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((Roleplay here. There are two beds, a small bathroom, and a desk with open space and a computer in the corner.))

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Kayce, who had exited the kitchen but still had his bucket of fried chickin, threw his bag on the bed opposite him and laid down on his, putting his muddy shoes up un the covers and resting on his back against the pillows, still eating the chickin. His eyes were closed.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Jade balanced her bag on one hand and used her foot to awkwardly shove the handle down so that she could enter. There was no reason for her unusual entrance, but she felt like doing so. Even if no one was inside the dorm to witness the spectacular scene she had created, it was fun to open doors that way. Of course, there was someone inside, judging by the muddy boy and the smell of chicken. Of course - why wouldn't the loner be in here muddying up her belongings? Wrinkling her nose in distaste, she entered without saying a word. She wasn't one to eat greasy, malnutritious food, but she had to get him back for his state of filth. She leaned forward to snatch a drumstick before leaning precariously backwards on one foot to kick his bag off of her bed. "Thanks for the chicken," she said nonchalantly before beginning to take methodical bites out of it.

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Kayce was about to snarl but figured he could just make her look stupid next time she tried to grab something, so instead he reached down, took a muddy shoe, and threw it on her bed. Then he leaned back against the covers and, closing his eyes, took another bite of chicken. There was only one drumstick left, so he took the last one out and chucked the bucket across the room, not caring if it made it anywhere near the trash can.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Jade caught the shoe deftly, marring the clean skin of her hand, and watched as the bucket flew past her head. Typical. Too bad she couldn't have used her foot to catch the bucket. She slung the shoe back at him, making sure that her aim was dead on his head. She was silent, as he was, feeling no need for insults when she could just hit him in the head with a shoe. She made a distasteful face and departed to their tiny bathroom so that she could wash her hand. The last thing she needed was Kayce germs all over her recently done nails.

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He saw they shoes coming from the corner of his eye and poofed his head out of existence - the shoe ended up hitting the wall to his side, about three feet away, and his head reappeared unmarked, as was the rest of his body. He continued chewing his piece of chicken and vaguely wondered how surprised she might be when she came back out and deduced that her throw had missed.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Jade leaned on one side of the bathroom doorway, watching him chew and glaring at the new muddy mark on their wall. "Not enough common sense to use your head as a wall shield?" She asked contemptuously. This whole room was filling up with mud, and it was making her itchy. She wasn't the OCD type, but she absolutely loathed filth like this. Why had she even come in here? She didn't want to flee now, just because his company wasn't the best - she belonged in this room as well. And there really wasn't anywhere else to go. But she was feeling increasingly dirty after being exposed to Kayce for this 30 second period.

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"Why use my perfectly clean head when the wall's right there and it takes less effort to wipe off?" he sneered. "What, some sort of germaphobe? Jesus, I was gonna take a shower in a while. If it bug you so much, have fun wiping it off." His eyes traveled over to her standing in the doorway to their tiny, little itty-bitty excuse for a bathroom.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments "Please. I'm not walking within 10 feet of you, and that wall is right next to you. I don't want the wall to be clean that badly," she said scathingly, sauntering over to her own bed and sitting down on it. "And, for your information, I simply enjoy being presentable. I worry that your revolting stench may rub off on me if I let you spread your filth all over the place."

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"Revolting it may be to you, but get used to it. I really don't give a crap what people, especially girls, think." He got up and stripped his shirt off, walking towards the bathroom door. He threw his shirt in the hamper by the door and closed the bathroom door, turning the water on. This shower was long overdue anyway.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Jade smirked at his retreat. Maybe he said he didn't care, but he obviously cared enough to head for the shower when she commanded. Or, at least, commanded indirectly. She rummaged around in her drawers for a moment after he left and drew out a bottle of febreeze. She tossed it onto his bed as a scornful hint and flopped down onto her bed, face down.

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Kayce took a very quick shower and stepped out about two minutes later. He put on a pair of white boxers and jeans that had magically appeared on the counter while he was in there (Had he brought them in beforeheand...?) and walked back out without a shirt. He picked up the can of febreeze and chucked it with terrible accuracy at her butt, then laid down on his bed yet again, but first he shook his head and splattered water all over the place.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments "Glad to see you like it," Jade said, wiggling her behind for emphasis and keeping her face muffled in her pillow, as before. She knew that he certainly didn't have a shirt on, and she had no desire to witness his ugliness with no clothes to help shield her eyes. Too bad there was nothing to do with her face down in the pillow. Nothing to do at all, really. She almost wished that school would start again - at least that gave her places to be throughout the day. For now, she just reached down into her purse, which laid beside her bed, and took out a Kiss. She popped it into her mouth without bothering to lift her head from the pillow. The action took some maneuvering to get it from point A), the floor, to point B), her mouth, but she managed. It didn't taste too good with the taste of chicken still lingering in her mouth, but she wasn't going to pass up an opportunity for chocolate.

