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Angus (Ozzy Zig needs a gig) Richardson (tap3w3rm) I cannot stand Pop music. There is no meaning to it or no talent. Just a pretty face and an autotune machine.

The sheeple just listen to pop because everyone else listens to it.

Pop "fans" are the most unloyal fans anywehre. They dump an artisit in the gutter as soon as someone new and catheier and flashier comes a long.

To quote the great man Rob Zombie "You dont hear a metalhead saying 'oh yeah I was really into Slayer for like a summer'"

This really sums up why I hate pop. Almost all other gernes are loyal to artist and metal especially. Rock, Punk, Alt, Folk and even some country fans always love thier artist. Punker's always love Bad Religion or Sex Pistols or The Ramones. Rockers love thier bands. Metalheads love thier bands thier whole lives.

Pop just doesnt.

message 2: by ShadowTalon (new)

ShadowTalon (flameofnight) The only pop artist who ever displayed any talent whatsoever: Michael Jackson. I am a definite loyal fan of his and always will be.

I don't mind Lady GaGa either, her music is fun to dance to.

Other than that, I really, really don't like pop.

Not to mention all the artists usually end up on drugs or broke. Or both.

message 3: by Marley (new)

Marley (Marleyme95) | 5270 comments Why do you have to be loyal to a band. I am loyal to music. I don't need to follow one band forever, or put down one genre. I just need to know my tastes.

Pop music is what is 'popular' in the moment. I have no problem with it at all. Doesn't mean I'm going to load my iPod up with a bunch of Ke$ha songs. But I might sing along to it if it's on the radio.

message 4: by ShadowTalon (new)

ShadowTalon (flameofnight) I'm not loyal to one band, I just find pop music to be generally annoying.

message 5: by Marley (new)

Marley (Marleyme95) | 5270 comments I was more responding to Angus's comment.

Not all pop artists are bad. There are many with talent.

message 6: by ShadowTalon (new)

ShadowTalon (flameofnight) Like who?

message 7: by Marley (new)

Marley (Marleyme95) | 5270 comments Yay! I love listing lovely musicians. I am currently enjoying: Train, Katy Perry actually used to be decent, Rihana is sometimes pretty good, Taylor Swift is a good songwriter, not always the best live preformer, The Script, I am still totally in love with Jason Mraz and Matt Kearney, Nelly Futado, Vannessa Carlton..though she's not exactly pop.

There are quite a few more as well. :) I'm sure you could find some you liek if you tried.

(Do you have a name, or shall I simply call you Black Cat?)

message 8: by ShadowTalon (new)

ShadowTalon (flameofnight) I forgot Taylor Swift, she's pretty decent. The best country music I've ever heard, for sure. Other than Tim Mcgraw.

Yes, just call me Black Cat. I'm only allowed to have an account if I don't reveal my name.

message 9: by Marley (new)

Marley (Marleyme95) | 5270 comments Indeed, though she's such an odd cross between pop and coutnry. Pretty awesome though.

Hmmm...Black Cat. How unlucky, I've come across several, I'll be unlucky til the day I die.

message 10: by ShadowTalon (new)

ShadowTalon (flameofnight) Haha, it's actually based on the manga/anime Black Cat, which I thoroughly enjoyed (manga nerd alert!). I do, however, really like black cats. They're so mysterious and elegant, and they always seem to represent the misunderstood.

Well, that was off topic.

message 11: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (izzydavies) I luv black cats even though mine is white (she's my pic)

message 12: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (izzydavies) anyway I see nothing wrong with not being loyal 2 a singer/band (eventhough I am completely loyal to My Chemical Romance) taste changes, what people play on the radio changes according to taste which makes people like different stuff. I say go with the flow

(P.S. I am not a hippy i just like that phrase)

message 13: by Marley (new)

Marley (Marleyme95) | 5270 comments Ah. I see. Off-topic, well...whatever.

I either like something or don't. I can honestly say I listen to everything. :)

message 14: by Marley (new)

Marley (Marleyme95) | 5270 comments Everything's a whore.

message 15: by Marley (new)

Marley (Marleyme95) | 5270 comments Well, it may have a sparklier glitter make-up, but still, most do it for the money. If it's good, I'll screw it. :) Yay whores?

message 16: by Marley (new)

Marley (Marleyme95) | 5270 comments Oh, you.

message 17: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (djinni) | 7365 comments Mod
"al 2 a singer/band (eventhough I am completely loyal to My Chemical Romance)"

Same. But that's why I like Danger Days, their newest album. It's pop, but it's been contaminated with ideas and values, to make it dangerous and cool again.

message 18: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (djinni) | 7365 comments Mod
But "real" rock, as you call it, is currently dying. When was the last great rock band? Everything modern I know of is either rap, pop, or some form of pseudo-pop-punk-rock shit.

message 19: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (izzydavies) Lauren wrote: ""al 2 a singer/band (eventhough I am completely loyal to My Chemical Romance)"

Same. But that's why I like Danger Days, their newest album. It's pop, but it's been contaminated with ideas and valu..."

yea MCR has moved with the times whilst still keeping its old veiws and style!!!

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