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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
((This is where the students will probably be spending most of their time right now because it is summer. This consists of the stone courtyard in the back and in the front (surrounded by stone walls) is the huge, green, grassy park-looking area with benches around the outside and hedges. In the middle of the field is a huge oak tree.))

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Hailey had just dropped her bag off in her dorm room and was leading her brother Christpoher hand in hand down the steps. She pulled him gently and almost hissed at his resistance, but tried to go easy on him. She pulled him over to the middle of the front ground and slid down the trunk of the hue oak tree, sitting with her legs splayed out just looking at the leaves 30 feet above her.
Christopher's lip was quavering and he felt like he was about to cry. He was looking up but he averted his eyes and looked at his shoelaces, not wanting others to see him cry.

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SpazzyJazzy "Ah! Get off!" Damen growled, stumbling underneath Adrians weight for a second as the younger brother was given a piggy-back. Why he had ever agreed to this was beyond him. "Onwards, my loyal steed!" Adrian ordered, pointing one hand forwards and using the other to cover Damens eyes. Summer was here, and the two brothers couldn't find anything better to do than to muck around. Their sleeves were pushed up, their feet bare and their hair running amock. Shoes lay abandoned by a bench, peices of screwed up paper littering the area around it from a previous paper-fight. "Oof!" Adrian landed on his back as Damen shook the annoying brother off, remarking, "You need to go to the gym and lose some weight." Adrian grinned, shaking some leaves out of his hair and replying, "FYI, we don't have a gym. Even if we did, you need to go there and grow some muscles. Like me!" Adrian lifted one arm and tensed it to show off his 'muscles,' Damen bending down to poke at them experimentally. "You mean your flab," Damen snickered in response, standing back up and giving him a smug look. "Hey! Don't poke my flab!" Adrian protested, jerking his arm away and good-naturedly glaring up at his elder.

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Hailey watched the two boys and was silently laughing at them. "They've got to be brothers," she whispered to herself. She shook her head and kept one eye on them.
Christpoher was still looking at his shoe, though listening very intently to what Damen and Adrian were doing. He tried to sense what their power were.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Jade's travels had carried her to the Grounds, which didn't seem like a bad place to stay for an hour or so. She headed over to a towering oak and dropped her purse on the ground beside it before twirling around and dropping herself onto the tree's roots. She flung her head back and splayed her limbs across the sunny earth, ignoring the other park students. She considered reaching for her book, but decided that such a movement would require too much effort.

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SpazzyJazzy "Oh trust me, it has gone well past the flab stage, flyboy." Damen replied teasingly, having adopted his own taunting nickname for Adrian some time ago. Stepping over the blonde-haired boy, Damen was making his way back to the bench before he was tackled from behind, falling over and going headfirst through the gap between the table and the seat it was attached to. "I'm stuck!" Adrian realised, Damen rolling onto his back underneath the bench to see Adrian jammed at an awkward angle between Damen and the bottom of the table. However, rolling over had caused Damen to get stuck underneath the seat, but that could quickly be fixed. "Ha, shame. Wait, what are you doing? No you moron, go back, go back!" Adrian ignored him, going the only way he could- forwards. He landed semi-on top of Damen, his arm trapped underneath the same seat Damens whole body was, preventing both of them from moving without hurting the other. "Crap."

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Jennifer | 143 comments Selene strolled over to the Grounds, which didn't have too many other students around. Her eyes raked around the perimeter of the place, eyeing two boys in the distance roughhousing. Probably those two, what were their names? Damn-en and Andrea? Something along those lines. She sat down on a park bench. A nearby squirrel gnawed on an acorn. Around the cutesy little squirrel were several acorns, some half-eaten. She focused her eyes on a tiny acorn and made gravity raise it up in the air. It hovered for a few seconds, then dropped back down. The squirrel, startled, gathered all of the acorns and scrambled away.

