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Zanib  (dawnofthebooks) Velly watched Saffy down bellow.

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!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 369 comments Ivy looked around.

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Dovewing | 346 comments Saffy sat on a tree limb outside the orphanage, reading.

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Alex took a swig of his beer as he nodded his head to the loud music. He shook his head as Amy--or was it Annie?--asked if he would dance. He took another swig as she began to pout, trying to change his mind. Regretting picking her for tonights model, he passed her a drink and told her to go dance with someone else. He frowned, watching the party.

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Katie | 2295 comments Harley sat up in the cieling rafters, watching Alex below. The music was loud and the room was crowded with people. Just another ordinary party for her human. Harley watched as Alex rejected his date. Poor boy. He was surrounded by demons that only she could see.

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Dovewing | 346 comments Saffy looked up in annoyance. That music is much to loud- I can hear it from all the way down here! None of the little kids are going to be able to get to sleep with this going on. She jumped down from the tree, landing silently on her feet. She walked over to the fence and climbed over, heading to the source of the noise. Making sure her bible was safely hidden- these people would not be ripping it up on her watch- she knocked loudly on the door.

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Alex pushed away his drink, watching people dance. He looked over to the door as somebody opened it, wondering who else was coming.

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Katie | 2295 comments Harley watched as the door opened as well, wondering if the person would be just like the last. Harley sighed.

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Dovewing | 346 comments She came in and tapped the nearest person on the shoulder. "Do you know who I could ask to get the music volume lowered?" they only laughed at her, but she kept asking, only resulting in more laughter. She reached Alex and asked him.

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Alex grunted, pushing a drink towards her. "It's a party," he shrugged. "Might as well just enjoy it as it is."

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Katie | 2295 comments Harley leaned forward, watching as the girl talked to Alex. She smiled. "Awe, c'mon Alex...be nice." She laid down on the rafters, watching the two humans.

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Dovewing | 346 comments "I'm only asking because the little ones at the orphanage can't sleep with all this racket." she pushed away the drink. "And I'm not here for the party."

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Alex shrugged, looking back at the dancing. "Then get out. The music isn't going to get any lower."

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Dovewing | 346 comments "Isn't there someone I could ask? The person in charge?"

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Katie | 2295 comments Harley sighed. "Yeah, shoulda seen that one coming from him." She eyed the girl and noticed that she was carrying the bible. She smirked. "She's got your book, Big Man." The electricity suddenly stopped for a long moment before coming back on. Harley's smirk fell. "Okay fine, I'll shut up."

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Alex laughed hoarsely, even through the dark before the electricity came back on. "You're looking at him, girlie. And I say the music stays as it is. So either stay and enjoy it, or get out."

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Dovewing | 346 comments "Alright. I'm sorry for wasting your time, sir." she turned to go.

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Katie | 2295 comments A wind only noticable to Harley blew her straight off the rafters. Her white and black feathered wings shot out in time to catch her fall. She hovered above the crowd and glared up at the cieling. "Alright fine. I'm working, I'm working. Gees, you don't pay me enough, Big Man." She flew over to the music booth and used her katana to slice through a few wires, shutting the music off.

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Alex glared over at the music booth, shouting at them to turn the music back on. When they told him they couldn't he cursed, yelling at them to try harder.

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Dovewing | 346 comments Saffy smiled a little as the music shut off and made her way through the crowd, holding her bible close as she went.

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Katie | 2295 comments Harley landed on the music booth and watched as the DJs scrambled with the sliced wires. She shrugged. "Eh, you weren't playing my favorite song." She lookd over at Alex. She could tell he was angry and she would be too if she was in his shoes. She looked over at the girl holding the bible and wondered where her guardian was at the moment.

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Dovewing | 346 comments Saffy opened the door and walked out, taking a deep breath of the fresh air. The air inside that place smelled horrendous, but at least the loud music had stopped. She slowly started walking back to the orphanage, sending a quick prayer of thanks to God.

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Alex kept yelling at the DJs, but it just wasn't happening. Angry, he grabbed a case of beer and headed out to his porsche. He climbed ing, tossing the beer into the back. He drove off, heading out of town.

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Katie | 2295 comments Harley folded her arms across her chest as she sensed another prayer of thanks shooting up to God. "Once again stealing my credit." She shook her head, grumbling. She spotted Alex leaving and flew off after him. She landed on his car gracefully. "Trust me kid, I'm on your side on this one."

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Dovewing | 346 comments She saw the boy from before- the one who said he was in charge- going off in his car with a case of alcohol in the back. Not the best idea- DUIs are never good.

