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Diamond Website Conversion (diamondwebsiteconversion) | 78 comments Mod
This week’s reading covers a broad range of topics, each of which could take up a lot more space than they receive in the book. However, I think the goal of the authors was not so much to provide a comprehensive discussion of usability, look and feel, searchability, and layout, but rather to ask some probing questions that will spur us to take a more knowledgeable look at some elements of our websites that we might take for granted.

Does your search function really contribute value to your website, or does it add to user frustration by returning low-value results?

Can customers see where they need to go immediately, or do they have to hover over a particular link in order to see its label (meaning most users will never find it at all)?

Is the most important information on your website really the most visible according to eye tracking and layout studies?

Do those dancing monkeys support your intended professional image?

These are just a few of the questions that could be asked in order to create ideas for testing and improvement. What are some additional ways you could test the user interaction functions of your website in order to find out whether your site makes it easy and desirable for shoppers to become buyers?

message 2: by Anne (new)

Anne | 51 comments Google Analytics would be a great tool to use in the many questions presented here. Where are people clicking. A true heat map will show where people are clicking whether or not you placed a link there.
Google analytics also has a site search function where you can see what terms visitors used and their subsequent behavior.
And at last misspellings are recommended for your own products. As a poor speller - it is refreshing to see that this lack of skill is also a recommended test.

I like too that there s a call to test the second call to action, 'but wait there's more!"

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