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Crystel was sitting in the front row.

message 2: by Eve (new)

Eve (emusings) Jenna sat in the back

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Luke came in and sat down.

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(Can u post on hagrids hut and hunger gaes for the hunger games check out the crushes page)

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(Thank yo

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message 7: by Eve (new)

Eve (emusings) Jenna sighed and opened her text book

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Luke sat down next to Jenna.

message 9: by Eve (new)

Eve (emusings) She didn't look up

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Luke opened his book.

message 11: by Eve (new)

Eve (emusings) She put down her book and left, holding back tears

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"Jenna? Where are going? Are you ok?" he called after her.

message 13: by Eve (new)

Eve (emusings) She ran to the bathroom, tears staining her robes

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Crystel got up silently and followed her. "Jenna?"

message 15: by Eve (new)

Eve (emusings) "here to laugh at me I suppose? Rub in that I've gotten kicked out of every where I've gone to for the past eight years of my life? Jeer at me because my parents didn't want me so they left me Well, I can't sink any lower so have a go."

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"I don't want to laugh at you. They treat me the same way. "

message 17: by Eve (new)

Eve (emusings) She looked up, surprised

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"I'm an orphan. And I'm very poor."

message 19: by Eve (new)

Eve (emusings) "The story of my life" She said softly

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Crystel sighed. "I don't know who my father was. My mother died when I was a baby. I was raised by my older sisters, Kit and Beatrice. We don't have a lot of money. We live in one room. Kit works 15 hour shifts on the knight bus. Beatrice is a waitress at the leaky caldron."

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~•Scout•~ (doggeyworld) Henry walked in to the room, knowing he was late he quickly sat down.

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"Come on. Let's go back to class."

message 23: by Eve (last edited Dec 15, 2010 03:09PM) (new)

Eve (emusings) She sighed "ok" She stepped out and into the corridor talking as she walked "My parents died when I was four. I was all alone. I went from foster care place to foster care place. I never stayed still very long. Then one day some one came up to me and said I could get away from that life. so I said ok." She said. Though it wasn't the whole truth. She didn't say about what she had to do in return.

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Crystel nodded. "Overall, with the income from both my sisters, and the summer jobs I usually get, we earn about $10 dollars a month."

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Eve (emusings) She nodded sadly, to choked to make words

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"It's the best income we've ever had. "

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Eve (emusings) "hmm"

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"Yep. "

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Eve (emusings) she looked distracted, like she was in a different place altogether

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"Is something wrong?"

message 31: by Eve (new)

Eve (emusings) She shook her self "Wha? Oh, no"

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They walked onto the classroom.

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Eve (emusings) She sat

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Crystel sat down with Jenna and Luke.

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Eve (emusings) She sighed

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"Are you ok now?" Luke asked Jenna.

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Eve (emusings) She nodded "thanks"

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"Good. "

message 39: by Eve (new)

Eve (emusings) "So..."

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"Oh, right, class..." said Luke. Crystel grinned.

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Eve (emusings) She looked at him like "what?"

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"I forgot, we're still in class. Learning. "

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Eve (emusings) "I know, but....how did you-- never mind"

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Eve (emusings) "So..."

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Crystel pulled out her book.

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Eve (emusings) She followed suit

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Hestya walked over, smirking.

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