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Mia waved goodbye to her father , whom kissed her on the forehead , and mumbled something in there home language , meaning "My daughter , best of thoughts , I love you lots." and Mia smiled , almost feeling the urge to cry, But knew somewhere inside , everything was going to be alright. Atleast her father thought she was normal. Her mother on the other hand. Didn't , she'd rather just say she was sick. And in desprate need of a new brain.

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River looked out of the foggy window and saw a new girl, he walked out the back of the house and walked around in the meadow that was just outside of the house, he sat down in the middle of the humongous meadow and crossed his legs closing his eyes concentrating on nothing at all.

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Mia grabbed her bags as she kept waving goodbye untill the van was completely out of sight. "Well.. Atleast no more annoying brothers?" She said to herself with a sort of guilty smile. Then walked inside. "I wounder if anyones here." She mumbled looking around. It sure looked like someone was here, 'I wounder what room i'm getting..' she thought ,then walked upstairs to see a note sitting in plain site on a night stand. It read "Mia" In bold but beautiful hand writing , she took the note and read it quietly. "Oh! So I have the room on the right.." She laughed and walked in , there was no other things there and she almost felt that guilty smile crawl back onto her face. Her Own Room.

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River felt the presence of someone in the house, it was probably the new girl Mia. He had left her a note on the door that was her's. He hoped she'd figure out what room was her's, let's hope she was smart. He chuckled to himself and kept his thoughts elsewhere, somewhere outside of this universe thinking the unthinkable

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Mia threw her bag onto her new bed. And opened it up , taking out her clothes hanging them neatly in her new closet. Everything felt so new to her. She finished with her clothes , and started on pictures and other items. Then last but not least, Her paintings. She loved to paint , anything really. Not just things like faces or back drops like she did for her old school. But scenes , like movies. Each painting told a story, about one of her favourite child hood storys. Once she got them all in the right place , placing them for extact story line perposes. She opened her curtains and let the sun in. Thrusting open the window breathing in the fresh air. Gosh it felt good to be away from everything at home.

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River felt a breeze of air hit himself across his face, he opened his eyes then closed them again. He was concentrating on overpowering his own power with his mind, he was hurting himself but it was worth the fight. He was getting better everyday.

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Mia noticed a boy down around by the meadows she'd past in the car. She wanted to go say hello, but maybe he didn't want to talk.. maybe he wouldn't like her. Maybe she was overly weird about saying maybe about people all the time. She withdrew from the window and sat on her bed , noticing she hadn't even made her bed yet! "Phew.." she breathed and walked out of the room in her socks , and un-ruffling her shirt , fixing her jeans while she was at it. Then went downstairs.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments Sashira opened her eyes hearing a commotion in the house. She yawned and sat up, looking at the clock. "Damn, I slept through my alarm." She murmured she got up and got dressed then walked downstairs to explore more. She had arrived late last night and hadn't gotten the chance to explore much.

Fern stood in the driveway to the house, he had been told was here to control his new abilities. He wasn't quite sure what his new abilities were. He stared at the house nervously and took a small step forward.

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River stood up after and walked back inside from the meadow, he walked into the kitchen and grabbed himself a glass of orange juice. He saw Mia wandering around downstairs and he walked over to her, "Hey you must be Mia" River said

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Mia hopped down the stairs with a briliant smile plastered against her fair skin. Pulling her hair into a messy pony tail in one swoop movement with her petite hands. She then looked around more for comforters and or a Laundry room. She'd need to know where those where. They'd be important. She opened a door which look like it lead to a basement looking place , and walked down the stairs. Seeing a washer and a dryer. and HEY! Clean sheets. She smiled and picked some up , and carried them up stairs again , struggling to shut the door with her foot.

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Sierra_Kittycoogles wrote: "River stood up after and walked back inside from the meadow, he walked into the kitchen and grabbed himself a glass of orange juice. He saw Mia wandering around downstairs and he walked over to her..."

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Mia looked up from her pile of sheets and gasped as the boy caught her off guard , she dropped all of the sheets on the floor. "Oops.." She breathed , blowing the little strand of hair that had fallen into her face out of the way, "Uhm.. Hello." She said in a soft spoken voice , smiling.

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"I'm River, one of the first kids to come here" River told Mia, "I'll be showing you around and taking you to your classes"

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments ((Uh... Hai...))

Sashira stifled a giggle and watched them from the top of the stairs silently.

