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Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod
((Okay there are a lot of warriors roleplays out there that separate the Clans, but since this is a more general group I'll have you all roleplay in one topic. To avoid confusion, please state the Clan your character is in before roleplaying. Remember: five-sentence minimum!))

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Kayla ((First of all, when we're chatting, we use the double perenthesis (( )) to talk. That would have applied to your last post, as that wasn't roleplaying. To be roleplaying, you have to be pretending to be your character - thinking and acting like they would. For instance, a warrior cat would have no idea what a text box is.
All you have to do is go to the Warriors Characters topic and use the format given to post your character, and then wait for Anne to say your character is okay.))

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Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod
((What Yum said [thanks, Yum! :) ] and you also need to be roleplaying in third person, which means something along the lines of
Mosspelt was in her den, washing herself, etc. etc.))

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Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 320 comments Mod

Shadowsoul yawned as she lay in the sun on the far side of camp from the leader's den. She watched the other cats in camp milling about with little to do and wondered where her father was.

Father. Shadowsoul thought that word with slight venom. She didn't want to accept that her father had kits in other Clans with a different cat after her mother had died. To Shadowsoul, it was almost as if he had simply forgotten about her mother and moved on. Shadowsoul hissed inside her mind at her own thoughts; she didn't want to hate her father, no matter what he might have done.


Minkfire stood at the river's edge, staring down into the sparkling waters, waiting for a fish to swim by. His eyes soon spotted sun glittering on the scales of a fish close below. Minkfire paused for a moment, looking at how the sun glinted off the scales. Unfortunately, a moment was all he needed to catch the fish, and he missed the moment; as his paw hit the water he knew the fish was already gone. "Foxdung!" he spat angrily, shaking his paw dry.

Flamesoul chuckled from behind Minkfire. He had come up silently so that the younger warrior didn't hear him walk up. "Nice try, but maybe you should be faster. You know, work on your hunting skills for fish." Flamesoul meowed condescendingly. Minkfire was used to it, though; coming from a different Clan, he had never been particularly good at fishing, but he tried and so most of his Clanmates gave him the benefit of the doubt and encouraged him. Flamesoul was one of the ones who didn't.

Minkfire glared at Flamesoul for a moment before turning and stalking off.

((Gotta go to bed now...T_T see you hopefully tomorrow. :/))

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Domuyrr {Shadow}

Moonshade streached on her nest happily dreaming of him. She had just gone up to him, finally got the courage to speak to him, when the call for the dawn patrol woke her up. Drat it, just when i was getting to the good part. She thought good naturedly, yawning and neading the ground. She gave herself a good shake and trotted outside to sign up for the dawn patrol. She nodded to the others who were also awake absentmindedly, thinking about her day.. She was going to hunt, and also practice that new move that the apprentices were learning. Mabey she would get a chance to go get some herbs for the medicine cat also. A few of her clanmates called out to her in greeting, but most were gently making fun of her for being such an overworker. She purred in good humor and left with the dawn patrol to mark the borders.

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Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod

Icestar stretched luxuriously, blinking her eyes as the first rays of dawn his her. Time for the dawn patrol. Perhaps a good walk around the territory would clear her mind and wake her up a little. Yawning a wide huge enough to fit two mice in there, the leader rose to her paws and groomed herself quickly. By the time she exited the den with a small swish of her tail, the sun had already risen completely over the horizon and was now warming the camp with its weak rays. A few warriors were stretching outside, doing their own little business. Greetings were called out, and prey was shared for an early morning breakfast.

Icestar beckoned with her tail to someone, and the warrior trotted over obediently. She gathered up some more of her other warriors and headed out the camp in the lead. As they neared the border they had with ShadowClan, she spotted their dawn patrol marking the border. Icestar stopped her warriors by holding up her tail, spotting a rabbit that one of the ShadowClan warriors were stalking. Moonshade, the white she-cat realized. A moment later she pounced, and sat up with the creature dangling from her jaws, her eyes shining with pride.

"Good catch!" Icestar meowed, with a friendly smile. No need to be hostile here.

That said, she regained her position at the head of the patrol and led on. They had just reached the river, and the smile on her face froze. Flamesoul was watching Minkfire fish, his face twisted in a silent sneer. Automatically, the hair on Icestar's back began to bristle. Every cat in the Clan knew that Minkfire came from a different Clan, and no RiverClan blood ran in his veins. He never was that good at fishing, but Icestar admired his perseverance despite Flamesoul's pointed, "helpful" comments. Most cats in RiverClan understood and didn't blame Minkfire for his lack of skill, but Flamesoul . . . that cat seemed to have a lifelong dream to make Minkfire feel unwelcome.

As Icestar watched, Flamesoul spoke, and Minkfire glared. She could make out the sadness and hopelessness behind the anger, and as soon as Minkfire stalked off, the leader padded up to Flamesoul. "What was that all about?" she meowed, forcing her voice to sound casual. She made her tone light, but her eyes flared dangerously as she silently warned Flamesoul not to play with her nerves.

