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SSR 12-10-10

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message 1: by Mario (new)

Mario | 21 comments Eragon - Christopher Poalini
Pages 445-460
In these pages Eragon goest to the library and talks with the twins. The Twins ask him to join their club but he refuses. He is later brought to the dragon hold where he meets Saphira with Ajihad's daughter who has a message for him. The next day he goes to the training grounds where he is tested first with his magic and next with weapons.

message 2: by Gilberto (new)

Gilberto Perez (aztk464) | 4 comments Eddie Guerrero Cheating Death, Stealing Life
In this SSR day i read 3 chapters that are about wrestling in Japan in "JPW" Japan Pro Wrestling company. and in America in WCW "World Championship Wrestling" and how much of envy there is in the wrestling business and the different types of problems that you got to go through to survive in pro wrestling.

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