Fern had finally made it to the door, he slowly creaked it open and watched with wide eyes as the door revealed a girl and a boy... and a pile of sheets.

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Mia scooped up the mess on the floor and looked over at him with soft brown eyes.
"Is that so? Alright then." She said , pulling the sheets up higher off the floor. Trying to atleast keep them at about ankle length of a dangle. Then she looked over to the stairs , "If you'd excuse me a moment." She smiled and turned and hurried towards them. She felt like an alien , she was so up tight. And they were so.. Calm and smooth.. "Phew.." she sighed and she reached the top of the stairs and rushed to her room.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments Sashira moved to the side as the girl ran past her she sighed and made her way down the stairs.

Fern sighed in relief when he was sure they hadn't noticed him. He moved inside and closed the door behind him.

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River walked up over to Sashira, "Hey" He grinned. "Go make sure that she gets settled in properly will ya? Oh and also tell her to let loose and stop being so uptight" River laughed lightly

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Mia sighed and started to make her bed , pulling sheets on the pillows and putting the bed spread on. "Ugh.. I'm such a loser.." she groaned. Once she finished she turned and looked at her closet, there was to many stupid things she had put up , her room looked like a small childs room.. "Phew.." She sighed again , fixing her shirt and settling down on her bed with a good book to read.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments Sashira sighed and nodded going back up the stairs to Mia's room. She'd have to explore later. She opened the door and smiled at her. "Hi, my name's Sashira. Do you need any help?"

Fern stared at the inside of the house, surprisingly it wasn't as daunting as the outside.

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Mia looked up from her book and smiled , "No no , I'm just fine .. Thank you." Her soft voice sometimes made it hard to hear her. She never raised her voice, well almost never. Only at her brothers usually. She sort of bounced off the bed , sitting on the side looking at the girl at the door. "Oh and by the way, I'm Mia." She said , setting her book on the nightstand.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments "Nice to meet you Mia, what are your powers?" Sashira moved more into the room.

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Mia smiled , "Psionic blast ." She answered. She knew the name well, since her father and her had done so much research on it. She didn't really understand the power at all. But she atleast knew the signs and the feelings towards them. She almost regretted answering.. She knew that now that it was out, she'd feel like such an alien.

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River was listening onto the conversation like he always did, he always listened in on conversations. He walked in, "We have the same power then" He grinned

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments Sashira jumped and glared. "Eavesdropper."

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Mia jumped and held her chest, "Oh!" she gasped , and looked at Sashira , "Well.. I suppose so?" She said , trying to calm herself down. He scared the crap out of her!

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River walked over to Mia and sat on the edge of her bed, "We both have the same power so we might as well take the same classes and all that" He told her

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments Sashira looked between the two and suddenly grinned. "I'll leave you two alone." She slipped out of the room and went to explore.

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Chase woke-up... late as usually. He got out of bed, and walked down stairs to the kitchen. "I'm starving..." he mumbled, and opened the fridge.

Olivia was sitting at the kitchen table, and looked up at her brother. "Put a shirt on Chase..." she said softly.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments Sashira walked into the kitchen and waved at the two people there, she raised her eyebrows slightly at the shirtless man then went to go explore other rooms. The kitchen was boring.

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Chase looked up as Sashira walked in and out of the kitchen. He smiled, and grabbed a carton of milk.

Olivia glared at Chase, and watched Sashira go.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments Sashira found an interesting room with a t.v. and a couch, she'd seen a t.v. before but wasn't quite sure what it was or what it was for.

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Olivia left the kitchen, with a last glance at her brother. She walked into the 'tv room', and looked at Sashira for a moment before grabbing the remote and turning on the tv.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments Sashira's eyes widened. She turned to look at Olivia then back at the t.v. "Whoa."

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Olivia gave a small smile. "You've never seen a TV?" she asked.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments "No I've seen one before... but didn't know what it was for." Sashira stared at the screen.

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"Oh..." Olivia said, and started flipping through the channels.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments Sashira watched in fascination.

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Olivia smirked, and looked up as her brother walked in.

"Check the Packers game." Chase snapped.

Olivia flipped to the game, the Packers were winning.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments Sashira tilted her head curiously. "What's this?"

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Chase looked at her like she was crazy. "Uh-Football?" he said, with a look of disbelief on his face.

Olivia giggled.

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Madeline (maddiekins) | 24 comments Sashira looked at him. "Huh." She watched for a few more minutes before getting bored and leaving to explore another room.

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