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Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) {Shadow}

Shadowstar sat in his den, watching as the dawn patrol left the camp. He sighed, and for probably the hundredth time, thought of how lucky he was to have such good warriors in his Clan. He finally stood up, and padded out to camp, a smile on his face. Everything seemed perfect here, almost peaceful. The camp was slowly waking up. He padded onward, toward the fresh-kill pile, and took a piece of prey. He ate quickly, knowing what he wanted to do next. After finishing up the fresh-kill, he padded out of camp to hunt. He preferred hunting alone, so he always went out early, and was back even before the dawn patrol. It was his only chance to think with some peace and quiet. As he padded through the forest, he thought so much about his Clan, wondering if there were any problems that needed fixing, but everything always seemed normal. He was so caught up in his thoughts, he almost missed the scent of prey nearby. He crouched, and stalked slowly through the bushes, swiveling his ears forward. Then he saw it. A very plump frog was sitting in the middle of the clearing. He twitched his whiskers, and without hesitation, he pounced. The frog tried to jump away, but Shadowstar was faster. He pinned it down, and killed it quickly. He smiled, and decided to head back, for he knew the dawn patrol would be back soon as well. Turning, he padded back to camp, the frog tightly in his jaws.

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Domuyrr Moonshade walked with the dawn patrol, and caough a vole along with a stray rabbit. She was pleased, as she knew she was contributing to the clan. Also the rabbit was quite fat, for a rabbit, anyways. Others hunted along the way, and a few were marking the borders studiously. They were coming close to camp again and others were getting their last prey to carry. As they neared the enterance Moonshade saw Shadowstar walking towards them with a fat frog in his mouth. She nodded to him, unable to talk throught the prey in her mouth, and entered camp.

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Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) ((Ahh they saw him! XD))


Shadowstar nodded back towards Moonshade, his eyes lighting up at the prey she had caught. He followed the patrol into camp, and padded over to the fresh-kill pile, dropping his frog on top.

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Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 320 comments Mod
((Anne I think Moonshade is in ShadowClan, not RiverClan, lol.

Please remember to put the Clan you're RPing in above your posts. :3 Keeps things from being confused. ._.))


Flamesoul twitched an ear. "Just offering some advice to Minkfire." he meowed lightly, noticing the forced casuality Icestar put into the question. "Any other questions? Because I should really do some fishing myself. Y'know, feeding the Clan and all that." Flamesoul meowed, eyes flickering with annoyance.

Minkfire stopped a little ways away from the end of the forest and sat down. He lashed his tail, sending leaf litter and dust up into the air. He looked backward toward the river but couldn't see or hear anything. Minkfire made a silent note to himself to go back and try more fishing when no one else was near. "It's not my fault I'm bad at fishing. My father's ThunderClan and my mother's ShadowClan. I'm not MEANT to fish!" he muttered quietly to himself. "At least Flamesoul seems like the only one who hates me. No one else talks to me like that." Minkfire hissed angrily. For a moment he contemplated going back there and telling Flamesoul a thing or two before realizing that Flamesoul was around twice his size and a much better warrior so far.

Lashing his tail one last time, Minkfire stood up and looked back toward the river. Silently, he made his way through the forest. When he heard Icestar's voice, he stopped and pricked his ears.


Foxstorm all but crawled out of his nest in the warrior's den. He'd been awakened for the dawn patrol again, and was not liking it in the least. He stood outside the den for a moment before stretching luxuriously in the cool morning air. He shook his pelt as a cool breeze blew through his fur.


Tortoisesoul sat at the mouth of her den, watching over the camp from one of few places the entire camp could be seen. He watched Moonshade and Shadowstar reenter camp with the dawn patrol and flicked her tail, not quite sure if she was hungry yet. She blinked her deep blue eyes and turned and vanished into the back of her den.

Sablemarten padded silently out of the warrior's den and scanned the camp quickly. She spotted Shadowstar and Moonshade by the fresh-kill pile and waved her tail in greeting before padding over to the medicine den.

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Lupine Estill (psychesp) {WIND}

Rainfire shifted her ears at the familiar sound of Someone exiting the warrior's den. She quickly put down the herbs that had been in her mouth and lept up to see if it was him. It was. "Hello Foxstorm... up late again? Did you have nightmares?" She questioned, almost whispering. Ugh... this is stupid. The day he's attracted to me is the day hedgehogs fly!

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Kayla {Wind}
Dovestar has been awake since the darker hours of the morning, having been awoken by a disturbing dream of her brothers calling for help and when she got to their voices, there had been no one there. Now, she sat in front of her den, her eyes scanning around the camp for any warriors who were awake. The cool breeze blew and though her fur was short it kept her quite warm. Her eyes zipped to the warriors den when she noticed Foxstorm emerge, and she flicked her tail and let out a soft purr in greeting and acknowledgement.


