can escape, but he only tends to do things like this when he’s in deep trouble.

Other times Bruce can be annoying, just because he wants to see you get pissed off. Or he can amuse people by drowning someone in sarcasm. Whatever he feels like doing at the moment.

Usually you can bet that Bruce is just going to mind his own business and take a nap in the common room, or engage in conversation. But you can never be too sure.

Owl, Cat, or a Toad?:A playful black and white kitty named Ace of Spades. He is often seen stalking things like bugs or quills, or peoples’ feet.

Wand:12 ¾ inches, Madrona Wood, Demiguise hairs, slightly springy. Excellent for Transfiguration.

Patronus: Stallion

Other (like blood status):

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Name: Cecil Graham (SEE-sihl)
Gender: M
Age: 16 (sixth year)
DOB: August 31st
Appearance: Mr. Cecil Graham has short, dark blonde hair, normally messy (save for the occasional party, where his parents require him to tame the haystack that is his hair). His baby blue eyes shine with a mischievous glint that never quite seems to go away. Usually a grin catches the corners of his slim mouth, a trait that has become somewhat of a trademark of his. Cecil stands slightly taller than most of his other class mates with an air of both cockiness and mock royalty (some days one trait shines brighter than the other, depending, of course, on his mood).

Personality: A boy of many, many words, many find that Cecil cannot stop talking—mostly, of course, about himself. This is the source of either much amusement in a crowd, due to his natural joking manner, or the source of annoyance. He’s quite oblivious to both, in most circumstances, taking joy in retorting in any way he can.
His sharp tongue and wit might have had him placed in Slytherin, though the Sorting Hat proclaimed otherwise. Perhaps it was his unfaltering pride that swayed the hat’s opinion.

A notorious flirt, Cecil has been known to chat up anyone he finds even moderately interesting, though due to his utter blindness to other people's emotions, he has never kept, not wanted to keep, a girlfriend for very long. His "compulsive flirting," as he calls it, has also kept him from any serious relationship. His almost charming arrogance seems to only attract girls, and he's determined that "everyone loves him."

History: Cecil Graham was born to the wealthy pureblood family of the Grahams, famed for Gregory Graham’s discovery of the use of Runespoor eggs in potions in the late 13th century.* Very few Grahams since then have made their marks in history. Cecil's excellence in charmwork and transfiguration will undoubtedly lead to such, though his lack of motivation may prove otherwise.

An only child, Cecil’s parents (the former Gryffindor Augustus Graham and former Ravenclaw Margot Graham, nee Bennett) had him tutored in the ways of magic so that he may be prepared for the upcoming school years away from home. With both parents in high-ranked jobs at the Ministry, he's expected to follow in their footsteps.

His childhood friends were in some ways forced upon him, though a few became friends regardless. His parents always aimed to impress (which included dressing their son in the most horrendous clothing when guests stopped by, and learning how to entertain guests at parties), and what better way to form good relationships than by having their children be friends?

Because his parents were so very controlling in his early years, he's done nearly everything he can to spite them while at school (taking care not to tell them, of course) by fraternizing with virtually everyone, despite their wishes against it. The Grahams have always been a traditionalistic family, and they're determined to keep it that way.

Wand: 10” dogwood and unicorn hair core
Patronus: tardigrade An Emu.
Pet: None (unfortunately, it seems that Cecil has been cursed in regards to caring for animal life.; all living things given to him to care for have either died or run away—this includes plant life).
Blood status: pureblood
Other: Sherpa, Sherpa, Sherpa, ohhhh, like, Sherpa, Sherpa, Sherpa, goooo~ — what.
*This is not cannon.
Luthien Windermere: Ah, good old Windermere. He and Cecil have been friends since childhood.
Bruce Ackerman: Undoubtedly his best friend from his own house. These two have grown to be infamous around Hogwarts.
Rosaline Kelly: One of the very few girls to have kept his attention for longer than a few days. He's grown quite attached to the Slytherin, even if he won't admit to anyone (much less himself).
Ingrid McGovern: A childhood friend who's more of a rival than anything else. Their parents pushed them towards each other at a young age in hopes of bringing each family closer together.

