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message 1: by Carl (new)

Carl (clarinetplayerperson) | 18 comments I found an edition of this book not on the site and I am unsure what to do...

I found two isbn looking numbers;

Standard book number:671-46573-2 (found near the publishing info)

671-46573-2-075 (found on the binding next to the title)

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45016 comments Mod
Neither of those is an ISBN -- they have the wrong number (and type) of digits.

message 3: by Cait (new)

Cait (tigercait) | 5005 comments It's probably this edition; a lot of older books left off the first digit of the ISBN, which in this case would be 0. (The -075 on the binding may have been $0.75 as the publisher's price.)

message 4: by Carl (last edited Dec 07, 2010 04:03PM) (new)

Carl (clarinetplayerperson) | 18 comments Actually there was a 075 directly after that. ($0.75)
And their description of it doesn't match my book.

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