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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Feel free to dicuss as you read. I am not going to set up a set amount of chapers so that people may go as fast or slow as they want to. Please just reference the chapter you are dicussing so if spoiler are wanted to be avoided it is possible. Enjoy ladies. -

message 2: by Sheila , Supporting Chick (last edited Dec 02, 2010 06:15PM) (new)

Sheila  | 3485 comments Mod
Well I started Graceling late last night, but was pretty tired so I only read Chapters 1 and 2. So not a lot to discuss yet, though I do think I am going to like the character of Katsa. She seems like a very strong, independent girl. :o)

message 3: by Tera, First Chick (new)

Tera | 2564 comments Mod
im not far either about chp 3 or 4. I like it so far but I dislike it when an author tries to introduce so many characters and locations so quickly. It becomes confusing and don't remember them or where or why until it becomes more relevant to the story. That is the only part thats bugging me so far.

message 4: by Sheila , Supporting Chick (new)

Sheila  | 3485 comments Mod
I agree Tera that the author is introducing too many unusual character names and place locations too quickly.
I read a few more chapters last night and I kept thinking "who is that again?" plus the characters were moving all over the place, and I kept having to flip back to the map in the front of the book to try to figure out where they were going, and what the different names stood for.

I think I sometimes have a harder time with "made up" stories, where it takes place in an imaginary world of the author's making. If it is a "real world" place, I seem to do better keeping track, but when it is all new to me, I have a tougher time following a story.

message 5: by Vicki (new)

Vicki I feel like that with fantasy too. I really do think that the further from reality, the harder to keep track because there isn't something concrete to grasp on to.

message 6: by Rebecca (last edited Dec 04, 2010 12:30AM) (new)

Rebecca I have read Chapters 1-5. So far I feel like she just dropped me in the storyline and that her writing transitions of the characters actions are pretty disjointed. I hope I am able to get my bearings as I keep reading.

I agree Sheila, I think following the story is tough because of the make believe.

I keep asking myself,Where is she going with this?

Tell me about your first impressions of Kasta?

What do you think is an underlying significance to the Kingdoms and Kings of each kingdoms?

message 7: by Sheila , Supporting Chick (new)

Sheila  | 3485 comments Mod
Okay, I got a bit further last night, and have read Chapters 1-12, and I have to say Rebecca, I am still asking myself "Where is she going with this?" :o)

As to my first impressions of Kasta, I like her in that I see her as both a very strong girl, but also an anti-social, not well adjusted girl. I think I like the imperfect female character, like I liked Lizbeth Salander in the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books. And I see Katsa as a heroine with issues.

As to the underlying significance of the seven Kingdoms and their Kings, I totally don't have a clue! I can't keep track of the names of the kingdoms or the names of the kings (even after consulting the map in the front of the book repeatedly), so I can't figure out their purpose. In fact, the only kingdom that I can even remember which one it is is Lienid, and that is because it is the little island separate from all the others. But again, I have no clue as to what the significance of that is. :o)

message 8: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Oh No!! I can't believe I choose this crazy book :(. Sorry guys :)

message 9: by Sheila , Supporting Chick (new)

Sheila  | 3485 comments Mod
Don't worry about it Rececca! :o)
I had heard great reviews abouth this book, and had it on my wishlist because of others reviews, before you mentioned it.

Maybe this is one of those books that redeems itself in the end, and it just takes awhile to get into it.
Or maybe we will just be the unique few who hate the book, and we can say how much it sucks together! LOL

message 10: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) | 4878 comments I am in chapter 2 and I am liking it. I do like katsa.

message 11: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cyndil62) | 1774 comments I've had this book on my 'gotta read' list for such a long time! From the sound of things here, maybe I'm glad I never tackled it!! Hope the book picks up for all of you!!

message 12: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Phillips I read Graceling not to long ago. Rebecca, in answer to your question about the Seven Kingdoms and their significance....

Perhaps the author is trying to give the reader a picture of what kind of ruling climate that Katsa and the people of her time were subjected to.

Although that does not answer your question directly about an underlying significance.

message 13: by Sarah (last edited Dec 05, 2010 07:19AM) (new)

Sarah (sarahsaysread) I read book a while ago and really ended up loving it.

As for the signifigance of the seven kingdoms... I don't think there's any big "meaning" behind it. It's just a fictional place. The plus though is that if she continues to write books along these lines, she has seven different kingdoms to base stories in and whatnot.

