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Name: Airlia Monique Colomba

Age: 18, born July 9th

Appearance: A true daughter of the god of lust, Airlia (whose name means exquisite) is definitely just that. She stands at a statuesque 5’ 6, deeply tanned, with glossy, wavy blonde hair that shines with a dark lustre. Her eyes are a silvery hazel, nose small and delicate, and her lips are full, soft, and very kissable. She manipulates those features to get what she wants quite easily—her eyes are emotions on their own and her mouth is almost always set in an unconsciously seductive smile. Men and women alike look twice at this girl who symbolizes lust from each waving golden strand of her head to the shapely calves of her legs.

Personality: Seductive. She knows exactly how to charm, to beguile. Every wink and smile of hers leads to obsession from the opposite gender: she exudes seductive appeal. Obviously, she is vain—who could not be, with looks like hers? but strangely loyal to her friends, fiercely so. However, you would not want her as an enemy—she can be cold and vindictive to those she dislikes.

Other: Airlia was born in Italy to a supermodel mother. Most of her early life was spent trying to win her mother’s attention in vain—her mother, Gianna Colomba, had her at a very young age when Eros (disguised as a photographer) seduced her. She is not aware that her daughter is a demigod.
In battle, Airlia favours only one thing—a longsword. The sword, favoured in medieval periods, is nearly as tall as she is and she uses it with a deadly grace. Unfortunately, she’s not very fast, though she is graceful and well-practised. Overall a decent opponent for a good fighter.
Been at camp eight years, since she was nine years old. She's not a year-rounder; she lives with her cousin Carmela in Sicily the rest of the year. Airlia has been on two quests.
Besides from being a generally seductive person, Airlia has a natural appeal that borders on magical.

[New Summer Edit:]

She now has a huge grasp on lust magic and is very advanced. Airlia rarely seduces anyone anymore, out of loyalty for her boyfriend of a year, Deon, from the Zeus cabin.
She is, however, expert at introducing two potential halves of a pair to each other, and can plant the seed of lust in anyone's heart, for anyone.

Watch out. Don't want to be lusting after a toaster, now, do we...

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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Jace Corriander Lagneía

Gender: Male

Age: 18



Jace has dark wavy brown hair that he meticulously combs up like that ^^ His eyes are an extremely dark hazel color that almost seem as chocolatey as his hair. He has gently tanned skin that reveals- along with his arched eyebrows and full, pouty lips- his Barcelonian heiratige. When he's just hanging around he tends to keep shirtless, revealing well muscled but not overpowering abs.

Personality: Well... He's gay. Must I say a lot more than that? Jace is a flirt. A cheezy yet amazing flirt, but still a flirt at that. When he's being normal, which is rare, he has a joking personality. He teases people constantly, but makes extra sure that they know he's only teasing and doesn't mean it. He tries his hardest to be annoying, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not. When he's trying to be a flirt, he succeeds. Well. Extremely well. He can be hard to deal with, as he rarely acts serious, but when he does you know he means it and something bad has happened. Deep down, he really cares.

Other: Jace didn't grow up like his sisters. His mother was a waitress at Hooters by day and practically a pole dancer by night. He was dropped of at camp at the age of 9 by a satyr in the Child Protection Agency because his mother wasn't fit to take care of him. When she was sober- rarely- she would completely ignore his needs. When she was drunk- often- she would treat him roughly and smack him often. She never married but almost always had some new man over for the night that Jace would never see again. He quickly learned not to expect any of them to stay. If his mother even managed to make it home for the night she'd never come alone and wouldn't even bother with Jace. She acted as if he didn't exist, if she even knew he did. He doesn't return home over the summer, mainly because he has adjusted to life without a drunken mother to abuse him. His preferred weapon is a chain- seemingly simple. It normally hangs as a silver-link necklace high up on his neck with a large chunk of his birthstone- citrine. When he takes it off, which he only does if he needs to, it becomes te long silver chain with a stone at the end, a unique weapon that hurts a lot if you get struck by the stone.

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Name: Jenni Brooke Shomper
Gender: F
Age: 16

Blonde, warm, soft hair that is wavy. Her eyes are a deep sea blue. She has long dark eye lashes and a beautiful smile with white teeth. Skinny and she is tan, the perfect shade fits her just right to make her absoulutly postitivly gorgeous. Her nose is small and her lips are brightly pink and kissable. She is 5'5 and is very curvy.

She is is 250 % boy crazy. She can manipulate your relationship and make your romance bitter. You don't want to upset her because nothing good could possibly come from that. Nothing. At all. She flirts with guys and can't seem to stop. She seem so nice but that doesn't explain her when she is in one of her moods. She is quick to judge and despises people with ugly hair cuts, pimples, glasses,etc.

