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message 1: by Lesley (new)

Lesley | 149 comments SIGH~So many books, so little time. Great idea to go with classics, NicoleMichele!

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 104 comments I highly recommend 32. and 33. Cool list!

message 3: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 104 comments Wow! You're really motoring through Anna Karenina! It took me a long, long time to read that one. I kept putting it down and picking it back up. (Also, I like 4. and 23. and have heard good things about 24.)

message 4: by Mikela (new)

Mikela The Monk looks really interesting. Am dying to hear how you like it. I too loved Anna Kareina.

message 5: by Lesley (new)

Lesley | 149 comments Yahoooooooo... you finished it!!!

message 6: by April (new)

April Hi Nichole, I'm new here so please forgive me in advance as I have much to learn. Although I haven't posted a list of what I plan to read, I do plan to read several classics, many of which are on your list. In this respect, we should have a lot in common this year. I see you just finished reading The Host. I read it a couple of years ago so it is not very fresh in my memory, but I do remember it being a good book. Very creative! I can visualize that cave right now! Creepy! What book do you plan to read next?

message 7: by Mary (new)

Mary | 31 comments I read the Host over a year ago and some scenes from it are still in my mind! Wee bit creepy...

message 8: by Diane (new)

Diane (readergirl235) NicoleMichele wrote: "I'm hoping that if I change things up a little it will help refocus my efforts. I hope it works and I'm able to complete the challenge this year! lol"

message 9: by Diane (new)

Diane (readergirl235) I'm doing the same, although an unexplained desire to go back to the classics has been sneaking up on me for a quite a while now. I know I won't complete the challenge, I can't imagine what I was thinking when I signed on! I'm a deep reader and don't like to rush it, just savor every word. But heck, I'll hang in there and see what gets read anyway!

message 10: by Diane (new)

Diane (readergirl235) NicoleMichele wrote: "#1, "Anna Karenina" Leo Tolstoy - 5 stars (lendable)"

NicoleMichele wrote: "I'm excited to begin reading them. I'm going to aim for 3 a month from this list so I'll get them all done by the end of the year. I'm going to TRY to read 9 books a month so I'll actually comple..."

message 11: by Diane (new)

Diane (readergirl235) Did you find Anna Karenina difficult going? I've started it once or twice and have not followed through, though I'm still very interested in reading it. Does it get easier to stick with once you get past the beginning? I see you really loved it, which makes me want to attempt it again.

message 12: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (rosmelie) | 28 comments How is Anna Karenina? I have it as a free book on my Kobo and I'm wondering if I should attempt reading it. I have a lot of great books already loaded on it.

message 13: by Diane (new)

Diane (readergirl235) Thanks, NicoleMichele. Your passion for the novel really comes through in your review. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to giving Anna Karenina another try.

message 14: by Mary (new)

Mary | 31 comments I also finished Anna Karenina after several failed attempts. It is a daunting but haunting book. Cared much more for the men than the title character!

message 15: by Nanci (new)

Nanci | 89 comments NicoleMichele wrote: "#11 "Leven Thumps #3 - Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want" Obert Skye Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want (Leven Thumps, #3) by Obert Skye 3 stars"

I have never read a Leven Thumps book but they look kind of fun. What do you think about them. Do you recommend them?

message 16: by Nanci (new)

Nanci | 89 comments NicoleMichele wrote: "Here are my reviews for the Leven Thumps books I've read so far:

"Leven Thumps #1 - Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo" ~~ 4 stars
Skye's style of writing is beautiful. His imagination is monu..."

Thanks!! I have read Skye's Pillage and maybe that is good enough. I'll go on to more interesting reading. I appreciate your comments and insight.

message 17: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sb3626) Okay I have got to say that I have tried to read both Anna Karenina and The Host and for both I just couldn't get into them

message 18: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 104 comments NicoleMichele, I love My Side of the Mountain. The first time I read it, I wanted to run off into the woods and live off of the land. :)

message 19: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 104 comments Yes, I have read that one, too. I liked it, but not as much.

message 20: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 104 comments I agree. As a kid, 13 and 15 seemed old. What did I know then? However, when I read it, again, a few years ago, I, too, was a bit skeptical about the veracity of the storyline. However, on second thought, maybe as a kid, I liked the idea of another child independently living off the land. If they could do, why couldn't I?

message 21: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 104 comments I don't remember all the details, but my lips are sealed about the ending...Let me know what you think when you're done.

message 22: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 104 comments I, too, am so behind. I'm not giving up, but I'm not exactly worried about it anymore either. So, you gave it four stars. Did you like it as much as the first one?

message 23: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 104 comments No, I didn't even know it existed. Is it by the same author? I'm going to goodreads search it right now.

message 24: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 104 comments I can't believe I didn't know about this book. I have a boxed set with the first two. Weird. I'll have to see if my local library has a copy.

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