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message 1: by Evil freak Ranger, ~when you leave my skys they fade to grey owaowa ay owaowa ay~ (new)

Evil freak Ranger | 20 comments Mod
This is to better develope your cherries


Me: Hey
My character: Don't talk to me
Me: Don't be like that
My character: Whatever
Me: ~smacks~
My character: What was that for?
Me: Nothing ~acts innocent~
Me: Why not
My character: Whatever i'm wasting my time. ~walks away~
Me: Hey wait up ~runs to catch up~

That's how ya do it folks!

Ink Fox Fiend  | 34 comments Mikako: So i was planning on coming into port her ~points at map~ and sneaking up on them here~ points to map again~ ~looks up at me~ what do you think?
Me: Well they'll be expecting it is what i think i think you should come to port here ~points to map~ and go around and sneak up on them here~ points to map again~
Mikako: No no no that'll never work they'll catch us on our way going around to sneak up on them!
Me: Then what do you suggest!?
Mikako: Well we could go to port here ~points to map~ and then leave the ship in plain veiw for them to see let them come to us and attack
Me: No no no they'll be prepared for the attack it'd be too risky!
Mikako: You have a better idea?
Me: Here ~points to map~ we got to port there. hardly anyone uses it because it's the port to a ghost town and is surrounded by rocks and trees. they won't see our ship and they won't hear us coming threw the foliage.
Mikako: possible very very possible. ~frowns down at map~ but that area is so filled with rocks it would be hard to manuver to get in and we wouldn't be able to get a quick get away if we needed one.
Me: valid point good job ~studies map carefully~
Mikako: How about this port it's not to rocky and it's just as covered and abandoned
Me: yes yes but it's further away
Mikako: No problem! we could move in quickly and take them and be back to the ship in a matter of minutes! ~proclaims boastingly~
Me: Sure sure but we have to think this threw.. here let's go over the plan of attack once more.
Mikako: Very well ~rolls up map~ fisrt we get on land. right then we sneak up on them. while they're unsuspecting we attack we will have surprise on our side and many won't know what's going on for a moment or two. then we fight i'll go for their leader once i have a sword to his throat they'll give in.
Me: Very good very good. but there is a problem what if the have night watch posted and they call an alarm and they're all ready for the attack.
Mikako: Yes.. that would be a problem...
Me: And if their leader is heavily guarded?
Mikako: We must think this threw carefully
Me: ~nods~ we must be prepared for anything that could posible go wrong
Mikako: Agreed ~stretches~ well we'll continue this conversation another time Fox. i quite enjoy your company but i need my rest.
Me: I underestand. we'll continue later ~stands stretching
Mikako: ~puts hat over face and crosses legs on the table promptly falling asleep~
Me" What am i going to do with you
Mikako: ~smiles~

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