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Turning the radio up loud, Alex raced on the back roads, heading out to his hideout. He'd found the place when they were vacationing at the beach house during the summers when he was a kid. When his mother was still alive. Alex turned the music up louder, racing towards the coast. It would only take a few hours.

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Katie | 2295 comments Harley knocked loudly on the roof of the car. "Hey, slow down! What are you trying to do? Kill yourself?!"

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Dovewing | 346 comments She climbed back over the orphanage fence and went inside, walking to her bunk without making a sound. Her bed was closest to the window, and was a top bunk.

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Alex frowned, slowing down as he heard something. He turned the music down slightly, seeing if he could hear it again.

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Katie | 2295 comments Harley felt the car slow down and the music's volume lower. She quit banging on the roof, confused. "Wait...that worked?"

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Shrugging, Alex sped back up. Probably just in his head. He turned the music up, missing the party. At least at the party he was surrounded by people. It was always better than being totally alone.

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Katie | 2295 comments The car suddenly sped up and Harley had to hang on so she wasn't blown off the car. "Nope. Still one hundred percent invisible to Speedy." Going against the laws of physics Harley manuevered around the car until she was sitting on the hood, looking at Alex through the windshield. Being so close to the guy she could feel his emotions more strongly then eariler. She sighed. "You're not alone."

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Alex frowned as he continued to make his way to the beach. A few hours later, he slowed to a stop, parking his car near the cliffs. Sighing, he grabbed the beer from the back and began to climb, making his way to the top.

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Katie | 2295 comments Harley walked beside Alex as he made his way to the top. She eyed the pack of beer he carried and quickly took out the rest, dumping them in a bush. "You're buzzed enough."

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((can he see that? or is it just gone?))

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Katie | 2295 comments ((Well I'm guessing he'll just go: whoa, it's all gone. But I am trying to figure out a way to get him to see Harley. Any ideas? I think it would be more interesting if Alex could see his own guardian angel. I dunno, just thinking.))

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((yeah! i like that. um...maybe she could just reveal herself to him when she wants? or he has to have like a near-death-experience first? or has to have an epiphany or something?))

Alex smiled slightly as he reached the top. He hunkered down, watching the waves in the moonlight. He reached out for a beer, frowning when they were gone. He looked around him, as if they would pop up somewhere.

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Dovewing | 346 comments ((I think he should have an epiphany.))

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Katie | 2295 comments ((A near death experience would do the trick. Or if she has to save him and gets injured enough that she loses some of her powers so she is visible to him.))

Harley sat down next to Alex and leaned back on her elbows. "Pretty view."

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((alright. how would an angel get hurt though?))

Alex frowned, not seeing any beer. Grumbling, he layed down to look at the stars, proping his head up with his hands.

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Dovewing | 346 comments ((demons can hurt angels.))

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((dun dun dun!))

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Katie | 2295 comments ((Hmmm, maybe a demon could attack Alex and Harley gets injured fighting the demon off?))

Harley remained propped up on her elbows, looking out at the giant moon.

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((whatever you want to do, katie.))

Alex looked at the stars, frowning slightly. He tried to count them, like he used to when he was a kid. He could see the milky way out here, with no light polution to mask it.

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Nyara stumbles down a dark street, crying. Bruises cover the left side of her face, and a large hand-shaped bruise shows dark on her pale arm where her foster father had gripped it.

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Katie | 2295 comments ((Okay. Then demon attack. Here we go!!!))

The air shifted causing Harley to sit up slowly, looking around for the source. She then tilted her head back to look up at the sky and spotted a demon dropping out of the sky, heading straight for Alex. "Oh no you don't." Harley sprang up into the night sky, whipping her katana out. She soared up to meet the demon.

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Dovewing | 346 comments Saffy looked out the window, hearing sobs from below. Spotting a young girl, she climbed out of her bunk and went outside, approaching her. "Are you ok?"

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Alex shivered, feeling strange. Brushing it off, he kept staring up at the stars, trying to count them.

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Katie | 2295 comments As Harley soared closer to the demon she could see the monster smiling. "What are you smiling at, big ugly!" She swung her katana with all her strength at the demon. He ducked low, escaping her strike. She muttered a string of unintelligable words under her breath and kicked the demon in the chest. Brown leathery wings sprang out of the demon's back, catching him from his fall. He soared back up laughing evilly. Harley swung her blade again and managed to slice the demon's arm. The demon lunged and sent his spiked fist into her stomach. There was an awful ripping sound as Harley gasped. She looked down to find the demon's fist soaked in her own blood from the wound he had created. Harley glared at the monster and swung her blade, slicing his head off. The demon burst into flames. Harley watched the demon before gravity claimed her and pulled her to the ground.

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