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A sturdy cabin made of logs and not of the customary marble, the Pistis cabin is always warm and homely. It looks like a lodge-- the beds are covered in warm dark brown cotton sheets, and the colour themes are brown and maroon. A fire constantly crackles in the hearth.

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Gina entered the cabin. Her light blue skirt has its normal long length to the floor. Her white blouse has short sleeves, but a lavender scarf is wrapped around her neck. Gina wears a pair of white sandles. She climbed up the ladder to her bunk to sit down on it. Gina plays with a saphire ring with bronze band engraved with a scripted words as she watches the fire crackle.

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She left the cabin, bored.

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Alexei pulled open the cabin door and walked into the warm, comfortable room. He smiled as he breathed in the rustic smell of the cabin and laid his sword down carefully on his bed. Sword practice had been killer, and he hoped he'd have time to nap before dinner. He shook his shower-wet hair out and sat next to the fire, drying his hair out.

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Gina returned to the cabin, sitting down on her bed. "Hey," she said.

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Gina pressed a hand to her head, feeling a slight headache from the warm sun. Her fingers traveled to her hair. She could feel grains of sand in it. That is what happens when you lie down on a beach, Gina thought to herself.

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Alexei looked over. "Oh, hey Gina." he said, running a hand through his hair, also. Dry. Good.

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"How did your hair get wet?" she asked, casually. Maybe I can wash the sand out of my hair, she thought to herself. Gina started picking at the sand grains.

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Alexei sat down on his bed. "I took a shower-- sword practice was a workout."

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"I bet," said Gina, good- naturedly. "I wonder if I will ever get these sand grains out of my hair." She plucked a few sand grains out, placing them in her skirted lap. "I swear I have the whole beach in my hair."

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Alexei laughed. "Seems like it. And you're not even a daughter of Poseidon!"
He laughed at his own joke and laid down on the bed, shifting his sword so it lay near the wall.

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Gina smiled at his joke. "I spent the whole time just lying down really," she said. "If I was a daughter of Poseidon, I would have about a thousand beaches in my hair."
"So how was sword practice?" she asked. "Who was your opponent- or opponents?"

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Alexei groaned. "Well, I guess I'm a good swordsman, on my own, but fighting Zeus campers and such tires me out. They're all so good! I'll tell you this-- never take on a child of Ares. You'll get bulldozed for sure."

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"What about children of Athena?" she asked. "Are they as hard to beat as Ares kids?" She picked at more sand grains with slight annoyance. She was almost never annoyed, but those grains were hard to get out.

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Alexei sighed, running his hand through his hair again. It was becoming an annoying habit of his. "Athena's children are pretty wicked with a sword, but I think I handled them better than I might have."

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"That is good," Gina replied. "You must be a good swordsman then." She wondered how many more sand grains were in it. She was no daughter of Aphrodite, but she could use a mirror.

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Alexei shrugged, placing his sword in its scabbard and hanging it above his bed. "So, are you leaving for the year?" he asked.

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"No, are you?" she responded. It would be nice for someone to show up. Gina was bored when there was no one to talk to. Maybe, he would stay too. It was not too likely since most minor- godlings left camp since they were not much- in the eyes of the monsters-of a danger.

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Alexei shrugged. "I don't think I want to go home just yet. There's too much to learn, even though we're only minors," he said, unknowingly following her train of thought.

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Gina nodded. "There is always something to learn," she replied. "I can assure you there is no reason for me to leave. This is home, besides I doubt my deceased father would be waiting for me." Gina smiled, but she did not like the idea of mentioning her poor father.

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"Mine, neither. He's not the sort of person who cares either way.." He hesitated, unsure of whether the subject of fathers was sensitive for Gina.

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"Do you have siblings?" she asked. Gina knew some campers had mortal parents who married and had kids. She wished she had siblings. She heard siblings were annoying, but she loved the idea of having siblings. Weren't siblings meant to be friends also?

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Alexei shook his head. "Just me and my dad, though I think having a little brother wouldn't be that bad."

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Gina nodded. "I wish I could have both," she replied, thoughtfully. Sometimes she felt a little lonely. She wished at a home to go to. She was a minor-godling, so she would have survived in the world of mortals and monsters without too much trouble. I guess if I wanted siblings that much, I could have been adopted. Too late, I am too old to get adopted.

