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message 1: by Cielo (new)

Cielo (cielo19) So, I have seen other groups do tagged roleplays, and I really like it, because I think that sometimes the main roleplay of a group and get very crowded, and any new person doesn't know what's going on, and it can be very hard to jump in. I also think that sometimes if too many people are in a roleplay, it can get confusing when trying to remember who you roleplay with, and then suddenly you can't reply because the person you thought you were roleplaying with hasn't responded. Now, you will know who it is you are roleplaying with, and it prevents the story lines from getting all mixed up. If you want to tag role play with someone (actually, it doesn't have to be one person, it could be how ever many people you want, just so long as you and everyone else in your group is comfortable with the amount of people, though I don't recommend more than 2 or 3) just post here, and maybe you can find someone else to roleplay with.
Also, if you want, I would like you to post how often you're on here. That way, someone who's on all the time can roleplay with someone who's on all the time and won't have to wait a lot. Or two people who are almost never on can roleplay without the other person suffering the anxiety that comes with waiting to see what happens next in your roleplay. You don't have to, but I recommend it. I think that's it.

message 2: by Kristie (new)

Kristie (Kay2448) | 1546 comments Mod
this is fine and all but want about the role play that was all ready going... we had a good story line and i liked where it was going, i understand that other my want to jump in butttt no but me and one other having been role playing here. i know i stopped for a long time but i had some family business to take care of.

message 3: by Cielo (new)

Cielo (cielo19) Oh, I know. I just posted that as an incentive to see if any other members wanted to reactivate. Like, sometimes I know I don't want to join an RP that's already way under way because its hard to jump in. We can continue with out story line, cuz I liked it too.

message 4: by Kristie (new)

Kristie (Kay2448) | 1546 comments Mod
lol ok just thought i would check :) and ur right it is hard

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