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Trenice Deanna Jewel, Romance Author - Who Would Have Thought?
August 19, 2010

Erotic author, Trenice Carter, has woven a novel of friendship between three men and shown how their lives entwined. Her characters come alive with their own personalities as she takes you through the different needs of men and women and how each of them bond. The men stay friends throughout difficult periods in their lives. Ms Carter shows the close knit bond the men hold on to no matter what happens in their lives. This is also an erotic love story that will take the heat up a notch for any reader.

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Trenice Seriously Reviewed - Who Would Have Thought?
August 25, 2010

Review: While not quite what I would have thought, this was a pretty good read :)
If you like a book with a lot going on (lots of characters) then this is a good one. The story moved along well and the plot was interesting and kept me.
All in all an enjoyable read that I am glad I read. Thank you Ms Carter :)

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Trenice Joyfully Reviewed - Who Would Have Thought?
October 13, 2010

Dr. Steve Kruz has finally made it though medical school with a lot of help from his best friends and brothers of the heart, Justin Brooks and Alexander Moran. To celebrate his graduation, they are headed to Vegas to let loose. On his last night there, Steve meets and is rocked by a woman who disappears after a night he will never forget.

Allison Smidte has been a loyal wife and mother even when her husband had affairs, except for one unforgettable night with a stranger. Allison never mentioned that night to anyone, not even her best friend. After finding her husband in yet another affair, Allison is now a single mother, and a nurse, just trying for a good future for herself and her son.

Things seem to be getting better when Allison meets Steve and the attraction is there pretty quickly. Imagine their shock when they realized that they came together that night years ago. Just when Allison is beginning to believe in happy endings again, several things seem to go wrong with her job, her son’s health and her relationship with Steve. Steve is confronted with an image of Allison that doesn’t make sense with what he knows. But that matters little when he realizes the danger following Allison and her son. Knowing he has to help her no matter what, Steve calls in his friends. Together they confront and quash the danger, while at the same time discovering a method of lies that were meant to crush and destroy Allison. When the dust settles can Steve and Allison find a way for a future together?

One night can come back to haunt you in more ways than one. Who Would Have Thought? proves this as Steve and Allison meet several years after a night neither had forgotten. A nasty divorce and a tough time surviving through medical school and setting up a practice had me believing that both Steve and Allison were due to find happiness. While their relationship was not smooth sailing, I thought they would be okay until things began to go crazy. I loved that even with hurt and doubts between them, they trusted each other enough to find the answers to everything going on around them. Plus, there is one little shocking matter that helps too, nope not going to tell you – just read the book. I also found that the relationship between the men was just as important as the relationship between Allison and Steve. Over all I thought the book was well written and had a strong and engaging plot. Who Would Have Thought? is a strong story of relationships, suspense, danger and of course love – what more could you ask for?

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Trenice Reader on 5 STAR Review - Who Would Have Thought?
November 5, 2010

"Who Would Have Thought?" was a great read! The men are hot,sexy and loyal to each other. The book is filled with intrigue, action and great sex. Looking forward to seeing what happens next to Justin, Alex and Steve. The other characters in the story were just as entertaining as the main characters. Definitely going to read the rest of the series.

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Trenice Reader on 5 STAR Review - Who Would Have Thought?
November 9, 2010

WOW! Where do I begin....Foremost I read everything, but mainly M/M. This book is M/F and Menage(?), not sure about the spelling :D Steve, Justin and Alex have been best friends since High School, not only are they best friends, but brothers at heart. Steve is a doctor, Justin a lawyer, and Alex not only dabbles in an engineering firm, his own, but he's a NAVY SEAL! All are successful businessmen and Gorgeous...and share, everything! The question is....will they be able to find the right women for them that can handle this extra brotherly trait. The author not only gives you steaming, "Its Hot In Here!" sex, but that added information that helps you be drawn into the storyline. And there's a lot going on, I couldn't read fast enough, because you are not only going to get the story of each man finding his love, there's subplots too, and secondary love stories (SQUEAL!). And there's also a couple of mysteries solved and going on. I liked the way everything is described, from the surgeries done on patients, to what the characters are wearing, and who they resemble, it really helps you picture the characters and what they are like and what they like. Thumbs up! I suggest something yummy to snack on and sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Trenice The Romance Reviews 4/5 STAR Review by Rho - Who Would Have Thought?
December 9, 2010

This introduction to the Men of Adonis has it all—romance, intrigue, suspense, but most of all it's a hot, erotic read that'll have you panting for more of Steve, Alex and Justin.