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KC Marie (kc_marie) | 2 comments Name: Samantha Richards
Age (year):13 (third year
Physical Description: She is the beauty of the third year, with long wavy black hair, porcelain skin, and flashing green eyes. It is rumored that she is related to Harry Potter himself (though it is not true) She is short for her age, but very fit. When not in uniform, Sam dresses in all black, which only shows off her perfect skin even more. Slight scarring on her chest and back, no one can see it unless she's in a swimsuit.
Personality: She is a very shy, but confident girl. Rarely gets mean, but when she does, nothing can stop her. She is very loyal to her friends and family and will do anything for them.
She is very smart, but it doesn't usually show since she is normally wasting time with her friends either in the library, or on the grounds somewhere.(she has even been to the forbidden forest a couple times)
Owl, Cat, or a Toad?:She has a pet siamese cat named Koneko, and a tawny owl, named Ginger, that she shares with her older sister, Bethany.
Wand:10 and a half inches, hawthorn, unicorn tail, slightly springy
Patronus (optional):Her patronus is of a horse
History: Mother: Arela Richards
Father: David Heralds
Twin sister: Amaria Richards
Older sister: Bethany Heralds
Younger brothers: Zac/Fred Gregory
Samantha's mother and father never married, and she is an older half sister and two younger half brothers. She was always a quiet child, especially compared to her twin sister Amaria, who is about as strange as you can be. They lived a relativly quiet life in london, England. When the twins girls got their letters to Hogwarts, rivalry began between them to see who could impress their parents. Amaria ended up in Slytherin(like her mother), and Samantha ended up in Gryffindor, (like her father) Bethany is in Ravenclaw and her younger brothers have no magical powers.
In second year, when the twins were fighting (again) Amaria ended up almost killing Samantha. Thankfully, she was sent to the hospital in time and managed to get little scarring over the attack. Ever since then the two girls haven't lived in the same house, and refuse to have anything to do with one another. Samantha lived out the rest of the school years without getting into any major trouble.
Other (like blood status): Pure Blood.
Lives with her father in New York City. The rest of her siblings live with her mother in London.

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 8158 comments Mod
No idea why I didn't see this sooner.

1. Fix the grammar.
2. It clearly states in the description of the group that there shouldn't be any relation to canon. So even if it's "rumoured" that she's related to Harry Potter, it shouldn't be a part of the description. Just because someone has the same colour eyes and hair as another person doesn't make them related.
3. How is she "shy but confident"? That's a contradiction and doesn't make sense. She's either one or the other. She probably wouldn't survive the Forbidden Forest alone. I mean, even Harry had assistance his first three years if he ever went into the forest. Also, it's called "Forbidden" for a reason.
4. Only one pet per person at Hogwarts.
5. Samantha's kind of still in school, so she really hasn't lived out the rest of her school years. Also, why and how did Amaria end up almost killing her sister? And what do the twins fighting have anything to do with it? ;n;
6. If she lives in New York, then she wouldn't be going to Hogwarts. Hogwarts only admits children who live in the UK.

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. (onawhim) | 1139 comments
Name Owen Gabriel Kipling (“Kip”)

Age February 18th, 18 years

Physical Description Kip stands at exactly 182 centimetres, at the cusp of six feet. Though broad, Kip is light on his feet as well; years of practice as Beater have helped him attain his muscular figure, a far cry from the incredibly gangly eleven-year old who had first walked in Hogwarts six years ago. His roguish, charming grin tends to get him both in and out of trouble and he constantly stays that way. Kip’s hand usually goes straight to his dark hair when he’s feeling anxious and it stands out as a chocolate-brown cloud at exam time. Certainly not the tallest student at Hogwarts, Kipling can be the most formidable when provoked – though whether that’s due to his undisputable masculinity or the mere suggestion of his reputation remains unknown. Grey-blue eyes tend to reflect whatever colour he wears and stand out most in the black of his Hogwarts robes, usually disheveled with a lazily done tie. Well aware of his plumper-than-usual lips, Kip tends to decrease the vulnerable affect by tucking in a corner of his mouth in a neutral smirk.



