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Women of the bible? Why do they talk more on the men?

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Susan Would have enjoyed this book more if the focus was more on the women than on the men they raised, married, or encountered.

Tiffany You're right -- It really is interesting how much of each woman's story is really more about how she relates to her husband/son/man who raped her than about her personally. I don't know if it's "Well, those were the times" or if the authors just did a really bad job of describing the women on their own merits.

Mary I think that they still very much focus on women. However I think that also a part of it is looking at how
women of the bible would interact with other people (including men) and what we can learn from it.

TheBibleWithTina There was a furore recently on twitter. A pastor shared that it was his wife's birthday and went on to praise how she waits on him, how she cancels her own plans if he says so, how she cooks for him daily, how she does this or that for him.

People were furious that he made it all about him.

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