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The Myth of Freedom

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message 1: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Burns I actually read this one a couple years back. I'm glad my BS detector went off or I may be a grinning empty headed Buddhist today, content that I had found "the true meaning of life". A little research had some shocking results. Of course I had a big problem with the whole story of the actual Buddha dying as a result of massive pork consumption. This guy lived, or should I said died up to the original. Cirrhosis of the liver as a result of alcoholism. Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Rob the Obscure Aaron...maybe I'm just a bit slow, but I'm not following you. What's this about Siddhartha Gautama Buddha dying as a result of massive pork consumption? Are speaking in jest? Or have you uncovered some kind of credible historical revelation?

message 3: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Burns It's no revelation, it's a fairly well known story. Legend has it that Buddha died from overeating.

Rob the Obscure Aaron wrote: "It's no revelation, it's a fairly well known story. Legend has it that Buddha died from overeating."

Yes...I've heard the "legend". There's also a "legend" that Barack Obama is a Muslim and not born an American citizen. My real question is this: do you believe it? And if so, do you have some reputable source to support that belief? Don't take this as an attack...just a genuine question.

message 6: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Burns No attack inferred. I tend toward brusqeness, and it can be perceived as curtness.

Do I believe it? Well it follows a certain scholarly train of thought that goes something like this: made up events in the life of a mythic person tend to be mythic. When not so admirable traits are recorded, they tend toward being more believable because what is the function of denigrations on a character being presented as something close to perfection?

Really, I wouldn't stake my life on its factuality, but it is certainly more plausible than other stories of his life.

Rob the Obscure Thanks for the link. Of course, this article does NOT say that the Buddha died from overeating, which to me is just silly. It offers a much more plausible explanation from the symptons that he died from an obstruction of the blood vessel to his intestines.

I agree with you...people who would accept the legend of "overreating" are the same ones who revel in the legend that Obama was not born a citizen. It's just silliness

message 8: by J. (new)

J. Guevara (jguevara) | 3 comments legend is Bud died from eating spoiled meat rather than offend his host.
And, Obama was born in Hawaii before it was a state, which makes not difference since it was a territory -- same laws apply-- and he can't be a Muslim because he eats roasted pig at luaus and hulas with ukelele lady like a you

Rob the Obscure haha...thanks for the insight, J. I never thought Obama was a Muslim, and I don't give a damn whether or not he was born a citizen or's immaterial, since we are a nation of immigrants...election laws aside. Yes, we know about those silly legends of how the Buddha died...poppycock! That's my response.

Just kidding you. Thanks.

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