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments ((POOF FROM CAMP GROUNDS))

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Tanja wrote: All stopped.

Phoebe chortled down the laugh of joy and bitterness. He doesn't know the truth. The glove to him may be a fashion statement.

The turquoise in her eyes glimmered with that dreaded thought. Swallowing, she laughed again. "Thanks for the joke. And you may be right about the All Blacks. Cheron would know but would he tell us?"

((POOF to Cabin?))

Caliban shook his head-- against her statement, against everything. "One day you'll realize the truth and it won't surprise anyone but you," he said, grey-green eyes reprimanding, scolding her for not recognizing the warm beauty she exuded. "And as for the All Blacks, well... maybe even Chiron doesn't know," he said with a wink, pushing the door open to his cabin.

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments Cheron-Chiron, Phoebe had yet to grasp the centaur's name completely. Thankfully, he was amused by her as Caliban seemed to be now. She followed him in silence, not certain of why he insisted that she was beautiful.

Better to think about the design than to worry myself into a hole that once he sees the hand this conversation would end.

"It's homey in here. One would expect to smell cookies when entering. Is it always this warm and cozy?"

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"I suppose so. You get used to it after a while," Caliban said, leading her to a seat on the dark red pouffes arranged in a semicircle around the hearth.

He rummaged around on his nightstand for the stereo and plugged the gleaming, silver object in, unraveling the length of cord so the boombox sat on the floor between them. Without a word he hit play.

"I've been so many places in my life and time/ I've sung a lot of songs, I've made some bad rhyme/ I've acted out my life in stages with ten thousand people watching/ But we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you..."

((Song For You-- Bubble ;)

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments Legs crossed Indian style when Phoebe joined Caliban by the hearth. The comfort of those poufs was far more luxurious than she could imagine. Better than the broken couch of busted springs. The shy blush on her face intensified the longer they sat together. Even the hairs at the back of her neck started to rise.

The electric tune flowing from the boombox nearly was as rich and clear as sitting before Bubble himself during a performance. Sensual, no, seductive lyrics of an angel's voice caused her to shift a little uncomfortably. Given her position next to Caliban and those gorgeous gems looking at her as though she were a beauty compared to the sun was a bit frightening. Be still Phoebe. It's not like he's going to kiss you.

"Reminds me a little of Frankie. You know, Sinatra? My town didn't have much but a lot of the older couples still had radios tuned into the oldies. Or played records on the library's player."

((MY Favorite Bubble Song: ))

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The fire bathed Phoebe's celestial features in sublime hues of red, flickering in Caliban's eyes. She was so self-conscious. So unaware of her charm. He'd only met her today and already she'd trapped him in the innocence of her smile.

Unknowingly he shifted a little closer to her as the captivating voice from the speakers faded, leaning down to press skip a couple of times until a new song came on. He sat back with a smile. "You have a good ear for music," he said appreciatively. "I have Sinatra somewhere back there as well. I think you'll like this song."

((What song is it? Youtube says it has copyright EMI or something and Canadians can't play it D; ))

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments ((Haven't Met You Yet -- Song))

"You . . . do?"

The rabbit that was Phoebe leapt a little while sitting in place. The way his voice eased and frightened her, the more she dared to stay longer. Her gloved hand stretched out to rub at her left kneecap, gradually fisting and un-fisting like a series of exercises.

"I wouldn't mind listening to some or any other music you'd like to share. My cabinmates introduced me to Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson last year."

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((Oh! I actually like that song by Bubble. ^^ Otherwise I think he's a tad overrated.))

"Sure I do," Caliban said easily.

"I just haven't met you yet."

The song faded again and Caliban popped out the CD, a mysterious new one slipping in its place. The intriguing sound of the CD whirring around stopped after a moment, to be replaced by...

"It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark..."

If Phoebe was surprised by Cal's extensive knowledge of Thriller choreography, it was her chance to show it. He sang along to it in an exaggerated tune, hip-rocking, pelvis-thrusting, arm-clawing all the way through. And he really wasn't half bad.

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments And show it, Phoebe did. The Thriller dance moves in her cabin couldn't hold a candle against these. Both hands covered her mouth to prevent a series of giggles. The choice was brilliant for it made her forget about the uneasy tension and wariness from earlier.