Personality Thoroughly an extrovert, Kipling is at his most charming when surrounded by his plethora of friends and acquaintances. He is rare to judge people at first sight and will only be biased against those who have hurt him or the friends he feels strongest towards. He’s a rather formidable multitasker in that he has the ability to give highly entertaining stories and decrease the tension in most situations while formulating an elaborate idea in his head – usually how best to overflow the Slytherin common room with lakewater and frogspawn. (Regrettably this has tarnished his already critical reputation). His humour is both funny and incisively accurate; verbally as well as physically quick, the Hat had a hard time sorting him into Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw. However, Kip gets into unexplainably stormy moods and is prone to aggression. People near him at such times are bound to get hurt. An avid lover of pranks and mischief, Kip maintains at all times a calm and laid-back attitude. He displays only the emotions that he is unashamed of and as such internalizes quite a lot. It’s quite difficult to get him to over-react. Academically, he’s a slacker. Kip doesn’t have the patience for Potions and has so far been doing best at Transfiguration and Charms. He’s rather impulsive; unless he’s concocting a spur-of-the-moment plan, he won’t think before he acts. Kipling has a bad tendency to hold grudges and while those who have wronged him seem forgiven and forgotten, he is rare to forgive and will never forget.

Among the infamous common room flooding incident has been numerous other pranks, all craftily designed by Kip with as little magic needed as possible. Kip also sells more adult substances to fifth-years or higher, for pocket change; the rogue has explored Hogwarts more thoroughly than arguably anyone else. These late-night wanderings were discovered in his early years at Hogwarts and have now stopped. The magic professors are certain that he’s dropped the nasty habit, but in reality the silence is due to the amount of paintings that he’s bribed to silence or befriended.

Pet A Great Grey Owl, named ‘Fluffy’ by his ten-year-old sister. Useful for carrying large and heavy packages.

Wand Oak and phoenix feather, 13 inches, quite sturdy. His most valued possession.

Patronus A rather massive stallion, with hooves the size of saucers and a tangled mane.

Blood Status Muggle-born

History Born to real estate agent June and woodworker Charles – the most unbelievably Muggle parents the wizarding world has ever seen – Kip grew up in a middle-class family of six whose parents told all their children the truth about Father Christmas from the beginning. As the eldest, he’s felt the burden of responsibility from early on in his parents’ eyes. The burden of disappointment has come from just as early on. His father regards him as a failure; that a man can make his living just by working his hands is an important moral to him, one he feels that Kip has lost by going to his ‘clown school’. His mother is softer than his father and tries to be as supportive as she can, though it’s obvious what she thinks of his schooling. “Sweetheart, maybe you should think of leaving That Place and getting a real future.” That dreaded sentence comes every letter, every visit, every summer weekend.

A representative from the school was kind enough to come to their upper Sudbury residence and demonstrate a progression of the freakish abilities Kip had been exhibiting since the age of six – wilted flowers blooming suddenly in his presence, the unnaturally calmness that took over animals when he approached them, puzzles that solved themselves, the time his mother’s hair fell out in one fell swoop when she denied him a new rubber ball after the last one had mysteriously exploded. Last but not least she presented the family with one beautifully envelopped letter, one that is now stashed at the bottom of Charles' desk cabinet at home.

Since then, his parents have hesitantly and dubiously been shipping him off to Hogwarts every September, quite unaware and distant from their son, whom they regard as a failure. His three younger sisters – Georgia, Catherine and Maggie – have been sworn to secrecy. Though going home isn’t totally torturous, it signifies endless questioning of his future, of his motivation (or lack thereof).

