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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
((This is to the side of the school, in a bit clearing surrounded by trees. The mutants can come hee to practice their powers. All that they need is in the shed at the far end and there is a telekinetic barrier put up to prevent them from using their powers on each other here.))

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Allie was alone as far as she knew. She had set up a table and on t she had laid a few miscellanious items: a rock, some leaves, an old hairbrush of hers, and a sleeping lizard (how it has stayed alsleep during transport to the table was beyound her.) She now whistled, controlling the frequency and raising it bit by bit.

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 143 comments Selene entered the clearing cautiously. She veered to an isolated area. She kicked together a pile of stones. Standing ten feet away from the pile of rocks, she concentrated on the rocks. There was a small popping noise, and the rocks, and the rocks exploded into small bits.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Jade was considering where to go, but she wasn't thinking very hard about a possible destination. She was meandering across the mostly-abandoned school grounds, just letting her feet carry her across the springy turf. She was barefoot, as she liked to be occasionally. Some might have been disgusted at that, but her feet always smelled good, like the grass they were stepping on. She wouldn't go barefoot if she was polluting the air. Well, maybe she would have, but if people had criticized her for going barefoot with smelly feet, she wouldn't have cared.

She noted absently that her thoughts were wandering as aimlessly as her path was. This is why I'm good at letting my mind literally "wander" to other places, she thought. The training area veered up ahead, but after a quick search of the place with her mind, she discovered that it was inhabited by two people. And Selene was one of them. She made a face and carried on slowly, past the arena. She didn't need that silly clearing, anyway. Her power was all in the mind.

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Allie concentrated hard. She poofed the leaves out of existense in a spark, and then she was trying to tune the wave to the frequency of the hairbrush when the table exploded. Astounded, she froze, and then a loud "CRAP!" could be heard trougjout the clearing.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments ((This is why I hate multiple topics. I have to move to the other one now. -.-))

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Jennifer | 143 comments Selene decided that smashing rocks was a little too boring for today, and wandered away from the clearing. She was thinking about going back to her dorm, but decided against it because the reason she left her dorm was because it was too boring. Her roomate Allie was out here whistling (was that a lizard?). Shaking her head, she decided to find out what Jade was up too, though her sister might not enjoy the company. Might as well find something to do away from the training clearing.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments ((She's at the Grounds now. :P))

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Jennifer | 143 comments ((I know :P))

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
((Sorry, Sy. I put three less than I was planning to. Just for you. So feel happy-er.))

Allie, who was still swearing under her breath from exploding the whole table, must have hit another frequency while cursing, because all of a sudden the lizard imploded. Now, this would have been a hilarious sight was she not an animal lover and knowing she had only been planning on making him twitch. She yelled this time, "Nooooooo!" And in turn the rock imploded as well. "Shist!" she snarled, and then flapped her hands over her mouth.

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) ((do the sentences have to be really super long? >n>))

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SpazzyJazzy ((Why don't you read the rules and find out))

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L (audinosbiitch) Latvia came out, and, noticing there were several people out here already, moved to a different corner, carrying her cat, Nightwitch. She set it down, whispering a few words that no one else could understand, so that she wouldn't run away. Jump. Lie down. Wash your face. On all of these commands nightwitch obeyed, and Latvia nodded. The cat leaped up at her, landing lightly on her shoulder. She got comfortable, and closed her eyes. Latvia laughed slightly, warning the cat about something. Suddenly she began to shrink, becoming furrier and furrier. After about ten seconds she was a cat, a silver tabby, just like her pet. She licked over Nightwitch's head, right between her ears. Nightwitch purred slightly, rubbing her cheek against Latvia's. Latvia's laugh sounded like a purr. She brushed back, and shifted back to her normal self. She picked up Nightwitch, patting her gently and whispering to her.

message 14: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) Latvia rubbed her cheek against Nightwitch's fur, hearing the kitty's purr. Hoisting her onto her shoulder, she winced slightly as Nightwitch dug her claws in. Nightwitch mewed, and Latvia nodded. Calmly, as if she didn't have a cat on her shoulder, she left.

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SpazzyJazzy Adrian entered the training grounds, Damen at his side, instinctively scanning the place with his mind to check for anyone else. "Paranoid much?" Adrian teased, nudging him in the ribs before moving further in. "Your negative energy is eating me up from the inside, Adrian," Damen replied sarcastically, following after him at a more relaxed pace. "Do you need a jump start from a tree?" It was Damen's turn to tease Adrian this time, a small snicker crossing his features.

