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((please make charrie first then start whenever!!!))

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((Do you want to start when they are on the plane, boarding the plane, or they just crashed...???))

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((right before they crash))

Luke, in a first-class seat, stared out the window with a bored expression on his face.

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Holly sat down in her seat, near the door to the first class. She felt the plane drop slightly and looked around at the people.

((hey, i g2g... please don't do a lot of rp without me so i don't have to catch up with a ton, ya know))

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((all rightly then byes =[))

Luke sighed and closed his eyes.

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((I'm still gonna disappear sometime...))

Holly watched as the seatbelt light went on. "We're still over the ocean..." She said quietly.

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((mee tooo))

For some reason, Luke had a queasy feeling.

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Holly watched as they looked like they were nearing the ocean. Her brow furrowed and her muscles tightened. There was a flight attendant and Holly called him over. "Excuse me, but what's happening?" She asked and the man just shrugged it off like it was no big deal and an ordinary explanation. When she tried to ask more, he left. She glanced into the first class section.

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Bel took her seat belt and clicked it tiredly. All she wanted to do was sleep, but planes had always freaked her out.

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Luke had never been claustrophobic, or afraid of flying, but for some reason an overwhelming fear was taking hold of him.

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Suddenly, the oxygen masks dropped from the compartments above their heads. Holly's eyes widened and she quickly put hers on, knowing that they were going down now. Her fear heightened as the captain came on the intercom, announcing that they were having difficulties.

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Luke slapped his forehead with his palm.

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Bel shrieked automatically when the masks fell. She stared at the one dangling infront of her before slipping it over her face.

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Holly closed her eyes as the nose of the plane tilted down and they neared the water. Within a second, they hit land, everyone jolted around in their seats and one of the wings ripped off. They hit something else and she blacked out from the whiplash.

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Luke was tossed around, his oxygen mask almost falling off his face. His eyes her squeezed shut.

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It was hot. Bell opened her eyes and thought she had gone blind. No it was soke. Bel glanced around, flames were licking the side of the plane. Screaming Bell tried to get up. Her seat belt restrained her. Swearing she unclicked it ripping off the oxygen mask and stood. Screams were echoing all around.

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Holly was still unconscious as people struggled to get out and away from the flames but there were already people who were gone. In the jolt, her mask fell off and she was breathing in smoke.

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Luke was staggering around. He found his carry-on and sighed with relief. He started to drag it away from the airplane. Then he rushed back and started to help people away from the plane.

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Holly started to wake up and she started into a fit of coughs. She began to struggle with the buckle but was having a hard time with her body not working right because of the smoke.

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Bell moved about through bodies lying in the aisles she didnt want ot check if they were alive or not. She found an opening and threw herself out into hte open air. She collapsed in hot sand. Taking a breath Bel chocked on smoke filled air. She glanced around several people were moving now trying to get away. What would she do? Biting her lip Bel went back into the plane to try and help others.

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Luke found a girl who kept coughing. He opened his pocketknife and cut away her belt. "Here," he offered her his hand.

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Holly took Luke's hand grateful for his help. She lifted her shirt collar and covered her nose with it.

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Bel moved through the aisles helping people to get unbuckled. The smoke started to become to much. Pulling her shirt over her face Bell started to get out while she could, until soft sobs stopped her she looked around and saw a little girl rolled in a ball on the floor arms wrapped around the legs of a woman who could only be her mother. Quickly Bel checked the pulse of the woman , there was no sign of life. Making a split second desision Bel pried the girl away from her dead mother and got off the plane.

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Luke pulled Holly through the smoke, his eyes starting to water through the smog.

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They got out of the plane and onto the rocks a ways away from the beach. Holly coughed as she breathed in the clean air, trying to get the smoke out of her lungs.

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Luke wiped his eyes on his sleeve. He sighed and shook his head as he started to head back towards the wreck.

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Bel tried to hold the girl in her arms but she kept squirming crying for her mother.

"Shush, shush," Bell said trying to calm the little girl. Her heart was pounding as she backed away from the plane, keeping the girls head away from the wreckage.

"Nina!" Nick cried. He had just barely gotten out of the plane before another explosion occured. He looked around wildly. "NINA!"

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Luke couldn't believe people had still been on the plane when another part of it had been demolished. He shook his head and ran towards the hunk of metal, still looking for more...alive people.

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Holly stopped coughing and stood up slowly, looking at the crash her heart sank even further as she started to realize the magnitude of what had happened. She went to her knees and realized some cuts on her arms.

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Bel kept walking Eyes wide as she watched smok rise in the air. The little girl in her arms hadnt stopped squirming. Bel reached the edge of some trees and she stoped taking deep breaths to calm herself.

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Luke shook his head some more then found a load of luggage. He started to haul as many as he could away from the wreckage.

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Holly saw Luke beginning to pull luggage from the plane and stood, running over to help. She wanted to do anything that she could to help at the moment, make herself useful if things were going to be this way.

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Luke smiled at Holly and nodded. "Thanks."

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Holly gave him a small smile and grabbed some luggage.

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Luke tossed some light carry-ons towards the groups of people huddling together away from the wreckage and tugged on another bag trapped under some debri.

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Holly looked at Luke and saw him pulling on a bag. She started to lift the rubble from on top of the bag.

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"Thanks," Luke huffed.

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"No problem." Holly said and then her head snapped towards the plane when she heard something that sounded like air coming from a hairspray can. "Get away from the plane!" She yelled.

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Luke grabbed a few more pieces of luggage and sprinted away from the plane.

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Holly grabbed a bag, slinging it over her shoulder before running after Luke. The sound became high pitched and then part of the flame burst, flame and debris flying in all directions. Holly fell forward and went into a ball to avoid being hit by the metal pieces of the plane.

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Luke sprawled forward with the explosion.

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Holly started to lift herself off of the ground, looking around at the area, pieces of debris scattered and some on fire. The plane was engulfed in flames. She stood slowly and winced as she pulled a piece of metal from her leg.

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Luke continued to haul the rest of the luggage over to the stunned people. He was oblivious to the metal shard in his back.


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Holly pulled another piece from her side and then looked at Luke. She hurried over, her leg stinging with pain as she did and her side shooting pain up through her chest. "hey!"

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"Hey," Luke said, gasping for air. The heat from the plane crash numbed the pain in his back.

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"There's something in your back." Holly said, wincing slightly and glancing down at her bleeding side before looking at Luke's back again.

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Luke raised an eyebrow. "Oh." Then he glanced down at Holly's leg and said, "Do you need any help?"

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"You need help first." Holly said. "Sit down." She pulled the bag from her shoulder and grabbed a shirt that was inside.

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Luke sat down and winced when pain stabbed through his back. "Ah," he gasped, "I guess you're right."

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Holly knelt down behind him and ripped the shirt so it was one long strip. "You need to take your shirt off so I can get to it." She said, setting the fabric in her lap.

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