She has had more boyfriends than you can count. Her mother was a supermodel and a singer. She went to camp when she was 10, so she is relitivaly fond of Camp Half-Blood. She is best friends with all the Aphrodite campers and if a boy talks to her, she will definatly talk back. She had a British accent but it faded away because she has lived in the U.s for 7 years after moving from Great Britan to New York at age 6. Her mom hated her. She was constantly called a brat and the worst daughter ever. She was adopted, so her parents currently aren't her real parents. Her mother gave her away because she couldn't take care of a child, being only 19 when Jenni was born. Her parents hate her. Thay adopted her to gloat on prettiness, but now that she is a teenager (and hormonal), she has become a pain. Her dream is to go on a quest, which might not be possible because Eros' aren't known for being smart.

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Moon (moonstonesandbooks) | 3694 comments Name: Santiago Javier Díaz Belmonte Palomo Ventura Rendón Morales Orellana Medina **see below for explanation on name**


High, but subtle cheekbones give this son of the lust god a regal air. His mahogany colored lockes tend to be all over the place, but he doesn't ever attempt to tame them; he justs lets his hair be the way it is. Thick eyebrows hang over his sometimes pensive, sometimes nonchalant coffee colored eyes, which happens to be a coincidence with the fact that he loves to drink coffee! He also has full lips, but they aren't exactly what you would call plump. His other prominent feature is a slightly crooked nose, which he got after he angered a son of Phobos when he was 14, and felt his wrath. He is rather slender, and although he works out from time to time, he doesn't have bulging muscles.

Personality: Malicious is definitely what Santiago is not, especially when using his power. He doesn't like using it at all, and wishes all the time that he could have had a different godly parent. Unfortunately, his hours of praying to different gods for the removal of his power, or, can you believe this, a trade in parent, surmounted to nothing. All her ever got from that was Eros telling him that it was meant to be, and that he'll appreciate his powers someday. All Santiago thought was 'Suuurrre. Yeah, I'm going to do that right now.' For those of you sarcastically challenged, he was being sarcastic. Speaking of sarcasm, Santiago a bit sarcastic at times, but doesn't let it overpower him. He also doesn't really believe in revenge, because he believes that it'll make everyting two-fold, and that it is better to take whatever punishment. Of course, he does have a slight tendency of running away from probelms, or at least not confronting them. He'll let them sit there and boil over, eventually making matters a hell of a lot worse. Many misunderstandings with his friends and others, have stemmed from this, and fights have ensued. This doesn't make him someone looking for a fight, but it doesn't make him a weakling either. He just tries, the key word here being tries, to keep his nose clean, this is a figure of speech for all you figure of speech challenged people out there, and tries to avoid fights. He epically fails at this, though, and he seems to be a magnet for arguments and disagreements. But don't think that he's trouble! He has a few redeeming qualities in him, even if they aren't always visible. He is a true romantic at heart, and always recited poetry to his ex, Ronnie, which brought them together.He tends to shrug off the drooling looks he gets from other girls and doesn't usually give a damn about how he looks, and he really tends to be faithful. He also loves deeply, and does tend to be a bit passionate, but this can go both ways. He was really in love with his ex-girlfriend, and couldn't stop thinking about her when they dated. The question then is... why did he suddenly leave his girlfriend and camp, if he really loved her?

Age: 18

Other: He had a steady girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend now, and his relationship lasted for about thirteen months, before he suddenly left camp and his girlfriend, without even saying good-bye. He left many questions and no answers, and many people wondered what happened to the 'it' couple. There was a lot of speculation. Rumors spread like a wildfire through the camp, and questions like "Did he go on a secret quest to become immortal? Did he run off to live with prostitutes? Did he commit suicide?" kept being asked, but of course, as time went by, the rumors subsided, and the well-known couple was forgotten.

He also has a Spanish accent, which isn't always heard, but in moments of emotion, comes out, and is laid thick, like butter on toast. This comes from the fact that he lived in Colombia until he was eleven, because he was born there, and he loved being there. He grew up with coffee all around him, as his mom was the proud owners of a farm that grew coffee beans, and had a café. He first arrived at camp when he was eleven, and decided to stay year round for one year, then only the summer the next year, and then mixed it up. He, however, left camp when he was 16, was gone for 2 years, and now came back mysteriously.

**Santiago has a long name with many last names because it is a common practice for Latinos and Latinas to know the last names of their parents, grandparents, great-grand parents and sometimes even more. I, believe it or not, know my last names up to three generations before me. Latinos ~FTW~!**

*Ronnie- Ronnie and Santiago were inseperable, but they broke up for seemingly unknown reasons. Why he left her and camp will be rp'ed, so stay tuned!

*Charitey- Charitey and Ronnie. What they had started as merely a friendship in which they were good friends, due to Ronnie. She was the bonding glue that had created the trio, but she didn't know the ramifications of it...

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