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Shell shock

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message 1: by Willis (new)

Willis | 10 comments Does anyone think that these soilders even in the "future" get pts from fighing? i mean there not takeing the lives of Humans but still killing living things with mini nuclear bombs would still have an effect on someone right?

message 2: by Alec (new)

Alec George | 3 comments If you think about it, yes and no. Like you said, they are not killing humans, but sentient beings none the less. Yes, because some may have a consience, however the brutal training could overcome that. Also, the fact that the bugs are trying to kill all humans(as far as we can tell). Also, if a bug-like species took out seattle with a massive asteroid, would you feel bad about killing as many spiders as you could?

message 3: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Mcmillan (caminator) | 7 comments I think those that can't handle it drop out, or die. There will always be pacifists and warmongers, but if bugs are attacking then there's a choice: you or them.

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