In this first book of the Men of Adonis series, the focus is on Steve, a doctor in Blaine, MN and Allison, a scrub nurse at the hospital where Steve does surgery. They are both unsatisfied with their lives for different reasons, but they find each other, and it's as if they were always meant to be. But amidst their blossoming relationship, they find out secrets about each other and their future that will change their lives forever.

Although this book is about Steve and Allison, it really was about a group of friends who are more like family, and it follows all of their lives. Steve and his "brothers", Alex and Justin, have been there for each other since they were kids. They do everything together, and they are closer to each other than blood brothers. It was wonderful reading how these strong men love each other and would lay down their lives for one another. And on many occasions, kick butt to get them back on the right track.

There were also some integral characters in Allison's life, such as Jemma the model-turned-gallery owner, who helps Allison through the dark times in her life. The connection between the characters made this book special. I must admit that at first, I wasn't sure who the book was supposed to be about, but I quickly realized that there wouldn't be a "Steve and Allison" without the others. They were just as integral to the story as the main characters. All of their stories became interwoven, and it seemed natural to learning just as much about the "secondary" characters as it was the main characters. Everyone had their flaws, their wonderful attributes, and encountered problems. But underneath it all, they all loved each other, and that was evident throughout the book.

The plot of the book had many twists and turns, and included murder, corporate espionage, poor medical practices, international crimes, and the list goes on. The thing that impressed me the most about that was the fact that the author really addressed all aspects of the plot without leaving anything hanging. It was also very interesting the way all these facets of the plot came together and were interrelated.

Then, there is the erotic component of the book. Whew! It was steamy. I don't know if there really is a Blaine, MN, but I think I need to move. The men in this town are so hot, I thought my underwear would melt off. The sex scenes were sexy and varied, as well as very interesting. I for one think that more men would stay in the hospital after they read this book—it gives new meaning to the term "individualized healthcare" (that's all I'm giving you about that). The men also like to share their lovers. That could become quite the feat going forward. I look forward to seeing the other men fall in love and how they will navigate their love of sharing partners when more people are involved.

So, this is a great introduction to an erotic series that has grabbed my attention. It's a self-published work, and there were some editing flaws, but overall, it was a highly enjoyable and steamy read.

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Trenice Snippet of Who Would Have Thought, Who Would Have Thought? (Men of Adonis, #1) by Trenice Carter
Available on Amazon Kindle and paperback, or - paperback only

He chased the lusciousness of her body across wet sheets, determined to remain seated near her g-spot, while again, denying her the release she craved.
“PLEASE!” she begged, pummeling his chest.
Undeterred, he lifted her silky long leg to his shoulder to open her wider before capturing her juices on his middle finger and inserting it in her untried ass.
Unfocused and glazed, her eyes widened before bearing down and chanting in wicked abandon.
“Yes…so good…deeper. Please, go deeper.”
His growl was animalistic, as he leaned forward to apply gentle pressure around her throat before inserting another finger, while the head of his engorged cock teased her clit and pussy.
Fear and overwhelming pleasure were reflected in her beautiful brown eyes as he repeated the action over and over again. Within minutes of his ministrations, she accepted a third finger and begged for more.
He removed his fingers from inside her ass, before caressing her trembling thighs to ask, “Would you like my dick there, Mocha?”
“Yes!” was the lust-filled response.
The rigidness of his mushroomed head entered the sweetly puckering hole slowly, gently, before arriving at her sphincter. Leaning forward to capture her lips with such tenderness that his eyes watered, Steve pushed through and remained immobile allowing her acclimate to the width and length of his pulsing erection.
The subtle flex of her hips was the only incentive he needed to retreat with a pleasure-filled sigh reentering in slow, measured, strokes until he was fully seated and staring down at the beautifully erotic picture they made together.
Her screams exhilarated him.
Her clawing nails made him drive deeper, harder.
But, when the minx sank her teeth into his muscular chest and exploded around his penetrating fingers, Steve roared the hottest orgasm he ever had in his life into her welcoming ass.