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Allie, who had been very glad for a chance to leave the group where her enemy now sat, entered the training facilities just behind Adrian and Damen. She thought about following and seeing if she could get Adrian alone to talk to him, but.... she couldn't think of what to say and didn't want to make him any more uncomfortable. Instead, she walked to the scattered remains of what used to be her table and sat down, watching, deciding to mess with Adrian and Damen. She began whistling and tuned the frequency so that it would be like a buzz in their ears - unable to get rid of it.

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SpazzyJazzy Yum-Yum the Warrior wrote: " ((This is to the side of the school, in a bit clearing surrounded by trees. The mutants can come hee to practice their powers. All that they need is in the shed at the far end and there is a telekinetic barrier put up to prevent them from using their powers on each other here.)) "

((:P Uh-huh))

"Ugh. You've got a stalker," Damen snorted, his finger giving a small twitch of annoyance at the new buzzing. He'd seen her decision to 'mess' with them, making him sigh, unamused, as he climbed up the nearest tree. He couldn't get 2 minutes alone it seemed, and the only reason he'd suggested the Training arena was because he'd felt something weighing on Adrian's mind. See? Damen could be caring when he wanted to be. Lounging in mid-air, supported by one branch of a... who knew the names of trees, anyway? Who gave a damn? It was tall, it allowed him a clear view of everything around him, and it made a comfy backrest. Adrian, who was no mind reader, unconciously rubbed at his ear, "Do you hear that?" he asked Damen. "I hear a lot of things, Adrian. That is your newest fangirl trying to show off," Damen leaned against a tree.

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SpazzyJazzy ((Are you still angry with me about your group, Yum-yum? :P))

message 19: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 143 comments ((What group?))

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
((Yus. *growling face*))

((Oh. Well... uh... I take that back. :P))

Allie snickered and called, "Is not! I am pretty sure you are hallucinating, oh Mighty Damen." She sighed, though, and stopped, leaning back on the grass and breathing deeply through her nose, watching her chest rise and fall because she had nothing more interesting to do.

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SpazzyJazzy Damen had a snappy reply to that one, something about her 'hallucinating' certain images about Adrian, but decided to bite his tongue. Adrian grinned, glancing over at Allie and thinking, She's one person, at least it's not a whole group. Damen shot Adrian an exasperated look, replying, You're not the one who has to stick up with her thoughts. I think I now know more about you than a brother ever should. "Perhaps you should see a shrink, Damen. I'm rather concerned about your mental health with all these voices you're hearing," Adrian teased light-heartedly, although in all honesty he found the image of Damen talking to a psychiatrist quite amusing. Especially a human one who had no idea about mutants. "Perhaps you should come with me, then, little brother. You seem rather suicidal, jumping off tall buildings and such."

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Although Allie thought personally that Damen seeing a psychiatrist was one of the funniest visions that had ever gone through her brain before now, she stifled another laugh and agreed out loud with Adrian. "I think that would be a very good idea. The voices in his head may someday cause him to end up in a room with white padded walls." She smiled and whistled again, to the tune of 'Carol of the Bells.'

message 23: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy ((*Drags Sabine into rp* Come keep Allie non-miserable company :P))

"If anybody's going to end up in a cell, it's going to be you after you accidentally blow up some poor human's head." Damen replied, his gaze flicking away from the now-winged Adrian to the entrance of the facility, where he'd detected another's thoughts. An Allie-look-alike made her way over to the real Allie, seating herself beside her with a small grin. "Hey," she greeted Allie cheerfuly with a big grin, half-waving to Damen and Adrian. It wasn't hard for Damen to guess who this 'Allie' was: her thoughts said it all, seeing as there was only one female whose thoughts were so... amusing.

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
((Haha... :P))

Allie looked up at her copy and was puzzled for a second - had Hailey come to hurt her? But that greeting was too happy and upbeat. A grin slowly transformed her face as it dawned on her. "Hello, Sabine!" she said ecstatically. Of course it was Sabine. She grinned at the other girl. "Been, what... a day since I saw you?" She was joking - actually, she couldn't remember the last time she had seen Sabine. "I see you've chosen a beautiful form today," she joked, her smile wide.

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SpazzyJazzy ((I'm presuming, Yum-yum, you like Avatar? I'm surprised you haven't made a roleplay for that, either :P))

"I thought so," Sabine agreed jokingly, pretending to examine an arm with a contemplative look on her face. "Wow. A day? Really? You must've missed me," she grinned teasingly, poking Allie playfully in the arm. "So whatcha doing?" she chimed, eyes glancing towards Adrian and Damen, guessing they were the ones Allie was watching. Adrian had only just decided to practise flying, and Damen almost looked half asleep. Obviously he wasn't doing anything.

