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((make charrie first please then start whenever =]))

message 2: by David (new)

David jones | 32 comments Danny is standing in the middle of the road, pale face, wing out stretched, not caring what people said about his ability to fly, his mission to try to do good for all, trying to earn his place back into heaven.

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Lilith stood on the sidewalk, leaning against a wall. She watched the boy in the street, examining his wings. Her own were folded tight to her back and underneath her clothes to hide herself from the world, mostly because she wasn't an 'angel' from heaven.

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David jones | 32 comments He turned around, sensing someone was near. He saw a pair of crimson red eyes in a dark corner.

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Lilith made eye contact with him and smiled slightly. She stood and started heading towards him.

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Zsofi walked down the street, lonely and quiet.

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David jones | 32 comments Danny walked toward Lithe, so her face was in sight. Wow is she beautiful, thought Danny.

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Zsofi continued to wander then sighed and flopped down on a bench.

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Lilith grinned. "Don't really hide yourself, do you?" She asked once she was close enough for him to hear her.

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David jones | 32 comments "I kind of do," muttered Danny so Lithe could hear. "But I mean it is true that you are beautiful."

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She closed her eyes and sighed. Zsofi was worn out. Those idiots who had been chasing her really exhausted her.

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Lilith smiled at Danny. "Well that's one thing I do like to hear." She said with a small laugh."

message 13: by David (new)

David jones | 32 comments Danny walked over and sat by Zsofi. "Hey whats up Zsofi," he asked.

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"Idiots in the park," she moaned.

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Lilith raised an eyebrow slightly, thinking it was strange how he would just blow her off like that.

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Zsofi laughed slightly and said to Danny, "Man, you really blew her off there." She gestured towards Lilith.

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David jones | 32 comments "Sorry, I just wanted a place to sit," Danny said. "Sit next to me beautiful." He gestured toward Lithe.

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Lilith sighed slightly and sat down next to Danny, getting a kick out of how he called her beautiful because she knew that he had no idea what she really was.

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((mmmmmm Immagonna spice this up!!!))

Zsofi raised an eyebrow then moaned again as she heard the human mob heading towards her bench.

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David jones | 32 comments Danny stretched his wings, trying to impress Lithe. "You wanna tour of the sky in (insert wherever this takes place here) I would love to show you."

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"Great..." Lilith muttered as she saw some people heading towards them. "Well, I think I might want to." She grinned at Danny and her black wings tore through the back of her shirt.

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((edited my post...)

message 23: by David (new)

David jones | 32 comments "Yes very much so hon, I shall also seclude myself from these people," Danny said, following Lithes beautiful form in a dark corner.

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"Have fun," Zsofi said sullenly as she got ready to fight some more humans off and then run.

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After they were away from the bench, Lilith stretched her black wings and then looked up at the sky. "Let's go." She said with a grin before jumping up and with one pump of her wings, she was above the buildings.

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Zsofi got ready to fight when an idea popped into her head. She darted up into the air and asked Lilith, "Um, mind if I hang around? Just for a tiny while."

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"Doesn't really bother me." Lilith answered and looked over at Danny for his imput.

(i might disappear soon...)

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((aww ok))

Zsofi glanced down at the mob.

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((hey, i g2g. if you could only do a little bit of rp without me so i can jump in easily, that would be cool so that i'm not completely left behind or something... cuz that gets annoying...
anyways, bye!!))

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((okay =( bibi!))

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David jones | 32 comments Danny sprung high into the air, wings outstretched, ready to fly.

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Lilith looked up and started to climb towards the clouds.

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David jones | 32 comments Danny looked at Liliths pretty, crimson red eyes, looking like blood.

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Lilith spread her black wings and started to glide, her silky hair flowing behind her.

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David jones | 32 comments Danny looked at Lilith, mesmerized by her beautiful skin and smooth, shiny hair.
((hey, i gotta go in a few minutes, so yea lol))

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Lilith's vision went blurry and then she blacked out, her eyes closing. Her wings tucked and she started falling back towards the ground, not able to move.


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((anybody hooome?))

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David jones | 32 comments ((Oh damn I am here))

Danny swooped down, catching Lilith in tight embrace.

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Lilith was limp, her red eyes closed, but her brow furrowed slightly.

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Zsofi flew absentmindedly.

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