Kipling lives with the notion that he’s disappointed his parents and took it out on his newfound independence and freedom, abusing the privileges of magic at Hogwarts until one very stern talk with the Headmaster at the age of twelve. Lately, Kipling has been working much harder at his studies than the total neglect he showed them before. Perhaps it’s a newfound confidence in his abilities; perhaps he’s thinking of a job in the magical world?

Other There’s been a girl that Kip has had his eye on for months now, but no one knows who she is. It’s only obvious to the overly eager girls he dates and then dismisses in his tactless way – clearly there’s someone that they’re just not matching up to.

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Perbhaat (perbhaatkhowaja) | 2 comments Name: Roseberry Arowthorn
Age (year): 1st year
Physical Description:brown eyes, black hair
Personality:kind of lazy but im nice
Patronus: cat
Other (like blood status): pure blood :)

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. (onawhim) | 1139 comments Perbhaat wrote: "Name: Roseberry Arowthorn
Age (year): 1st year
Physical Description:brown eyes, black hair
Personality:kind of lazy but im nice
Patronus: cat
Other (like blood status): pure blood :)"

Hi Perbhaat,

It's clear you still haven't read the rules, so please proceed to do so as quickly as you can! Your character needs around 100 times more description than you put in - please look at the other characters in this topic as references.

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Name: Reyna Elizabeth Carter
Nickname(s): To the average pimply kid who strolls the Hogwarts corridors, she is just Reyna, no nickname. But to her few friends she is Rein, Reins and Rey.
Age (year): Reyna is seventeen years old and is in the seventh year at Hogwarts. She will become of age in the Muggle world in mid-July. This year, Reyna will sit her NEWTs in Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Herbology. She wants to be an Auror after graduating from Hogwarts; yes, she is aware of the hard work that will come from it and is prepared to put her heart into what she wants to be her future job.
Birthday: 12th July
Physical Description: If you considered Reyna's personality to mirror her appearance, you'd be in for one of the biggest surprises of your life. Though she does look young, childlike and even innocent, you shouldn't let the physical features of young Reyna deceive you; nobody can even remember a time where Reyna was an innocent little angel.

Her long hair, which can only be made straight with her concerted effort, is red; Reyna has given up trying to convince anyone that it's brown, although it might look like that with different lighting and whatnot. Her eyes are honey brown, warm and welcoming as though they are saying what she is not - "Hello, come and say hello to me". Reyna stands at a phenomenal height for a seventeen-year-old girl; to be exact she is 1.72 meters, or 5'8'' as some may say. Her height has put on a little more weight but she is still only 118 lbs or 53 kg as she is skinny and doesn't eat much. Freckles as is stereotypical for redheads mask her ivory complexion.

Reyna's body language and facial expression tells a whole different story. She often wears an unfathomable expression, which does not show whether she is happy, sad, angry, puzzled or any other emotion which she might be feeling given the situation. She is often using her hands to show what she means. (On a completely unrelated subject, she knows how to do most of the shapes in British Sign Language.)

I’m just an innocent little girl.

You have got to be kidding me.
Personality: Reyna is a very powerful witch who holds a lot of power over others in Hogwarts with her domineering nature. She is very ambitious and aims for the high mark of everything. Reyna has a knack for getting people to see different sides of her, and there's nobody who's aware of her true personality because she acts differently to all the people she meets. Oh, she's a crafty one, Reyna is. Complacent and self-satisfied, Reyna does not find it necessary to have friends or even someone to depend on. She is very domineering as she is used to being ignored and among many people who she was forced to like although she'd be better off without them.

Reyna is an individual, very independent, and would prefer it to stay that way as she doesn't trust anyone to depend on them. When she sets a goal she will stop at nothing to succeed, and her stubborn nature stops her from ever taking a break. If, perchance, she is told that her goal is impossible she is not swayed from her path until she is sure that there is no way to succeed, but most of the time she gets her way. Not just in her goal, but in everything; she gets her way when she wants for anything.

