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What's your favorite martial arts style and why?

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message 1: by tinabot (new)

tinabot | 18 comments I'm not sure which one to pick.

message 2: by Jim (new)

Jim Lee | 4 comments I would have to say a combination of several kung fu styles. Let me put it this way, by combing several of the kung fu styles, you will basically have a very comprehensive form of MMA. So starting with Shaolin Kung Fu, which has grappling and striking and weapons altogether and is very effective at the mid-range. Then throw in some Shuai Jiao for it's throwing arts and some more comprhensive grappling. For extreme close-range, use Ba Ji Quan and Wing Chun, and for ground fighting use Di Shu Quan. This, I think, would be the best style.

message 3: by Jacques (new)

Jacques Antoine (jacquesantoine) | 34 comments I like aikido, because it's about resolution. Also, it looks like magic when you see a good demo.

message 4: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Brown | 3 comments Wing Chun. Its soft, fluent, and practical. But I love and respect all martial arts. All are valuable.

message 5: by Carl (new)

Carl | 5 comments Muay Thai is my fave, into Tony Jaa at the moment, in my younger days it was the legend that is Chuck Norris and of course Bruce Lee.

message 6: by Loren (last edited Jul 05, 2014 11:31AM) (new)

Loren Christensen (lorenchristensen) | 30 comments I've been training and teaching the martial arts for over 49 years, and during that time I've studied a variety of systems. I like different ones for different reasons. I like boxing for their blocks and jabs, muay Thai for their elbows and knees, karate for it power punching and kicking, kung fu for its evasiveness, aiki jujitsu for its close in work, and hung gar for its ripping techniques. My approach has always been street oriented, though to mellow out, I practice tai chi.

message 7: by Martyn (new)

Martyn Halm (amsterdamassassinseries) | 3 comments Aikido, which I started training because it was not competitive and had the added difficulty of not harming your opponent.
My sensei also taught koryu bujutsu, and I started training Katori Shinto Ryu bujutsu to enhance my aikido prowess.
Both martial disciplines engage different parts of my martial requirements, so I wouldn't want to choose between them.

message 8: by Al (new)

Al Case | 3 comments My favorite martial art is the one I'm working on currently, which changes as I change. Life is a progression, eh? That said, I love Karate as my base art, but Tai Chi because it is a never ending spiral into a flowering awareness. Have a great work out! Al

message 9: by Thomas (new)

Thomas (tmytc) | 1 comments My great grandad was one of the shaw brothers.... I watch their films very often!

message 10: by Nathalie (new)

Nathalie Andrews | 6 comments I practise iaido. I like how elegant it is and that you use a weapon instead of hand to hand. Elegant and efficient. My school is pretty disciplined and I like learning the philosophy behind it.

message 11: by Martyn (new)

Martyn Halm (amsterdamassassinseries) | 3 comments Mark wrote: "Hello Martyn, welcome aboard. I'm a newbee here, myself. And my martial arts of preference is Ju Jitsu. It's the art I trained in, and it's the art my son has trained in, too. And it's the art that the main character in my novel Killer of Killers was trained in, too."

One of my protagonists, a blind jazz musician, also trains in aikido and Japanese swordmanship, but the other protagonist is an expert in close quarter combat and is skeptical about the application of martial arts in realistic life-or-death situations.

message 12: by Charan (new)

Charan Kumar i sincerely believe that kungfu is best and also judo

message 13: by Allen (new)

Allen | 1 comments Each martial art has it's merits. It depends more on the individual practicing - physical limitations usually dictate what style or form works best. I started Judo at ten years old, then Kenpo at fifteen, Tae Kwon Do at sixteen, back to Kung fu (Siu Lum, Wing Chun) at nineteen, at twenty two again Tae Kwon Do, then several years later Shorinji Kempo, and Kali. Now at sixty I am studying Tai Chi.
My personal favorites are Wing Chun, Kali, and Shorinji. But because of age and physical limitations I find Tai Chi the most appropriate. As Bruce Lee said what works for you is the best martial art.

message 14: by Loren (new)

Loren Christensen (lorenchristensen) | 30 comments My journey is similar (coming up on 50 years), Allen. And what a journey its been.

message 15: by Shiloh (new)

Shiloh Mccollum | 1 comments If you like variety give Silat a try. I teach Shorin Ryu in Colorado but Silat is truly a wonderful style.

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