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((Why one earth are you presuming that now?
Yes I do, and I have, but it died. :( ))

Allie smiled. "Desperately trying not to think about hurting a new girl named Hailey and also desperately trying not to think about how much I like Adrian over there." She gave Damen a glare because she knew he could read her thoughts.

((Has you seen my new profile pic? It's meeeee!!))

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SpazzyJazzy ((...Are you being serious? O.o))

"Ah. What's new?" Sabine smiled, eyes narrowing in amusement at Damen making gagging motions. "If you don't want to hurt the new girl, do I have your permission to piss her off if she annoys me?" she asked innocently, looking up at Allie with wide, puppy-dog eyes. She was joking, but she'd known Allie for a while... longer than this 'Hailey' anyway. Sabine didn't like making enemies, but she'd always pick those closer to her.

message 28: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 143 comments ((I KNOW RIGHT???? Are you seriously serious?))

Selene walked into the training, uh, place, or whatever it was called. She headed over toward Allie and Sabine. "Is Hailey here?" she peered around. "Can I blast her to bits?"

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SpazzyJazzy What were you were saying, smartass, about at least Allie was only one person? Damen growled at Adrian, who made a clumsy landing at the top of the tree Damen was sitting in, muttering a few curses. "They're not that bad," he repeated to Damen, pulling a few twigs and leaves out of his hair after his ungraceful landing. Hey, he'd done it, hadn't he? "Really? They're having like a little hate club over there," Damen snorted, his voice void of any opinions he might have on this.

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((Um... yes... I am seriously serious. Why?
And you're not getting out of my avatar question.))

Allie grinned at Selene and gave a nod. "Unfortunately she's not here, but I would love to see you blast her to bits." Then she turned back to Sabine. "Oh yes. Piss her off to your heart's content. She's proving to be quite the little brat." Allie sighed and gave a heartwrenching look at Adrian before turning back.

message 31: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 143 comments Selene followed Allie's gaze. "You still aren't going for him? Or is he just ignoring you?" she asked. It was kind of obvious that Adrian liked Allie, and vice versa. She then turned towards Sabine. "I bet you could tie Hailey up and hide her some where. Then you could impersonate her and act like Hailey and make her do something bad." she flashed a cocky grin. That prank usually ended up in getting caught or in trouble, but it was worth it, considering the situation they were in right now.

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SpazzyJazzy "Hmm...." Sabine was liking this idea. She was liking it a lot. "We could put her in her and Damen's dorm- I'm sure he wouldn't care." Her eyes lit up suddenly, and it was clear she had full intentions of going along with this plan, "What do you say, Allie? Can we? We could even get the two boys to help out!" Well, maybe not Adrian... he'd probably be too nice to go along with it, and he wouldn't want to pick on the 'new girl.'
Damen glanced in the girls' direction, curiously trying to concentrate on their plan, whilst talking to Adrian at the same time, "Keep flying, heffalump. Looks like you need a loooooot of practice." He spared Adrian a glance, who huffed in mock annoyance and returned to the air, making sure to shower Damen in leaves. Much obliged, little brother

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Allie's eyes glowed with mischief and happiness. "Oh, for God's sake, go ahead!! That would be so amazingly hilarious!" She laughed out loud as she had a sudden vision. Hailey tied to Damen's bed, being bugged constantly by Sabine, Damen, Selene and herself. Oh, that would be hilarious. She wondered if Adrian would help...

message 34: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 143 comments Selene grinned. "Glad you all agree." Adrian probably wouldn't help out, him being not as mischievious as his brother Damen. But it might work. "After we tie her up, can I blast her to bits?" she widened her eyes at Allie. The new girl was in for a lot. She had no idea what was coming towards her.

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SpazzyJazzy "Hmm... maybe I could try and piss everyone off at the same time," Sabine suggested, "Particulary the guys," she grinned, "So, what bad deed am I doing? Burning the school down? Attacking a teacher? Oh, oh, can I do all of the above and then some?" The school was in for a complete makeover in Sabine's eyes. Big signs of 'HAILEY WAS HERE' plastered everywhere, toilet paper sticking to the ceiling wherever you walked, people finding that their locks were filled with superglue... she barely suppressed a snicker.

