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message 1: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Jones (matthew_jones) | 49 comments Too strange for some tastes or would you have preferd it to be a little stranger...

message 2: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Jones (matthew_jones) | 49 comments This book scared the bejesus out of me. Being something of a wuss, that might not be saying a great deal about its scariness, but I thought Waters managed brilliantly to balance the creaking genre floorboards, a very evocative depiction of crumbling English aristocracy and a disturbingly twisted, multi-layered romance in one post-Freudian package. Its flawed, annoying, fascinating characters, particularly our dubious narrator, held my attention to the very last page. A page which contained a rather brilliant way to end the story with its ambiguously creepy form of closure. A great story.

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