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message 1: by Megan (new)

Megan | 410 comments I was always intending on taking my son on an extended Northern Hemisphere tour when he was old enough, but with the announcement of Russia holding the 2018 World Cup, I have decided I WILL be going to Russia during the 2018 summer. So... I have pencilled in June 22 in St Petersburg :)

Is anyone else planning on going to the World Cup?

message 2: by Elaine (new)

Elaine | 22 comments You know what...this is getting added to my calendar. ^_^

message 3: by Megan (new)

Megan | 410 comments Hehe, I'll see you there then! This is definitely a life goal of mine ;)

message 4: by Toni (new)

Toni | 298 comments Where are you all from? I am thinking it is not the US as the World Cup is not a huge thing, though I have no idea why when the rest of the world loves soccer or should I say futball SO much. I have always been in love with Russia and wanting to visit St. Petersburg esp. and TBH just completely INSPIRED me to do so even more-must see the Summer Garden, Field of Mars etc..etc...LOVE going to Europe and have convinced my husband that it is an absolute MUST that we go to St. P (and other parts of the country-Lazarevo, Lake Ilmen perhaps??? :) )so it is definitely in the plans. I also would love my son to see it esp. b/c, though he is young, he has heard me go on and on about Russian since he was a tiny tot (I have literally read EVERY single piece of work by EVERY single Russian writer of the Golden Age and have become obsessed w/ this country ever since-not to mention that I am half Russian myself). Anyhow, I digress, my point being that being I have it planned, why not go during the World Cup-it will most certainly be an exciting time to be there. If we all do make the trip, we should try to meet up for a cup of coffee and a hearty discussion of books esp. our beloved TBH!! Something to think about....

message 5: by Megan (new)

Megan | 410 comments toni im from australia. i absolutely have to go to st petersburg at some stage of my life. the world cup is reasonably popular but soccer isnt the most followed football code. my dad is english so i think that might add to the passion ;) my son will be 9 in2018 so as im a teacher im going to home school him on the road (excuse the errors. im writing on my kindle which is not very grammar friendly) i want to take him to gallipoli for anzac day, auschwitz, stonehenge, italy (his heritage) etc. he'll probably learn more about the world in that 6 months than any other time in his life. if theres a few ppl interested we most definitely should meet up - i wonder if theres any eateries on fifth soviet? we could always go to sadko hahaha!!!

message 6: by Tina (new)

Tina | 231 comments Wow Megan, that sounds like a once in a life time trip. I am from the US and my husband is a high school history teacher and our boys (12 and 10) love history. That would be a great trip for us... unfortunately that is just a dream right now.

I would love to go to Sadko...Maybe Alexander will be there LOL!!!

message 7: by Toni (new)

Toni | 298 comments Yes, if Alexander was at Sadko I believe the line would be out the door and around the block!!!!!(and I likely would be camped out days before to get to the front of the line...or should I say to fight my way to the front of the line...(haha))

Megan what a wonderful thing that you are a teacher (such a noble profession, I have so much respect for teachers) and can homeschool your son while on your trip. It will most definitely be the best lessons and eye opening experience of your child's life. My son is eight now and he has come to love history too (this comment is for Tina also who mentioned her kids love history too!!) as I have spoon fed him on it (as it is my own passion) since he was a wee one. I remember at age 12 I went with my Latin class to Italy (also my heritage-well half as I'm half Russian-I know I already mentioned that)-we went to Capri, Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice over the space of three weeks and it was the most wonderful experience. It gave me a life long passion for travel and as a younger adult I lived in London, Greece, Italy, and France for around a year each b/c I loved the culture and the history there. I love your ideas for where you will take your son-very very exciting and chock full of history!!!He will no doubt be very thankful for that trip when he is older.
I definitely want to go arund the corner of Ulitsa Altykov-Schedrin and sit on the bench at the bus stop across from Tauride Park. I'm sure my husband will think I'm absolutely mad, but it must be done!!(haha)

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