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Allie grinned. "Just don't do that to me. I'm the victim here, remember?" she whispered; she acted like it was some huge secret, mockingly. She looked at Sabine. "Oh feel free." She could just imagine Hailey going 'poof.'

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Jennifer | 143 comments "We should get started." Selene suggested. "Better hurry before Hailey finds out what's going on." she paused. "And you might want to stay clear of Chris. He might read our minds and tell his sister what we are going to do." she warned them.

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SpazzyJazzy I can get Adrian to unknowingly do that, Damen offered to the girls, projecting the thought into each of their minds. Adrian would do anything if you just asked nicely. Or Damen could just take control of him and use him to dstract Chris... but Damen's power over his brother tended to be subjective. It could randomly be blocked at any given moment. Plus it wouldn't matter with Adrian if Chris could read his mind- Adrian didn't know anything going on anyway. I suppose minor domination to Adrian would be easier... Adrian could easily be 'convinced' that he really needed to talk to Chris.

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Allie nodded but felt like defending Chris. "He won't. For one, he's too shy, and for another, he's on my side for this one." She remembered the little boy sitting in her lap instead of his sister's.

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SpazzyJazzy You don't think we should play this one on the safe side? Damen quizzed, It's not like anything bad's going to happen to him- we're just keeping occupied. Nothing bad was going to happen if Adrian was doing the distracting, definitely. Adrian was too nice. Damen pulled a somewhat disgusted face, glancing up at the sky, looking for his brother... only to see him some distance away tangled in a tree.

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Jennifer | 143 comments "Maybe not." Selene shrugged. "I tried to convince him to play a prank on his sister, but he wouldn't. I bet he'd tell Hailey that we are going to do something to her." Siblings were so protective of each other... There was an exception when it came to Damen and Adrian. They two teased each other more often than they cared for each other. She could probably say the same about Jade and herself...

((Eech. I thought we were going to storm in on Jade.))

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Syeira-la | 209 comments ((Me too. :<))

message 43: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Damen jumped out of the tree, calling a 'good luck' to Adrian and walking over to the girls. He was tired of going off by their thoughts, and simply interjecting in their minds whenever he felt like it. "True. If I get any say in this, which I should considering you're planning on tying her up in my dorm, even I don't want to risk the little one ruining all of your 'difficult' planning." Meanwhile, Adrian was struggling to detatch himself from where was trapped between the branches of a tree, and his wings definitely weren't helping his cause.

message 44: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 620 comments Mod
((Sorry guys. We can do that too. Maybe we can push Hailey in there. :P))

Allie shrugged as well. "I dunno. I doubt he would, but maybe. I guess we have no way of knowing for sure." She smiled, not believing that this might actually happen to the little twit-who-called-herself-Hailey-girl.

message 45: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 143 comments Selene's lips twitched with a smile as she thought of another devious plan. "How about we push Hailey into Jade's dorm and see what happens?" knowing Jade, she would probably do something... unpredictable. "Or we can have Sabine go in as Hailey, see what will happen, and then run away and shove real Hailey in." she suggested. She glared at Damen. "Do you ever stop peeking into other people's minds?"

message 46: by SpazzyJazzy (last edited Dec 20, 2010 04:51PM) (new)

SpazzyJazzy "We've been through this before, girl, it's automatic- I can't help it that everyone likes to think. Your thoughts are about as clear as if you're speaking to me normally, regardless as to whether I want to hear them or not," His mutation was a touchy subject, and it had made him suddenly irritable. "I didn't ask you to start following us around like lost puppies."

message 47: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 620 comments Mod
"We didn't ask you to be all snappy?" she threw back. "If you're so touchy, I'm sure you could figure out a way to turn it off. Stick your fingers in your ears instead of up other people's..." she trailer off, grinning to annoy him.

message 48: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 143 comments Selene flinched at Damen suddenly irritated tone of voice. He usually seemed happy most of the time. "So you are basically saying that you have no control of your powers what-so-ever?" she grinned.

message 49: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Damens ignored Allie, mainly because she was concentrating on trying to annoy him, and focussed on Selene instead. "I never said that," he defended himself, his voice changing from irritable to his normal tone merely from her reaction. It could either be a flaw or a benefit in his mutation, but other peoples thoughts and reactions, and their moods which could be distinguishable through the tone of their thoughts at times, tended to shape Damen's own emotions. "I just said I don't get a say in whose thoughts I read." However, he had perfect control over who he manipuated and such.

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) ((Fehhh too lazy to read all that...))

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