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Kayce honestly wasn't sure whether or not she was talking about her butt or the febreeze, but oh well. He sat on the not-muddy part of his bed and asked, quite harshly, "Why are you here? What's you mutation, growing plants?" he laughed loudly and snickered. "I hope it's something useful." She had to be good for something, right? Hopefully?

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Syeira-la | 209 comments "I might be using it right now," she said vaguely. Actually, that might be a good idea. She never really used her power as a diversion, but with this level of boredom, she really could. She slipped out of her head and traveled only a few feet, so that she was mentally sitting about a foot in front of Kayce. Ew. Bad idea. He might have smelled a bit better, but he still didn't have a shirt on.

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"Oh, so it's something that doesn't do anything? What the heck are you doing at a school for mutants, then?" He snickered and shifted, putting his arms behind his head and crossing his legs so that they were bent with his back facing the wall.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Jade realized that a reply was in order, but she had never tried speaking from her body when she was in her mental state. She didn't particularly want to go back to her own head, so she squinted one eye closed and concentrated. It depends on what your definition of doing something is. My power really doesn't have much to do with doing, nope. Her mental tone was carefree and heavily sarcastic, and that was luckily translated into the words that came out of her mouth. She was glad her face was hidden in the pillow - otherwise, she'd probably look like a zombie. Plus, her voice sounded muddled and not itself (she assumed this was because of where she was talking from); someone who didn't know what her power was could attribute it to her mouth being on her pillow.

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Kayce sat up and gave her a look, though her eyes, nose and mouth seemed to be firmly planted on what was used to be her pillow... before she shoved her nasty face into it. "What exactly is your power, then?" he asked. He had an idea. "How would it survive if I were to decide to suddenly take my pants off?" He grinned. Of course he wouldn't do that, but he wanted to freak her out. He moved his hand teasingly to his stomach.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Who said my power had anything to do with your pitiful naked form? Jade thought scornfully, struggling to make her voice as even and normal as she could. Ugh. This was too much work, and all for the sake of implementing her power. Too bad she couldn't slap his hand with her mind - if she had been in her body, she would have been in the perfect range to do so. Since she couldn't do that, if he did decide to remove more clothing, she was hopping out of the window.

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He took his hand away. "Well, you could just answer my dang question," he said. He shook his head. "This is why you all females are useless."

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Hmmm...what was your question, again? She asked lazily, getting the hang of talking without actually talking. Of course, she knew what his question was. She just thought it was boring to give him a paragraph length spiel about her mutation. So she'd rather just sit here in front of him creepily.

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"You know it. If you're too lazy for my answer, that's not my problem. You might wanna get your face out of the pillow over there, though, because my pack is coming your way in about three seconds."

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Why would I be interested in your pack? Jade asked innocently, but switched back over to normal brainwaves. Whew. Normally her mutation was breezily effortless, but trying to talk had made it feel unnatural. She was relieved to be back in her own flesh. She shifted so that she was lying on her side, facing him. Just in case.

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He smiled. "Wimped out, didja?" he asked, not even picking up hi pack. "So, what, you can leave your body or something?"

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Syeira-la | 209 comments "Actually, it was more that my former position left me with an uncomfortably near view of your bare skin. It was awful." She stretched luxuriously, clasping her hands together and lifting her arms over her head. "But yes, that would be my mutation."

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"Well forgive me for being roomed with someone who has terrible taste. Too bad you can't throw something and damage my awesome body. You'll just have to deal with it." He shuddered suddenly. "Besides, no worse than seeing your butt wiggling."

((Dude, I wanna cuss through him so bad but my parents would murder me!))

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Syeira-la | 209 comments ((Maybe I should make Jade a potty mouth to brag over my superiority. Hm. :P))

"At least my various bodily attributes are impressive," she said, cocking one eyebrow. Well, she wasn't exactly curvy, so maybe her point was invalid. She should have wiggled her face at him instead. Then he couldn't have complained.

Technically, he wasn't unattractive. It was just his stench/attitude/filth/faces-he-made that made him ugly. Which was enough for her to write him off as one of the ugliest, piggiest creatures she had ever come across. As for the throwing thing: she'd get him someday.

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"Yes. In your opinion. So are mine in my opinion - and apparently a lot of other females, once they gat around the fact I can detach parts of my body." He grinned. "Besides, you're the one over there who can't just stay in their own body. If I was that girl out there, I would totally steal your power and try that just to annoy the heck out of you."

