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message 1: by Selin (new)

Selin | 27 comments What do you think on evil vs. love / good vs. bad. Or do you plainly go, there is no suc thing as good/bad???

message 2: by Anna (new)

Anna Banana | 48 comments There is no such thing as all good or all bad. No one is born good or bad.

message 3: by Literature3!Amateur (last edited Dec 11, 2010 04:45PM) (new)

Literature3!Amateur (literature3amateur) | 8 comments I don't think there is good, or bad. I think there is only you, and what "you" believe in.
Some people grow up in an environment that teaches them that killing is a "no-no".
And then maybe in other places in the world, quite contrary to what we consider "normal" or "right", some kids are thaught that killing is right, it is the way to go.
So the kid who was taught at an early age that killing is right, thinks that killing is "good". But the first guy thinks killing is "bad" because that's what everybody told him.
I'm saying that it all depends on what you believe in.

But I heard an interesting idea before. We get most of our ideas from someone else who's decided what they believe in. When we grew up as children, parents taught us what was "good" and what was "bad". So from that moment on we labeled certain things in these categories. We made up our mind based on what somebody else told us, but not on what we actually have to say about the act in question. We never really thought for ourselves and considered what we as our own special, individual, opinion, think is "right" and "wrong".

I recommend a book called: "Conversations with God". After reading it, I stopped believing that the devil existed.

message 4: by Selin (new)

Selin | 27 comments Hey Literature3!Amature, I just wanted to see what OTHERS think about it, after all its a great debate topic... Dont get it wrong, I'm not opening the whole subject again!!!

Literature3!Amateur (literature3amateur) | 8 comments All right, all right.

message 6: by Selin (new)

Selin | 27 comments :)

message 7: by Literature3!Amateur (last edited Dec 20, 2010 02:18PM) (new)

Literature3!Amateur (literature3amateur) | 8 comments Here, this is sort of what I was talking about in Obama.
Watch this video and try not to get at least a bit touched.
I know that it has a few religion parts in it but try to ignore those, look instead at how close everybody is. LIke a big family instead of war enemies.
I just think the video shows what I was talking about.

Tell me what you think. (Plz take it seriously).

Don't judge it by the first few minutes thinking that it's just another christian video trying to convert you. Because that's not why I want you to see it.

message 8: by The (new)

The Pyromaniac00 (pyromaniac00) We are all bad and good. We are all evil and love. We choose to push one down and let one build up or destroy your life. I prefer love. My friends love me and I love my friends. My life is viewed as good by me but bad by others. That's their choice to view me as such but I do not.

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