Sitting in place, she tried to mimic the hand gestures from the choreographed routine. "It's such a Thriller," she sang along.

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"Thriller night, and no one's gonna save you from the beast about strike/ You know it's thriller, thriller night, you're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight!"

Caliban felt so let go-- free and happy, dancing and singing to the music. It must be said that his dancing was better than his voice as he danced forward, still singing, eyes fixed on the lovely girl sitting before him as he took her hands in his, tugging her up gently, urging her to dance with him.

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments When his hands captured her left gloved one, there was a void in certain finger sleeves. Phoebe was far too caught up in joining the dancing to realize Caliban may notice she's missing a couple of digits.

Grinning, she let go to party with the best of them and had no clear idea exactly how the routine went. Her cabinmates performed but didn't entirely teach the moves. She mimicked as much as possible.

"You hear the door slam and realize there's nowhere left to run
You feel the cold hand and wonder if you'll ever see the sun"

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Fortunately for Phoebe, Caliban let go of her hand just as he had taken it, leading her in a twirl around the red rug of the room. He dipped Phoebe with a mischievous grin, his arm snaking about her waist to hold her in that daring position before bringing her back up with a twirl.

"You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination, girl!
But all the while you hear the creature creeping up behind--
" here he brought his mouth to Phoebe's ear and whispered, "You're out of time!"

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments The dip displayed techniques Phoebe marveled at by other dancers. Her breath was stolen by his boldness and her cheeks reddened due to his attention. The twirl away brought her to a halt.

A hip popped. And a shrill SILENT mock scream covered her face as the lyrics came up -- "'Cause this is thriller, thriller night"

She giggled and grooved with a Peanuts hip-hop step.

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"I like your moves, Hephaestus camper," Cal said with a grin, close to her ear before twirling her far away and hugging her to him in the mere space of a few seconds.

"You're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight," he sang out, swaying his hips with her pressed to his side, bringing his arm up to fist-pump.

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments The moment when their bodies made contact, Phoebe's skin began to display gooseflesh. Breathing was a little jagged and his whispering wasn't making concentration any easier. She stumbled on the next portion to the routine.

Instead of fist-pumping, she rawr-clawed with a side leap toward Cal. A stray finger might have rapped his face and embarrassment re-awoke.

"O! I am so sorry," she hastily apologized and peered closer to his face, inspecting for any eye damage. But that was a foolish move on her part. No sooner did she inspect than she did begin to stare far too long at his entrancing eyes.

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"There's... there's no problem," Caliban managed; those turquoise eyes were far too close to his. He let her go after a moment of intense staring, dancing-- literally-- over to the player to lower the music.

"At any rate, you're an enviably good dancer," he allowed with a shy smile. "I know the stereo will be in good hands."

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments The spell that washed over her must have been as strong as when her father first looked upon Aphrodite. She couldn't think and barely blinked. All broke when he moved and Phoebe turned away to pat at her burning cheeks. Hopefully, they'd cool down before he returned.

Shyness echoed in her voice, "I don't know about being a good dancer but if you say so. Thanks again for the boombox. I wonder if I can get the radio. There's this program called This American Life. I . . . I don't feel so alone when listening. It's about everyday people."

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"I find it hard to believe someone like you could ever possibly remain alone," Cal said roughly, though the words were sweet and kind. His voice was only rough becaus of that undeniable, undefiable magnetic pull. To her innocence, to her warmth, to her beauty, to the agility of her talent that manifests itself in the most precious of jewels.

"And at any rate, it does have radio. FM and AM," he said, as if it was a luxury few radios had.

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments "Both?!" Phoebe hadn't a clue that many boomboxes had both. Then again, she was used to more ancient electronic devices in her small town. Camp probably introduced her to the iPod for the very first time -- truly a marvel.

"I haven't been alone. Mom and I are two peas in a pod. We go everywhere together except when she's hard at work. So I have to work harder so her health doesn't get worse." She tried not to think TOO hard about her mother being missing. Maybe she's job hunting and she'll contact me once she settles. That HAS to be it. "And here, I have all my siblings, McKenna especially, and my friends like Candice. And you? Are you alone?"

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"Don't think so," Caliban said cheerfully, wrapping the cord carefully around the stereo and wiping away imaginary dirt before presenting it to Phoebe. His grin looked as if he was the one who'd made it. "I find people easy to be around." Or vice versa.