Reyna doesn't like to be interested in anyone else's ideas even if they interest her to no end, and often stays at the back with a bored expression. She isn't weak-willed or insecure at all, and actually is very arrogant and knows she can do anything. Hostile and unfriendly, Reyna is a very austere person who has everyone else not as good as Her Highness. Self-sufficient and close-minded, does not stand for change and does not like to try new things, ready to stay where she started and not change her mind. Having ADHD, she is restless and rash. A leader in all ways, she is a ready-made serpent who lies in wait for her next victims and prefers to fight with her sharp sarcastic tongue rather than a weapon.

Self-sufficient and not at all approachable, she is someone who people respect rather than an easygoing possible friend. Apprehensive. But inside she's a heroic girl who'll help anyone and has a big capacity for friends. She just has an outer cover of being arrogant and an inner cover of a very nice person with little self confidence. She is lazy when it comes to work – or at least schoolwork.

Reyna does not fear to do something crazy, or break the rules of Hogwarts, and is always setting up diversions and such which severely break the rules, but being as elusive as she is, she is never caught. But other than her bravery to break rules, Reyna has no Gryffindor traits; she is no knight and instead is more of the dragon.
Owl, Cat, or a Toad?: Reyna owns a tiny cute little Scoops owl, which cannot always carry the heavy, thick envelopes that Reyna sends to her loved ones. The little owl is named Walnut and was bought for Reyna before she began her first year by her brother.

Wand: Holly, 12 inches, dragon heartstring, unbendable

Patronus (optional): A beautiful silver crow is Reyna’s patronus. She learned how to cast her Patronus in her sixth year.
History: Born seventeen years ago on the 12th day of July, Reyna grew up in Aberdeen, Scotland with her parents. She was an only child and therefore was spoiled to no end by her overly adoring parents. They were as normal as normal could be; her father was a real estate agent and her mother was a store clerk. She grew up going to regular school with a couple of Muggle friends, not frightened away by the weird things that used to happen. As trouble always happened when Reyna was around, her friends used to call her Jinx.

On her eleventh birthday an ‘ambassador’ came from Hogwarts to explain what Reyna was and that Hogwarts was there for her to go to. Her father did not support the idea and wanted Reyna to experience her teenage years in the Muggle world, but her mother convinced him that Hogwarts was where Reyna would become a normal girl as she would be among people like her. In a huff, her father said that she could go and Reyna has been at Hogwarts ever since.

Reyna purchased Hogwarts: A History from Diagon Alley, meaning that she had read much about the magical school before she actually went. She discovered that Gryffindor was the house she wanted to go to. The Hat was originally going to place her in Slytherin or Ravenclaw, but Reyna begged for Gryffindor. Ever since she has felt that she got into Gryffindor by cheating.

Her relationship with her parents is very different. To Reyna, her mother is a pushover and easy to convince, although she is the reason why Reyna is at Hogwarts in the first place. Her father, on the other hand – Reyna has never bonded with her father, and he made the relationship thinner by refusing initially to let Reyna go to Hogwarts. Reyna is closer to her grandfather, Samuel, than her parents. She also has an aunt, Nefertiti, who was her mother’s older half-sister and is on the Board of Governors. Of course, Nefertiti is her godmother.
Other (like blood status): She is Muggle-Born although her aunt on her mother’s side, Nefertiti, is a witch and a Hogwarts Governor to boot! Her favourite spell is Accio.

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You need a longer appearance description as well as proper grammar. (There's always a space after punctuation marks, except for apostrophes, quotations marks, hyphens, and dashes.)

Her personality seems to conflict. She's nice and kind but mean? I mean, she can be temperamental, but being mean seems to go against kindness. Also, I don't know if you're trying to make her hypocritical, but she hates mean people, and yet she can be (and presumably has been) mean. The bit about being energetic can go under her personality.

She would have found out that she was a witch when she was roughly 10 or eleven, when a Ministry official would have come to explain the whole Wizarding world to her and her parents. I think you use depression incorrectly. Like, I doubt she'd be able to get over the fact that her father most likely insulted her pretty harshly and that he abandoned her and her mother, assuming they were close, and especially if she never got help (which you don't mention happening). I'd expand her history to include what her life was like before discovering magic, her previous friends, childhood, etc.