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Hearing Allie's yell from across the training ground, Hailey popped up. "Did anyone else hear that?" she asked, and cocked her head to listen again. There was no more noise, so she walked over to the two boys, kind of shy but wanting to talk to someone. She let out a giggle at their position.
Chris had been looking at who was on the other side of the tree, and when he saw her he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

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Jennifer | 143 comments Selene heard a faint yell, coming from the direction of the training clearing she just left. A girl walked over to those two boys (Damn-en and Andrea?) and started talking to them. A small boy was peering around a tree nearby at a girl splayed on the ground. Who was that girl. She studied the girl for a few seconds, then it hit her. Jade! The boy looked like he was barely out of elementary school, and pretty small and shy. Why would he look at Jade? Oh right, Jade was supposedly "unbelievably" beautiful. Poor boy. He wouldn't know that her attitude would be worse than her appearance.

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SpazzyJazzy "Stop staring at me." Damen said, glaring at Adrian for getting him into this situation. "No. You stop staring at me." Adrian growled, trying to pull his arm out. "Do you really think I want to gaze upon your unsightly features for the rest of eternity?" the dark-haired brother demanded, as if the answer were obvious. "Your features are no picnic either... and your face is ugly too!" It was all teasing, as neither particularly meant the comments. It was more a game of 'this-is-your-fault-so-I'm-going-to-insult-you-for-it' vs. 'Well-I-think-it's-your-fault-so-I'm-going-to-insult-you-too.' "At least I don't have three chins." Damen snickered. "Hey! Leave Andy, Mandy and Randy alone!"

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Hailey sat herself down a few steps away from the brothers and simply stared at them, thinking in her head about how silly they were. She rocked back and forth, watching them, and then suddenly decided to be random and turned fuzzy and green like the grass.
Chris was suddenly aware that another girl was peering at him and he quickly looked at his shoes again, and then out of the blue he let out a soft sob which quickly turned into a flood of tears.

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Jennifer | 143 comments Selene flinched. No way could she have made this boy cry already! Unless this boy could read her thoughts, he couldn't have known what she was thinking. Right? "You okay?" she asked softly, cocking her head to a side.
Cyro, perched atop a tree, jumped down as he saw a girl turn into grass. Whoa, he thought. Crazy mutation.

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SpazzyJazzy "Lets eat our way out." Adrian decided, Damen giving him a disgusted look. "Very funny. We wouldn't be in this situation if you weren't so fat." Chilidish remarks, as usual. Thinking up intelligent comebacks was so... unoriginal, and the two liked to keep 'in touch' with their 'childhood selves.' In other words they didn't like acting their age all the time. "Me? Excuse me, flubba bubba, but if it weren't for your chubiness neither of us would be stuck underneath the table!" There it was. Pass the blame.
"That's not fat! That's my protective coating over my rock-hard abs." Adrian scoffed at Damen, before yanking his arm out from underneath the seat, wriggling it free. "FREE!" he cried, standing up and hitting his head on the underside of the table. Snickering, Damen wormed his way out the other side, being given the required space with the removal of Adrian's arm. "Watch it. You need all the brain cells you can get."

Adrian pulled a face at Damen, crawling out from underneath the table. It was only then he spotted Hailey over the excitement with his brother, and he felt his face heat up slightly in embarassment. Whoops. "Uh... hi." he grinned, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly. Damen fell silent, eyes narrowing somewhat as he stood up and brushed the dirt off his clothes. He wasn't shy or antisocial, he just wasn't the sort of person who settled for the usual greetings. Plus, this mutant was weird. She was all green and fuzzy-looking, and he was reminded of a chinchilla-gone-wrong.

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Chris simply sat there and sobbed sadly, crossing his arms over his legs and rubbing his eyes like a two year old. He wanted to go home, but he knew he couldn't, and he had thought about how wonderful it would be to see his family before they were killed. In response to her last thought, he said no, but it cane out as more of a non-understandable whimper.
Hailey shifted back to normal and smiled, though she was still a bit shy. "Hey," she murmured. She wondered what both of their powers were - she could ask Crish later.
Suddenly a very disgruntled-looking Allie came in with her hands clapped over he mouth. She was growling and making little things implode as she walked past them. Oops.

