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The Soldier's Mission by Lenora Worth

The Soldier's Mission
Lenora Worth-
The Story Behind the Story

My December Love Inspired Suspense release "The Soldier's Mission" is very dear to my heart. It is the fifth and final book in my CHAIM series about a private security company and a group of heroes who are "secret agents". I wanted this final book to bring a satisfying ending to this series and I hope this books does that. But the story behind the story is that the opening scene in this book came to me in a dream. But this dream felt so real to me. I woke up and thought I saw a soldier standing at the end of my bed, wearing desert fatigues and holding a helmet in his arm. He said "My father died in Vietnam. My brother was wounded in Desert Storm. And I just got home from the Middle East. I need to talk to someone." I woke up crying and I immediately went into my office and jotted down exactly what the soldier had said in my dream. That dream and that soldier stayed in my mind until I could finally get to the whole story. Then on our way to RWA in San Francisco, we took a road trip to the Grand Canyon. As we came down from the canyon and went into the desert, I saw a small trailer house sitting in the middle of a vast desert. I wondered what kind of person would live out there all alone. Then it hit me--my soldier. And that was how Luke "Paco" Martiinez was born. I hope my readers will enjoy this story. The woman who got Luke's call on a hotline felt the same way I did when I dreamed about him. She wanted to help him. And to all the soldiers who serve our country, I did a lot of research but if I messed up on some of the technical stuff, know that my heart was in the right place. Thank you all for serving and protecting our country. I'm so glad I had that dream, even if it did make me cry.
May 2010--Hometown Princess
June 2010--Risky Reunion
September 2010--Assignment: Bodyguard
December 2010--The Soldier's Mission

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Terri (clanmoran) | 44 comments Are the books you have listed above the ones that are part of her CHAIM series? Since "The Soldier's Mission" is the 5th book, I would really like to read the other four if I can find them. Your help with the titles would be GREATLY appreciated!! :-)

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The books in the CHAIM series are (in order)
1. Secret Agent Minister (9/07)
2. Heart of the Night (1/09)
3. Code of Honor (4/09)
4. Assignment: Bodyguard (9/10)
5. The Soldier's Mission (12/10)

Hope that helps!

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Terri (clanmoran) | 44 comments THANK YOU!!! I am going to find them on Amazon and download them to my Kindle!!

Thanks again!

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