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Iviana, what about my character?

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Isn't yours under Slytherin? I thought I gave you the okay.

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No, the one above the one you critiqued. Reyna.

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Small thing: Having ADHD rather than being ADHD, since you can't be a disorder. Other than that, you're good ^_^

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My mistake. And thanks!

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No problem. ^_^

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Age (year):15
Physical Description:
Owl, Cat, or a Toad?:Owl
Patronus (optional):Snake
Other (like blood status):

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Please don't post incomplete characters.

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Jo (Penname8) | 3183 comments Name Edmund Irvine Porter
More commonly known as Irvine Porter

Age 17 (born October 12th)
Year 7th

Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual


Personality Irvine is quite an interesting mix between a reckless kid trying to have a good time and someone desperate for security in a close-knit group of friends or family (the former has been working out better than the latter.) To the world he acts bold, direct, brave and confident; sometimes even bordering on the obnoxious and annoying with unwanted wit. However, he’s assertive and clear on what he wants, not to mention he’s friendly, likable, and dependable. Still, he’s excitable, an extrovert, fun to have around, and not a killjoy, so he’d a good, reliable friend to whomever’s offering.

However, on his quest to find a stable, secure group of people to feel at home with, he’s afraid of abandonment (not obvious at first sight), he can be a terrible procrastinator for school as well as fear failure in that area, and he rarely completes anything he starts. Despite being a nonconformist, he’s still shy on trying very new experiences, and will only do so for the purpose of having a good time. Long periods of school stress wear him out very quickly, as well as family crisis (see History below).

He’s a consummate Quidditch player (favorite position: Keeper) [Note: I’m submitting his as Gryffindor Keeper to the topic and I’ll edit if he gets the spot.] Other than Quidditch, he has an interest for chess and some reading, provided it’s not school that forces him to read.

History Irvine’s background could be called ideal, with very wealthy and well-to-do parents. Both parents are English but over his father’s work for international magical cooperation he has lived in France for a long time. Andrew Porter is one of the Ministry’s most distinguished ambassadors, and Sophie Owenson was one of the most wanted debutantes of the season when they decided to marry. However, money and interest was not to last, despite having one child in common. Eventually, their separation was the talk of the Ministry. Rumor had it that Sophie had become addicted to gambling and had foolishly put too much at stake in risky business.

Irvine lived with his father most often of all, touring between European countries, and returned on vacations to his mother’s fine mansion in Brighton. Until he was eight, his family feared he would be a squib, until he finally demonstrated some magical ability when he was able to throw darts at the wall without having to touch them. Then there was an entire legal battle over which school he would attend, and in the end his mother won and Irvine was shipped at eleven to Hogwarts, where he feels much more at home than touring Europe with his father. His closest friends were Nicholas Gallagher and Jehanne Dupont, also Gryffindor classmates, and his closest thing to a home.

On fifth year his clashes with Slytherin Kit Silverman would amount to far more than he thought. After obnoxiously hitting on her for a few weeks, he did not realize that even when he wanted out, she would relentlessly pursue him for his destruction. Humiliation at Quidditch was one way, and dueling another; both ended up in him getting beat up and a lesson learned. Eventually the two met in non-hostile environments and their relationship took a much warmer turn. He often jokes that all the fighting they could have had was already done, but there is always room for disagreement, especially between those two. As for now, their relationship looks lukewarm, and getting even warmer.

Wand Rosewood and phoenix feather, 12 inches exactly, ver bendy.

Patronus Ocelot

Pet A fluffy, large Siamese cat dubbed Joly.

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Jo, just add his year and you're set

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Jo (Penname8) | 3183 comments Edited!

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Just one question. If he clashed with Kit in fifth year, and she's currently in sixth year, wouldn't that also mean Irvine's in sixth year? (side note: since Hogwarts' cutoff is September 1st, and his birthday is October 12th, that would presumably mean that he was 16 at September first, which would make him a sixth year.)

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