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Tiffian Eliz (tiffianeliz) | 15 comments I'd like to say thanks to everyone, my story is starting to sell, yeah!!! Here's a brief synopsis:

A six man archeological crew is now down to five. An ancient evil circles above the Ethiopian night skyline searching for its' next victim. The Ethiopian National Police investigate the strange death of the teams' camera man. After Raul Dominguez's body was sent back home to the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control notified Chief Walai and said that the young man suffered from the first stages of Leprosy. But, inoculations for the disease have been in place for over thirty years. In 1965, when Police Chief Walai was still a detective, there was a similar incident involving a Graduate Student. During an archeological dig to the Ruins of Napata (Nubia) another young man fell ill. At the time, his cause of death was never determined. Legend says that, the young man bled out from every orifice. The canopic scrolls he'd discovered enacted a spell on those not worthy to be Pharaoh. David Moran contracted the Ebola virus ten years before it was ever discovered!

Unlock the Secrets of the Pharaohs, in this African Horror story.

HER REIGN ebook novella .99cents @


Tiffian Eliz (tiffianeliz) | 15 comments The African Horror Story, HER REIGN ebook novella is now available on Amazon Kindle just .99cents

check your listings and happy reading!

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