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Hey guys!!!

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Rachel's Book Reviews (rachelsbookreviews) You have no idea how happy i am to see this group!!!! I'm a teen who hates raunchy books. I have TONS of books that are good and clean. I refuse to read twilight (no offense if any of you like it) I run a review website based on the fact that so many teen books are trashy! ( )!!! I let the viewers know what the book is about, if there is anything debatable or negative in it. (I think you would like the website) YAY!!! I have been called four lettered words because of what i refuse to read! i'm soooooo glad this group is here!!!

(sorry, this post looks like it came from a crazy person ;)

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thats awesome ill have to check it out! i try to look through reviews and see if people say there is bad stuff in them but not alot of people say stuff like that! and u dont sound like a crazy person! hehe!

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