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It's Saturday!

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Servius  Heiner Wake up you silly gooses! Time to start enjoying your lives, it can always be worse. Never mind the mounting pile of bills in your in box. Forget about the 12 loads of laundry waiting patiently on your bedroom floor. Forget about your personal rain forest growing in your yard, it can all wait till Monday. Your sole job today is to tell me all about your life on Saturday and what you plan to do with it. Chop Chop. I am desperately trying to ignore the large stack of paper, resting in my inbox.

Servius  Heiner It just occurred to me that "Saturday" has a turd in it. What gives, I thought Saturday's were the universal day of screwing off?

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments Saturday, oh Saturday how I hate Thy Saturday….

I need to respond to a few messages cuz I’ve been busy and they starting to stack up… I’ma start with Seth’s is the one that’s been waiting the longest… and then I need to respond to Ali’s comment on The Dark Knight… I don’t want her to think that I don’t like her or something!!! Argg busy so busy!

I’ma cook some rice and okra… I’m hungry and I’m not in the mood to cook nothing fancier

There is something I’m supposed to fix on the house but I don’t remember what was it… so tomorrow I’ma be getting that lovely speech from my aunt… you know the one that goes… how come you so smart but you keep forgetting everything you need to weak up boy! Arrggg I love it!!

Im planning on cleaning Betacaroteno’s tank today =) yesterday when I went to feed him he got all mad and shit… I think he wants clean water to write his depressive poetry or whatever depressive activities that he had planed for today… (Yes Betacaroteno is a really depressive fish)

After that I’ma get ready and get to work =P I work till 4 tonight meaning I’ma be coming back at around 5-6 in the morning, I hate Saturday nights… the potheads, the 10 member disfuntional families, the alcoholics, the crack heads!!! I love it!!! I love it!!

Servius  Heiner That seems like my kind of Saturday Alfonso… I think we need to have the do-nothing congress legislate a free day for Saturdays.

Let it be known, Saturdays are from no on to be pointless sunbathing days. With pay, and cookies.

Servius  Heiner See that’s what I am talking about. I think we need to send out a petition.

Servius  Heiner Oh Donna, you will be happy to know, I was scolded by my wife last night. Apparently I wrote a good book review the other day, but because of my errors, made myself sound stupid. So I am for now on to; Send all my reviews to her first, or else no nookie. What’s up with that homes?

message 7: by Not Bill (new)

Not Bill Done with my chores...helped Ma get the RV ready to sell. Now, it's time for poolside with a cool beverage. It's looking to be a hot one today. Not to rub it in Nick, I did see taht Achorage is due for it's coldest summer on record. Perhaps we can persuade the Goreacle to jet up there an spread some of his own hot air around. Then again, perhaps you'd prefer things take their natural course over that.

Servius  Heiner Yeah we have had only two days this year above 70. This fits in perfectly with the 20 year climate cycle in Alaska. Are warming cycle ended (historically) last year. So I suspect in a couple of years there will be a lot of tree huggers patting themselves on the back for doing nothing and saving the polar bears.

Servius  Heiner Ok so it is not Saturday anymore, but still nobody is here. Another slow day.

Ok so I can’t say nobody; Donna is sure to be here sooner or later, as is Montambo, and Jackie all of which are defiantly not nobodies… But what to do until then.

Servius  Heiner I have no idea what you are talking about Montambo... You act as if I am one to read poems...

Servius  Heiner See right over my head... the only poems I have ever read were Beowulf (sp) and The Raven.

Servius  Heiner I liked both Donna. But still I can see how they could quickly get outside of my box. So I just moved on to things easier to enjoy.

Blades of Glory was a stupid good movie... I can't wait to see stepbrother... "Your dad will never miss you!"

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