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Trenice The Romance Reviews 4/5 STAR Review by Rho - Time Heals Time Heals (Men of Adonis, #2) by Trenice Carter
December 10, 2010

The Men of Adonis are back, and this time it's Justin's time to fall, but the way down is so much fun. We get new characters, worsening problems, and a whole new way to look at the phrase "family bonding". I must say...I'm HOOKED!

Justin Brooks, the charismatic lawyer and "brother" to Alex and Steve, has problems. He's being blackmailed for something in his past, he's got headaches and nightmares since he witnessed a death that he feels responsible for, and to top it all off, he got on the wrong side of a "school-marm" psychiatrist, who wants him to have anger management therapy in exchange for keeping him out of jail.

Dr. Danielle "Nell" Ratcliff wants to help Justin face his anger, but she can't deny the attraction she feels for him. During the course of the therapy, they explore the attraction and discover much more. But with the blackmailers getting even more dangerous, their relationship may come to an abrupt end before it really gets started.

Time Heals is the second book in the Men of Adonis series. It's deeply linked to the first story, but it's not essential that you read the first story to understand this one. I think though that you would miss out on a lot of background story if you didn't read the first one.

The story pretty much takes place right where the first one left off. It's supposed to be the story about Justin Brooks, the lawyer, but as with the first story, it really follows the lives of all the people connected with Justin, Steve, and Alex. The three men call themselves "brothers" and have been inseparable friends since their teen years.

I really liked the character of Nell, Justin's love interest. She's got this very sedate outer appearance as Dr. Ratcliff, but underneath she's a hellcat. And she's just the type of woman to keep Justin in line. We also catch up with Steve and Allie from the first book and see how they are adjusting to new family life with their son, while Alex is still sticking to his love ‘em and leave ‘em ways. Many other characters that have become a part of "the family" make an appearance in this book as well.

There are a lot of secrets revealed in this book, and to tell you the truth, a couple of them I really didn't see coming. It essentially kept me reading the whole way through. I couldn't put the book down for fear that I would miss something. Justin is such an interesting character with the secrets and guilt that he's harboring throughout this story and even the first one. It was wonderful to see that he got his happily ever after.

The men are still sharing, and I had said before that I was interested in seeing how that would work out going forward with each of the brothers falling in love. Let's just say, they seem to work it out with no problems (wink, wink).

I only have two complaints about the book: one, the reviewers copy needed editing. And two, I felt a little like Justin and Nell got shafted a bit with their romance. There was so much other stuff going on in the book, including stories with other characters, that I felt like they didn't get all that they should have. They are a wonderful couple and I wanted there to be more concentrated time on the two of them.

With that being said, the characters that were introduced or given more in-depth storylines were great, so I loved reading about them as well. And oh the sex. My goodness, there was a lot of it. There's even an M/M scene that was pretty hot in there as well. It wasn't with the brothers but with some of the secondary characters. I can't wait to see what's going to happen there.

Trenice Carter can write a steamy love scene that's for sure. I felt like I could see the steam coming off my kindle a few times. And I haven't even talked about what happens with the sharing when we add Nell into the mix...oh my. One of my favorite things about these books so far is that we have people of all different nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds, but the author doesn't make a big deal about it. There's no, "I never been with a black person before" or "I never knew white girls were so attractive" kind of thing. It's just that they are people who love each other who happen to be a mixture of races and that's that. It's a refreshing change to a lot of multi-cultural romances.

What a great continuation of a wonderful series! The in-depth plot, steamy love scenes, and fantastic characters came together so well in this book. And while I wanted to see more of Justin and Nell, what I had I loved; and I got so much more as well. I can't wait to see what will come next for the brothers, but I have no doubt I'll devour them just as much as I have with the first two books.

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