"I'm sorry to hear your mother's going through a tough time," he said, grin slipping down to a concerned expression. He'd never dealt with extensive medical problems; his father was sprightly for fifty, still as energetic as he had been in his youth. "If she can, she should find an opportunity to live by the sea for a while," he suggested. "Maybe after you get your due fame and richness as a ridiculously talented jewelery designer."

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments "Mother spoke favorably of the sea. Is it as gorgeous as the Avonlea books described?" Phoebe asked, a voice full of wonder. A flop brought her back down to one of those cushy seats, ah rest. For a sickly mother, she was full of vigor.

"And thanks. I mean about your concern for my mother. She's the best. Always encouraging. A little hard but I think that's good for me since life's challenging when you haven't a lot especially in high school. Camp lets me get away from that. How was it for you? I mean coming here?"

I wonder if he'll sit down next to me again? Oh foolish thoughts! Stopit! He doesn't want you to drool.

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Unable to resist, Caliban sat down on the pouffe next to Phoebe, long legs sprawled out. "It's the colour of your eyes on a good day," he said, transported back to Nova Scotia and only half in the cabin, half aware of what he was saying. "The salt air is good for illness. It has a pungent fragrance like you wouldn't believe."

Transported back from his little reverie, Caliban shrugged. "It was fine. My father doesn't know who my mother is which is why Chiron had to tell him I got into a summer camp for football," he said with a chuckle. "All expenses paid." He shrugged again, grin fading to a soft smile as he thought about his father. "I guess I fit in easily enough."

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments "My eyes remind you of Nova Scotia?" Phoebe blinked in amazement and pitched her body forward to catch a glimpse of herself in a nearby mirror. "They're just blue. No, they couldn't be as gorgeous as you claim. But your description makes me smile. I can imagine the salty air at my nose and the spray tickling my cheeks. You have a rich life, Caliban. But how could your father not know?"

Gosh, he's very tall. And I like how he cares about his father.

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"They're the colour of the sun shining through the shallow water between the docks and the shore, and are exactly as I claim," Caliban explained firmly, with a tinge to his cheeks, looking down in embarrassed shyness.

"I do have a rich life. I thank the gods for it each day," he said simply, and honestly. He smiled at her imagery, eyes bashfully flicking up to meet hers before pulling away again. Eye footsie. Unavoidable. "As for my father... well, he was never told. Ironic, how my mother is the goddess of honesty and she chose to keep that a secret," he said with an easy chuckle. "He wouldn't cope with it well. Plain old Annie Fairmark, his wife of three years, the goddess of trust? Nah," he said with a shake of his head. "Wouldn't happen. She pretended to die of an illness when she left him," Cal added as an afterthought.

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments This new sport was easily adopted by Phoebe. Each time their gazes locked, she darted her sight away. But will you think the same of my eyes if you saw my hand? Sadly, she kept her shy and insecure thoughts to herself and ducked her eyes away to avoid Caliban from noticing.

"You must write poetry by the way you describe my eyes. I think we each use familiar descriptions when talking to others. If I were to describe your eyes, I'd compare them to gemstones or how they light similar to the blazing sparks off hot metal as its being pounded. You know, um, I'd use forging terms." Phoebe hadn't realized yet that she was honestly talking about his eyes in that fashion and more aloud considered it to be a simple example.

"Your father's story is so bittersweet. To have loved and then lost so soon. And you're so sweet not to ruin that memory he has of her. Mother always knew and protected me. I think father fled when he saw me. Probably couldn't stand the sight of me unlike his other children." She shrugged and dismissed the downer.

"Since you came to camp, has your plans for the future changed?"

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"How could he not stand the sight of you?" Caliban asked, a slight anger coming into his eyes. Blazing sparks off of hot metal indeed. "I never thought that one of his personal attributes was physical beauty, and yet he produced you."

He said nothing to her compliments other than a faint smile, a blushing smile that thanked her and simultaneously begged her to stop with those eyes of his. "I'm no poet," he said, going redder.

At the mention of his possible future, he shrugged. "I don't really have any specific talents," he said ruefully. "Unlike a certain Phoebe I happen to know. Maybe I'll get accepted to university for a sport, though it would have to be at least a partial scholarship."

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