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) ((._. Too lazy to read all that.))

Alex sat in the oak tree, hidden in the branches and leaves. She looked out over the Grounds, wondering halfheartedly if she would ever get over the fact that this was her home from now on. She had only just arrived a few weeks ago, and was still trying to get use to everything. She mostly just stayed in her dorm, or in the oak tree. They were her favorite places, and the only places where no one would look at her strange. She sighed, and leaned back. She looked out at the sky, feeling slightly peaceful, but just as fast as it came, it was gone. She flicked her tail, annoyed at this. Before all this, everything was peaceful. No one bothered her. The only living things that could glimpse her were the animals in the forest, where he cave was. But now...Maybe she shouldn't have come here. Maybe it would be best to go back. She growled angrily. "What am I thinking?" she murmured. "I can't go back. The forest...is gone," she sighed. Shaking her head, she snapped open her wings, and burst out of the tree. She flew high, at least a mile up, then stopped, and spread her wings wide, so she could glide overhead, without even flapping. Her mind whirled, but it gradually went away. Flying always took her mind off things, but never really heals the wound in her heart.

((;_; Gah, I'm sorry, I couldn't help typing this >n>))

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SpazzyJazzy "That's a pretty cool power," Adrian remarked, taking a seat opposite Hailey, "What else can you do? If you don't mind me asking." Damen let out a small sigh and decided to sit down too- it was going to be a long conversation. Plus he was still waiting for the right time to jump in, and he couldn't see much of an opening unless he made some comment about her looking like a fluro green chinchilla. And none of the things he could come up with were very imaginitive.

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Chris, who had been staring at Jade, was suddenly startled by the flutter of huge wings over his head. Thoroughly scared, he scrambled up with a stricken look on his face and rammed straight into Allie.
Allie snarled and turned on him, yelling, "Watch it!" But when she was it was a kid, her face immediately softened. "Hey, I'm sorry," she murmured, but Chris was already backing up. He turned and ran to his sister and shoved himself under her arms, making her let out an "oomf" of surprise. Hailey rubbed his back gently as he whimpered and she gave Allie a glare.
Allie, who felt really bad now, came and sat in the little circle everyone seemed to have made on the grass. She looked sympathetically at Hailey and murmured, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare him. I just blew up a lizard on accident." She sighed. Hailey snorted, while Allie expected Adrian, her crush for a long time, to bellow out like he had sometimes.
"So, what are we talking about?" she asked, looking at Hailey. Hailey, remembering Damen's question, smiled shyly and whispered, I can take any form," very quietly. Allie cocked her head. "You two must be new?" she observed, and Hailey nodded. They had arrived earlier this morning, after having been on the run for three days.

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Jade listened with half-interest to the conversation going on in the little gathering a few yards away from her. She opened one eye to a slit for a brief moment to see that the mutants were seated in a lopsided circle, then closed that eye again. There was nothing to see here. Well, nothing out of the ordinary for mutants, anyway. There did seem to be a few new kids, but she didn't feel like fighting past the glare of the sun to observe them.

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) After a moment, Alex slowly floated down, and landed neatly next to the door. She folded her wings, and disappeared in side. She then headed towards her dorm.

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Chris struggled out from under his sister's arms, recovered, and hopped a few feet away behind her. His eyes followed firstly the winged female and then his eyes went back to Jade, appraising her. With his mutation, he could tell that she could take her conciousness out of her body - and he wondered if she was doing that now.

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Jennifer | 143 comments Selene cocked a head at Chris. "Would you like me to introduce you to Jade?" she nodded her head at the girl. It appeared that this young boy liked Jade. That or he was just strucken by her appearance like everyone else. Yeah, that happened a lot.

