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Crystel was dripping wet. She held back tears.

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Sarah (xcgirl23) | 23 comments it was the night of the christmas feast, and the day was going horribly.

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Eve (emusings) A tear ran down her cheek, she thought about how things used to be

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Sarah (xcgirl23) | 23 comments Before the horrid "accident" that had wiped out her entire family. She was the only living wizard in her family and therefore the only one whoknew what had really happened that night

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Crystel slid into a corner and sobbed. A couple of mean kids had dumped water on her, then had called her names and laughed at her.

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Eve (emusings) Jenna sighed

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When she looked up, she saw some kids whispering and looking in her direction. She started to cry again.

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