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message 1: by AJ (new)

AJ (aj3books) I went to the Clique website! I'm in the middle of taking a quiz! I hope I'm Alicia or Kristin. But not Kuh-lair!

message 2: by AJ (new)

AJ (aj3books) But she's Kuh-lair!

message 3: by AJ (new)

AJ (aj3books) She's ugly in the movie, pretty in the book

message 4: by AJ (new)

AJ (aj3books) I think in the movie, Claire's a LBR

message 5: by AJ (new)

AJ (aj3books) fine fine....

message 6: by AJ (new)

AJ (aj3books) I still dont agree

message 7: by AJ (new)

AJ (aj3books) no ur not, you just have to say in the movie, Clair was a LBR. :P

message 8: by AJ (last edited Dec 17, 2010 02:07PM) (new)

AJ (aj3books) Loser Beyond Repair

message 9: by AJ (new)

AJ (aj3books) She cool in the book picture but in the movie well thats just......... BARF!!!!!

message 10: by AJ (new)

AJ (aj3books) BLARGH!!!! Claire in the movie = disgusting

message 11: by AJ (new)

AJ (aj3books) You Tube took the Clique movie FULL off! :(

message 12: by AJ (last edited Dec 20, 2010 09:10AM) (new)

AJ (aj3books) IKR!!!!! ><

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