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
Chris hesitated, not knowing the girl and unsure of whether she was nice. But the last thing she had though was she wanted to help him to meet Jade. He decided she was nice and nodded nervously, still crouched in a defensive position. She seemed okay.

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SpazzyJazzy ((It was actually Adrian's question :P))

"Welcome to the neighbourhood... if that's what you wanna call it. I'm Adrian!" He offered his hand to Hailey, grinning from ear to ear. "And this is my brother Damen," he added offhandedly, waving his other hand at Damen who looked like he was very tempted to bite it off. Not that Adrian was worried; this was the brother who had risked exposing himself to stop a freshman picking on kindergarten-Adrian. He didn't think he had much to fear- and it helped that Damen wasn't a cannibal, which was always a plus.

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Jennifer | 143 comments Selene laughed lightheartedly. "Relax little dude. I'm not going to hurt you. What's your name?" It appeared that this boy was shy and cried easily. It wouldn't take much for Jade's attitude to make him tear up. Actually, it wouldn't take much for anyone to make him start crying.

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((Oh. :P))

Allie shook her head and muttered. "Of course, he says hi to her first, not me..." she trailed off, mocking being angry with him. Somehow she always managed to act normal around him.
Hailey shook his hand weakly and the gripped harder once she realized he wasn't going to bite - though his brother looked like he was trying to do that exactly. She giggled. "What can you do?"

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((Sprry Jenn. Gimme a minute.))

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Chris hesitated again, and then he whispered, "Christopher." He counghed in the middle and decided to try again. "Crhistopher," he said with more force, which was still not much. "Who are you?"

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SpazzyJazzy "I was getting to you," Adrian nudged Allie in the side playfully, before answering Hailey's question. "Nothing special. Abnormal speed and wings... plus I'm sorta resistant to others mutations, but only to a point." He shrugged as if it were no big deal... he'd heard of people with better mutations than him. But, in his defence, learning to fly was hard. The number of times he'd flown headfirst through a couple (Ok, more than a couple ) of windows was too high to count. And that was only the times when he'd actually managed to get off the ground. Yet, so far throughout his life, practice had proven to make perfect and he had gotten a lot better since then- now he could make it off the ground with minimal injury! Yay!

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Jennifer | 143 comments "Selene." she said crisply. "Nice to meet you." she peered at Jade, who seemed to be ignoring everyone around her. Typical. "Jade. Jade-y. Someone's here to meet you." she sing-songed cheerfully, not caring that Jade was probably going to do something bad to her for disturbing her little nap-time. Very sisterly.

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Christopher cringed back at that last thought. Jade would do something horrible to her own sister? Yes, he admired her air, but did he really want to meet her now? He closed his eyes.
Allie nudged him back and then spoke to Hailey. "He's useless. He stillcan't fly great." She shook her head and then whistled - and an acorn in her palm imploded.

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Jennifer | 143 comments ((Too bad Sy isn't online...))

Cyro turned his head towards a sudden exploding sound. Some girl made an acron explode. It wasn't worth looking at, but what the heck, he was bored. He darted over and tapped Allie on a shoulder then ducked to her other side.

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SpazzyJazzy "Hey, I can fly better than you!" Adrian defended himself mock indiginantly. "Doubt it," Damen replied teasingly, a grin twitching at the corners of his mouth. Ehh... shush. Adrian thought, uncaring as to whether Damen would even be able to read his mind. Apparently, there were times when he couldn't and times when he could, but Adrian was always careful... Damen had a habit of screwing with him, and his answer had double meanings more often than not.

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Hailey smiled. She suddenly noticed her brother over by another girl and staggered up to walk to them.
Allie looked at Adria , her eyes sad. "I blew up a lizard!" she whimpered, unhappy.

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Jennifer | 143 comments Jennifer wrote: "((Too bad Sy isn't online...))

Cyro turned his head towards a sudden exploding sound. Some girl made an acron explode. It wasn't worth looking at, but what the heck, he was bored. He darted over..."

