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Gina | 33 comments 1. The Pillars of the Earth - haven't quite finished yet but hopefully, soon.....I'm taking a headstart on this list. :)

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Sylvia (sylreads) On my list to read as well...but then again I have a ton on my TBR list. ;) Are you enjoying it?

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Gina | 33 comments It's a good book, I wouldn't say sort of drags a bit in spots. Not my favorite but an enjoyable read. :)

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Gina | 33 comments 2. The Thirteenth Tale - great book!!

message 5: by jo (new)

jo w. (womojong) The Pillars of the Earth was made into an 8(?) part TV adaption recently and it follows the book almost exactly. You might want to check that out :)

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Gina | 33 comments Oh wow really?! You know, I saw a different copy of the book and they had character pictures; I was so interested in what they looked like and if they matched the picture in my head. Now i know where that came from!!! Thanks! I will totally check it out :)

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Gina | 33 comments 3. Rainwater - Predictable

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Gina | 33 comments 4. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë - I loved this book. Definitely five stars*****. I wish I would've read this sooner.

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Gina | 33 comments 5. The Lost Symbol sooo it was ok. I started a different book during because i was so bored, but it was at parts entertaining. Its got great historical facts which wowed me. I would liketo give 2.5 stars but ill go 3 because I bought the illustrated edition on my nook (only $5!) And the pics add a little something which Brown seems to be lacking in his descriptions.....maybe I just couldn't follow???

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Gina | 33 comments 8. The Book Thief


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Gina | 33 comments 9. Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

Really touching and an eye opener. :) I enjoyed this one.

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Gina | 33 comments 11. The Little Stranger Very engaging. I realllllly didn't want it to end.

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Gina | 33 comments 22. The Help

i cant wait to see the movie :)

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Gina | 33 comments i really dont think im going to make it to 50 this year! maybe next year.... :/ but im not giving up yet!!

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