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Syeira-la | 209 comments A power-stealer, hm? Jade was glad she hadn't really encountered her. If anyone tried to touch her power, they would end up losing an appendage they held dear. Her mutation didn't deal in physical strength, but she wasn't a weakling. And there were always garden shears if she wanted to hack off someone's arm. "You've been talking to blind girls, haven't you?" She commented, not remarking on his words on the power stealer.

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((I have to go eat dinner. Be back... soon-ish.))

"Nope. In fact, one of them is Allie out there, though she would never dare to admit it because she finds my attitude too abominable to speak of." He sat up higher, arching his back.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments ((Buuuueeeyyyy!))

"You don't think attitude is a part of attractiveness?" She snorted. "Of course it is. No one likes a pig." With that in mind, Kayce must have been talking to girls that were both blind and deaf. Even a blind person would know about his horrendous personality, and therefore despise him.

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"Well, I guess you're out of the attractive running then," he sneered. Her comments were doing no less than annoying her. "Especially not pigs who hit on ten-year-old boys." He shook his head, mocking disappointment.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments She smirked. "Of course I'm out of the running. It's either that or be overrun with admirers. I'd rather be beautiful from afar and not have to deal with unintelligent suitors." No guy could ever keep up with me, she agreed with herself. She ignored his fact-twisting concerning Chris - it didn't bother her that he liked to blow things out of proportion. Quite frankly, the little child annoyed her.

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((Aww, poor Chris. :P))

Kayce sighed. "Glad you are at least good enough to admit it." He sighed. "It's really boring and I hope to god you don't have some of your freakish girlfriends hanging out tonight, because if you want to ensure that they keep their limbs, I wouldn't bug me."

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Syeira-la | 209 comments "Ah, but I don't have any of those," she said, still smirking. "I have no use for squealing masses of females. Enjoy your peace." Besides, she didn't know most of these people; not really any, besides Selene. And Selene wasn't welcome in here.

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"Good." He hated to think that she was going to keep him occupied cutting off limbs from the others all night. Because there was no doubt that he would.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments "Glad you approve," Jade said sarcastically, suppressing a snort. She popped another Kiss into her mouth absently and watched Kayce.

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Kayce shook his head. "Well, obviously you can't take your eyes off me, so why not talk to me instead of staring?"

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Syeira-la | 209 comments "Actually, I'm trying to creep you out. It's working, apparently." She grinned and resumed her staring. "Trust me, you're not attractive enough for me to be looking at you because I want to." She ignored his offer of conversation - he didn't seem like the type to be able to carry on a half intelligent talk.

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((Check your messages if you haven't already))

"No, you're not freaking me out or making me uncomfortable in any way - in fact, you staring at me all day would have no effect on my self-confidence." He wished that females could understand that no matter how hard they tried, being able to detach any part of your body was way creepier than being a stalker - especially to him, who didn't give a dang what anyone else thought.

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"Alright, then. If my having to be exposed to your body isn't detrimental to you in anyway, then I think I'll turn away. My eyes have burned for long enough." She flipped onto her back and stared up at the ceiling, which was awfully plain.

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((I know. :P))

"Have fun with that very boring ceiling up there. Maybe you should jump it and see what happens." He smirked.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments "It's very hard to jump off of a ceiling," Jade said, not removing her gaze. "I'd have to flatten myself against it and then fall. Which would be kind of hard to do." She smirked. "Or do you just want my eyes back on you?"

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"That's not what I meant by jump it," he said sarcastically. "And no, I'm fine with your eyes on the boring old ceiling. I'm sure it's very happy about that as well.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments "Of course. Even inanimate objects desire my gaze," Jade replied, roving her eyes over the monochromatic ceiling.

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"I'll bet most inanimate object do, because inanimate objects generally don't tend to be very smart." He snickered and kept his gaze on her.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Curious as to what he was doing throughout this conversation, Jade slipped out of her head to look at him. Of course, he was watching her. She smirked inwardly and entered her body again. "Well then, if we play by the transitive rule, you're unintelligent as well, because you're still watching me."

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"I said inanimate objects. I believe I am completely animate." He moved his arms around. "The reason I am looking at you is because, while I don't quite find you attractive, my vision would rather be stuck on something that moves and talks rather than a boring slab of wood."

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Syeira-la | 209 comments "Ah. So you admit I'm more charming than a ceiling. Not a bad compliment, coming from a pig like you." The perpetual smirk resurfaced, but she still didn't turn to look at Kayce.

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"It's not really that much of a compliment, considering anything can be more charming than a ceiling."

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