Also, for now just focus on remembering Lienid and Monsea. The others don't really come into play in this book.

message 14: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca How is it going for everyone. I am up to chapter 12. Po has been introduced. I am not sure what to think of him yet.

message 15: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) | 4878 comments I am on chapter 13. I like Po. I think he is a good match for Katsa.

message 16: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lmmmml) | 82 comments Is it too late to join in with the book? Just got this from a friend who enjoyed it.

message 17: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca No, Please join in with us Lisa. I think most of us aren't to far. Maybe up to 12-13

message 18: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca I like that Katsa is strong. Not sure I like how violent she and her temper are.

message 19: by Sheila , Supporting Chick (new)

Sheila  | 3485 comments Mod
I like how Katsa seems strong also, but am a little concerned or put-off by her temper, her violent nature, and the fact that she is so anti-girl (never wants to get married, never wants children, hates her long hair, hates anything girlish or nice, etc). She seems like a very unhappy person, a person who hates herself. I hope that changes.

message 20: by Carrie (new)

Carrie Honaker (carriehonaker) | 99 comments I read this book at the beginning of the school year and I actually really liked it. Kasta reminded me of Katniss from The Hunger Games. I like books like this that bring about discussion of caste identities. I wonder Sheila, if Kasta is really an insecure teenager that has never had confidence in anything other than her ability to destroy?

message 21: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) | 4878 comments Her anti feminine can be due to the fact she has been treated like an animal by her uncle and there doesn't seem to be any mother figure. There is Helda, her maid but a maid only has so much influence.

message 22: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca I really like the chapters where Po and Kasta have kind a heart to heart talk. I like that she is able to let her walls come somewhat down with him.
Sheila is there any more mention of Davit? I think Davit is in the back of my mind still for some reason?

Jayme, I think your right and I think Katsa does mention the lack of a mother.

message 23: by Sheila , Supporting Chick (new)

Sheila  | 3485 comments Mod
I'm up to chapter 22 right now, and there has been no mention of Davit. The last big chunk I read was all just about Katsa and Po. I like Po. He seems like a nice guy.

message 24: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) | 4878 comments I am up to page 206 in chapter 18

message 25: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Sheila, I felt the same as you did about the book. I think for me it was a train wreck from start to finish. I just keep thinking what is she doing/where is she going. I guess I didn't get it. This was recommended to me by someone who said If I liked Hunger Games I would like Graceling. I'm afraid not.
Jayme and Viki I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

message 26: by Sheila , Supporting Chick (new)

Sheila  | 3485 comments Mod
Rebecca, I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't love this book. I had read reviews that also said if I liked Hunger Games I would like this. But this wasn't anywhere as good as Hunger Games in my opinion. Or maybe I just didn't get it, either. :o)

message 27: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) | 4878 comments I will have to disagree. I like this book. I like the fantasy aspect more. I don't think the books should be compared with each other because they aren't anything alike. I am on chapter 33 so almost done.

message 28: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca I think so as well Jayme, they aren't anything alike.

message 29: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahsaysread) I think the only similarity between those books would be a strong female teen character (though I have to admit, I like Katsa more than Katniss). Otherwise they're VERY different - The Hunger Games is more dystopian, and Graceling is a lot more fantasy / adventure. Even though they're so different though, I really love both.

message 30: by Rebecca (last edited Dec 12, 2010 11:13AM) (new)

Rebecca Sarah, I think I liked Katsa more too. For me there was more of a connection to be made with her and one you are able to relate to. Katsa had more perceptiveness and dimension emotionally as well.

message 31: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahsaysread) Oh man, I'm glad I'm not the only one Rebecca! I had an easier time understanding why Katsa was the way she was. I also think she was a lot more decisive and in tune with herself than Katniss was. And as much as I love the Hunger Games, the back-and-forth thing between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale just kind of made me think less of her.

message 32: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) | 4878 comments I do like both books and I do like Katsa a little more than Katniss. Both characters are strong females but they have totally different personalities and different circumstances and different social classes.

message 33: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) | 4878 comments I am done.

message 34: by Sheila , Supporting Chick (new)

Sheila  | 3485 comments Mod
Well, I might have to go the opposite way, because I think I liked Katniss better that Katsa. :o)

So on the same theme, who do you like better? Po or Peeta/Gale (which ever you preferred from those books)? On this one, I go with Po.
I was always Team Gale, but then he disappointed me in the final book of that series, and I did like Po in this book. :o)

message 35: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) | 4878 comments I will have to say at this point, Po

message 36: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahsaysread) Po! There were things about Gale and Peeta I really liked... but for some reason, Po really appealed to me.

message 37: by Rebecca (last edited Dec 13, 2010 08:01PM) (new)

Rebecca Po for me.
Any final comments? Please post final thoughts everyone. Thanks for joining me on this one, it was fun.

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