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message 1: by Cthulhuwho1 (new)

Cthulhuwho1 | 28 comments H. P. Lovecraft's
At the Mountains of Madness, Chapter 08
read by William Hart

Now available as an MP3 file for downloading from the CthulhuWho1 blog at:

And also available as a two-part video release on YouTube at:

As promised, Chapter Eight has just been posted (meaning roughly 73% of the story is now done), and continuing over the next few weeks, I'll be posting the remaining four chapters of H. P. Lovecraft's, "At the Mountains of Madness," one chapter at a time, to stretch out the fun; and to give me time to clean each chapter up a bit (and correct the bloopers also) before they are posted for downloading.

I'm also taking a little time between each posting to allow for any feedback, to see if there actually is an interest in my posting the entire reading.

Chapter 09 is printed out in front of me right now, and I will begin recording it as soon as I send out, and post, notices of Chapter 08 being available.

So watch for an announcement in a few days;

Please let me know if this reading is to your liking by way of comments.

Will Hart
aka CthulhuWho1

Curator of:
The Lovecraft Flickr Collections at:
The CthulhuWho1 blog at:
And The CthulhuWho1 YouTube Channel at:

message 2: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Meyer (loptsson) Keep up the good work!! Enjoying the recordings!

message 3: by Cthulhuwho1 (new)

Cthulhuwho1 | 28 comments I realize I'm following in the footsteps of many other book collectors by joining the reader's circle; and it's a great feeling when you find out that there actually are people that enjoy the readings!

Having thousands of books in my house (everywhere!) I can honestly say that switching my focus to electronic editions and audio books has kept the walls from exploding...


I've added you to my notification list, so you'll be one of the first to know as each new chapter gets posted.

message 4: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Meyer (loptsson) LOL Having over three thousand spread around the place I absolutely know the feeling. I have been debating whether to explore E-books or not now we have some options for readers. Old habits and tastes do die hard though!

message 5: by Cthulhuwho1 (new)

Cthulhuwho1 | 28 comments When you hold 10,000 (or more) books in your hand, that you can see in any font you like, or listen to in any voice you choose, the digital choice becomes a "no brainer;" and the paradigm shift takes place in your understanding of the meaning of the word, "book."

Your "old habits" don't die, they just broaden to encompass a much larger "library."

message 6: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Meyer (loptsson) An excellent way to look at it.

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