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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) Name: Velly
Gender: f
Age: unknown
Appearance: pink hair, long, pink wings
Species: gaurdian angel
Personality: sweet, helpful
Family: none
Friends: none
Crush: none yet
who wants me as a gaurdian angel?

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Dovewing | 346 comments Name: Sappheire Silver
Nickname: Saffy
Age: 17, but looks younger

Body type: She is thin, as her muscles grow close to her bone. This makes her very flexible, like the contortionists at Cirque de Sole. She has a naturally small build, and is about 5’3”. Despite that, she is quite strong.
Posture: She has good posture and keeps her back straight. She tenses up when nervous, scared, or surprised, then visibly relaxes when she calms.
Head shape: Somewhat oval-shaped, with a rounded chin. She has high cheekbones.
Eyes: Like high-quality blue sapphires, her eyes are a clear, dark blue. They are bright and exited, as if always looking for an adventure, yet calm and wise, ever logical and calculating. Their shape is round a slight hint of an almond shape.
http://www-tc.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/diamo... eye color link
Nose: She has a normal-sized nose; the bridge is not particularly high or flat.
Mouth: Her lips are light pink and her teeth are white. She has a temporary silver filling one of her lower back teeth.
Hair: Pure white in color, her hair falls to the small of her back. It is slightly wavy, and she always wears it either down or in a tight braid. When in a braid, it can be used as a whip. Her bangs have grown out.
Skin: Her skin is smooth and porcelain white. She doesn’t tan or sunburn; the darkest she’s been is a slight peach color. When she blushes, a light shade of pink shows on her cheekbones.
Tattoos/piercings/scars: She has small circular scars on her arm from having blood drawn, little dots that only slightly show against her skin. She has no tattoos, but she often draws on herself or writes bible verses on the back of her hands.
Voice: Her voice reflects her emotions well; it is soft when she is sad or comforting someone, bright and excited when she is happy, when she is mad it sounds like a quiet shout (unless she is furious, then she gets very, very quiet). She is generally calm and her voice has a slightly melodic tone to it. When she sings she is a soprano, and she has an uncanny knack of mimicking singer’s voices.
What people notice first: Her white hair and pale skin.

Shirt: It is a long-sleeved t-shirt in the colder months and a t-shirt or tank-top in the warmer part of the year. It is fashioned out of a dark blue lightweight material and is decorated with silver flames on the hem and edges of the sleeves. In the light, the flames seem to dance like they were real.
Pants: She either wears sweatpants (the nice kind, not the baggy kind) made of the same dark blue material or dark jeans. Both have the same silver flames at the hem, and no other decoration.
Accessories: She had a necklace with a chain of silver and a cross pendant. The pendant looks like this: http://images.auctionworks.com/hi/70/... . Other than that, she wears no more jewelry.

Speices: Human
Family: Her mother died when she was eight and her father abandoned her at the orphanage.
Friends: open
Crush: open
History: When she was eight, her mother was murdered with a stab through her stomach. Saffy came downstairs and found the body. Soon after, her father left her at the orphanage. She has lived there since, and take care of the younger kids sometimes.
Gaurdian Angel: Velly?

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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) OK!

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!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 369 comments Name: Ivy Cawen
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, looks about 12 or 13
Hair: She has messy hair that goes to her waist. It is completely black on the top, and fades to silver in the middle, then to white at the ends.
Eyes: Her right eye is silver and blue, and her left eye is gold and green.
Clothes: A ragged green shirt, and a ripped brown skirt that goes to her knees.
Species: Wild Gaurdian Angel
Personality: Fierce, yet kind, and at times very wierd.
Friends: None
Crush: None
Other: She carries a sword at all times.

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Katie | 2295 comments Name: Harley
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Appearance: http://zoomgirls.net/wallpapers/eliza...
Species: Guardian Angel
Personality: strong willed, intelligent, loyal.
Family: None
Friends: Few
Crush: None
Other: Her human is Alex Mason.

