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message 1: by John, (~^u^~)V (new)

John x (radishfriends) | 867 comments Mod
Not being a fan of Poetry myself, i don think that poetry writing is creative and should be a topic in this group.

If you like poetry have fun with it and let's see what you've got!

Don't be afraid to write any poetry. I find it entertaining to read. ;)

message 2: by John, (~^u^~)V (new)

John x (radishfriends) | 867 comments Mod
Let's not post these on the information thread. I'll make a thread for you guys to post them there. Please copy and paste these poems there and delete these posts.

message 3: by Kat (new)

Kat (sugaraddict) | 688 comments Yay!

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) Poetry is completely creative, and can be very emotional.

I used to think the same way in that I couldn't write i.

But apparently, everyone else seems to love it. Even though it's about sensitive topics.

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