((AHEM. Post 31))

Selene raised an eyebrow at Hailey. "I believe Chris here wanted to be introduced to my sister Jade." she nodded at her thin figure under the tree.

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SpazzyJazzy "Don't fall over, now." Damen remarked to Hailey as she got up, his voice somewhat taunting, before hearing Allie's remark. "I hope you did it properly, then. Nothing's worse than lizard guts everywhere." he commented, stretching out on the grass and placing his hands behind his head, eyes closed. Damen... "Accidents happen," Adrian assured her after shooting an exasperated look at Damen, "that's why you get better- so they don't happen again." Adrian was honestly crap at comforting people, and he heard Damens muffled amused snort at his pathetic attempt.

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Jennifer | 143 comments ((What is this? The third time? POST 31. I'm logging off if no one is acknoledging me))

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SpazzyJazzy ((Sorry! Didn't see post 31, then I was typing when you wrote that next one :P))

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Jennifer | 143 comments ((I'm sure Yum-yum got to use the same excuse))

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Kayla | 620 comments Mod
((Sorry Jenn.))

Allie felt a finger on her shoulder. Knowing it was probably Cyro, she turned all the way around quickly and mock-glared at him. "Caught!" she announced. Then she sighed. "He didn't need to die."
Hailey nodded slowly. "Umm.... well, I'm sorry he was bugging you..."

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Jennifer | 143 comments "Not as caught as you." Cyro grinned. "I heard you blew up a lizard today. Bet it was thrilling to watch."
Selene shook her head. "It's fine. He hasn't done much really." she poked Jade with the tip of her boot. "Jade. Get up."

message 41: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy "Probably not... Lizard-killer."
"Lizard parts grow back, don't they?" Adrian asked, Damen laughing openly at this. "I'm pretty sure that's just their tails, Lizardboy," Damen snickered. "Ah.. shush. My point is, there are lots of lizards out there, Allie. It's not like you killed a whole entire species."

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Syeira-la | 209 comments Jade peeled open her eyes with dramatic hesitance and peered up at Selene. "I think it is just as acceptable to remain in this position," she said. "I can meet people from down here." She kept her tone at an average level, nothing too special in her inflection. She couldn't decide whether to be annoyed at the intrusion or act some other way that others would think typical of her. So she just didn't act anything but lazy.

((I'm here now! :D But I have to go, so please, no more extensive rping that includes my charries. *Looks mournfully at 23 new posts*))

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L (audinosbiitch) Dawn walked outside, a book clutched tightly to her breast. She sat on one of the benches, opening the thick, hardcover book right in the middle, where her homemade cat-and-sun bookmark sat snugly in between the white pages. She started reading on the second paragraph, and ever twenty or so seconds she'd flip the page. She fingered the soft bookmark with one hand, tracing each word with her other.

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) ((*Goes to make a new character out of bordness*))

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L (audinosbiitch) ((RP with me!!!))

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) ((Alright, I'll bring my character into the school. She's currently in her Dorm.))

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L (audinosbiitch) ((OK))

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((Oh dear. Borednesz is not good.))

Allie sighed. "But he was sleeping! He wasn't supposed to explode!" Although his words actually did lighten her thoughs and as she remembered once again the poor imploding lizard, she snorted. "He was pretty funny," she admitted, grinning at the memory.
Hailey nodded. "I'm surprised he would come anywhere near anyone. All he's done is cry since we got here this morning." She shook her head and the noticed Dawn on the bench and waved a shy hello.
Kayce walked onto the grounds and growled at all the people. Dang. He had wanted privacy.

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L (audinosbiitch) Dawn looked up, noticing Hailey's wave. She waved back, smiling, placing her bookmark in between the pages again.

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Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) Jonathan walked outside, and glanced around. His eyes widened. Wow...this is a nice place... he thought, looking around the clearing. He then noticed a small group of people, and smiled, striding over.

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