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Name: Alex Mason
Gender: male
Age: 23

Species: human
Personality: Bad boy. He's unhappy with his life and he covers it by partying, drinking, living life like there are no consequences and there is no tomorrow
Family: Mother died when he was a kid. His father, James Mason, is a big-shot billionaire who could care less about his only son.
Friends: none--they're all fakes and Alex doesn't mind
Crush: doesn't have crushes, he has 'dates'
Other: Grew up with nannies and private schools. Loathes his father for not caring, so he spends his money like theres no end, which there isn't. He floats through life doing whatever he wants. His guardian angel is Harley

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Katie | 2295 comments Sweet!

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I'm glad you approve :P

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Katie | 2295 comments Haha, now let's go have some fun!!!! :P

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check Name: Tanner
Gender: M
Age: 22
Appearance: brown hair, green eyes, tall,
Species: human
Family: open
Friends: open
Crush: open
Other: his guardian is...?

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check anyone want a human?

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Name: Nyara
Gender: female
Age: 16
Species: human
Personality: timid, afraid of people.
Family: Abusive foster parents
Friends: open
Crush: open
Other: She is often covered with cuts and bruises

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Name: Evie
Gender: Female
Age: looks about 23
Species: Guardian angel/Hunter
Personality: She's fierce: fiesty, lovable, fun and protective
Family: well...she consideres all angels to be her family
Friends: her protectee Tanner XD
Crush: open...
Other: When she reveals her wings, they look violet to the human eye but really, they are an unknown color of the rainbow.

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Species:Guardian/Archangel (Angel of Death)
Friends: He is Nyara's Guardian.
Other: he has blood red wings,he will protect you only if he deems you worthy.Deadly in fights with demons.

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Hazuma, can Dimitri be Nyara's angel?

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Sure :)

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Oes anyone need an angel? I find this really interesting..

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Name: Christian
Gender: male
Age: 24
Appearance: [image error]
He's the one sitting up
Species: Angel
Personality: Quiet and solomn, but extreamly protective of his human. Willing to kill for them. He's somewhat charasmatic and easily irritated.
Family: open
Friends: few
Crush: open
Other: needs a human ^_^

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Dovewing | 346 comments Can he be Saffy's angel? Her's poofed.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Has hers officially left? I don't want to take a human until it's like, official..

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Dovewing | 346 comments She posted once and left. She's not coming back. If she does, too bad. Velly is now officially fired from her gaurding job.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Well...
Okay I guess, uhm, where's your charrie now?

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Dovewing | 346 comments At the beach house with Nyara and Dimitri.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Ah... XD this is what I get for joining late. Alright.

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Dovewing | 346 comments Ok, a crash course in this rp:

Angels can't be seen by humans, except Saffy, who (for some reason unbeknownst to the charries in this rp) can see them. Angels appear to sparkle in her sight. Alex is a kid who had a bad childhood (mother died at his birth, father never cared about him) and it is his beach house that everyone else is at right now. His angel, Harley, got invited and lost some of her power, so she can be seen by all humans. Alex and Harley are currently searching for what makes Alex happy, so they are at an amusement park. Nyara is a girl who has horrible abusive 'foster parent' who bought her off the orphanage. She ran away and ended up at the aforementioned beach house, at which point Dimitri (her new gaurdian angel) joined the rp and found her there. Saffy is at the beach house now, because she was out buying herbs and spices for the orphanage kitchen and discovered the trail of Nyara's blood leading to the beach house. She cleaned the place up and is right now in the kitchen.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Ookay!

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Mande-- | 76 comments Name: Harlow
Gender: Female
Long brown hair down to her waist, nice tan skin and very pretty.
Pers: Harlow is very obedient and follows your every order, even if she doesn't know you. She is very serious and hasn't heard jokes or anything childish ever.
Family: Far away.
Friends: What are 'friends'?
Crush: I wouldn't crush a thing.

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Name: Moyra O'hara
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: (without the wings)
Species: human
Personality: stubborn, temperamental, pigheaded, loves to fight
Family: None, ran away
Friends: none, her reputation scares people
Crush: none
Other: After a near-death experience, she became able to feel when a nonhuman entity is nearby.

Needs an angel :D

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