Mintfur, who had been out early in the mroning looking for a patch of herbs that she had found while hunting the day before, now padded softly through the trees, her paws making no noise on the soft, cool forest floor. Her eyes glanced around her; when Icestar came into view, she immediately mewed a soft greeting and stopped to prick her ears toward her leader.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Mosspelt watched confusedly from the shadows of the bushes. She was a ways down the river,and so hadn't heard what had been said, but she had witnessed the scene between Minkfire and Flamesoul. Her blue gray fur helped her blend into the shadows as she attempted to understand what was happening. As Icestar walked out, she realized that none of the three would be particularly happy to know that she had seen the proceedings, and so bounded off in a wide arc to the entrance of the camp.
" It's none of my business anyways." She murmured, and attempted to push the events of the morning from her mind as she entered the clearing.

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) {Wind}

Tinypaw sat in her nest, eager to start training with Dovestar. Having the leader as her mentor was exciting, and she could hardely wait to start traing. Her tail flicked, and she could no longer wait. She quietly left the apprentices den, trying not to wake anyone, and padded out to camp. She was very surprised to see Dovestar already awake, and padded over to her den, smiling.

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Kayla {Wind}

Dovestar, who had been focused and about to interrogate her warrior on the dawn patrol cats, took a peek to her side when she heard a noise and purred again when she saw her apprentice. She stood and flicked her tail over the younger cat's shoulder, and mewed softly. "How are you this morning, Tinypaw?"

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) {River}

Leafspots padded out of the warriors den, and stretched. She was very disapointed that the dawn patrol had left without her, but if they had, that meant Icestar was with them, so she shrugged it off. She padded over to the fresh-kill pile, and took a peice of prey.


Tinypaws eyes sparkled. "Great! I can't wait to start training! What am I learning today?" she mewed. It was her first day of training, and she was extra excited. And she really was looking forward to proving how good of a warrior she would make. Especially to the leader of the Clan.

((She's a new apprentice btw...Probably should have mention in the charrie sheet but oh well XD))

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Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) {Shadow}

Shadowstar noticed Sablemarten wave his tail in greeting. Shadowstar nodded, and smiled.

((Why's Sablemarten going to the meddy cat den? Just wondering....>3>))

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Kayla ((Haha, okayz. :P))


Dovestar chuckled, unable to hold back her continuous purr because of Tinypaw's obvious excitement, joy and enthusiasm. Dovestar was confident she would make a wonderful warriors someday. She flicked her tail over the apprentice's mouth hastily, smiling. "Everyone else is still asleep," she whispered. "I thought we could work on your hunting crouch today."

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) {Wind}

Tinypaw's eyes widened. She had toatally forgotten to be quiet. She looked a little embarrased, but nodded, and smiled. "Okay," she whispered back, ready to get started.

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Kayla {Wind}

Dovestar smiled. "It's okay, I wasn't planning on letting anyone sleep very late anyway. Before we go practice, you need to eat - but before that..." she grinned hugely and trailed off. "Would you like to help me wake all the warriors up?" She flicked her ears and purred again.

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((Remember, five sentences minimum :) ))

Icestar frowned. Who does Flamesoul think I am? the leader thought in annoyance. I wasn't appointed leader for nothing. Does he think I will buy that? "Don't take me for a fool," the white she-cat growled, lowering her voice so that only Flamesoul, standing right in front of her, could hear. She didn't say anything else, her flashing eyes fading a little as she stepped back. "Go on, fish," she meowed with a tail gesture. "Our patrol has . . . patrolling to do. See that you bring back some decent prey," Icestar added, unable to resist one last comment. "After all, the warrior that advises Minkfire on his fishing must be a great fisher himself, eh?"

That said, Icestar turned tail and padded back toward her patrol, waiting patiently. One of the senior warriors had caught a fish downstream while they had been waiting, and a few cats had fish all over their whiskers. "Don't blame me if you can't smell any intruders," the white she-cat muttered loud enough for the whole patrol to hear, but there was humor underneath her dry tone. "Come on. Let's go to the ThunderClan border next."


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Domuyrr Shadow:

Moonshade glanced around at her clanmates who were chatting and sharing tounges under the early sun. Though she felt the warmth in her fur, a chill was making it's way down her spine. Though she loved her clan and they redalied returned, her true love had no idea about her, and would never return her love. her ears flattened slightly, but she put on a jaunty walk as she made her way towards Shadowstar. Though a few gave her odd looks, she ignored them. She only had eyes for helping, contributing.

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((Guys I'm deleting spam...I'll edit this post in a bit with my RP post but please dun chat here...x.x))


Flamesoul's eyes flashed. "Of course I'm a better fisher...I'm a RiverClan cat, through and through." he meowed to Icestar before turning away from her and padding away.

Minkfire backed away and padded off into the forest quickly before the patrol found him. Minkfire hadn't really gained anything from listening and he didn't know if Icestar had done anything to Flamesoul, or even if she'd seen how he'd treated Minkfire again. He paused as he heard scuttling to his left, and he opened his jaws to scent the air. Mouse! he thought instantly as the scent hit him; he dropped into that uniquely ThunderClan crouch that he seemed to know instinctively and silently padded toward the sound. He paused as the mouse stepped out from underneath a tree root, and pounced before it could see him. Minkfire killed it with a quick bite to the neck and buried it, meaning to come back later. Well, at least I can contribute something to the Clan, even if it's not fish. Minkfire thought proudly.

Flamesoul flicked his tail as he took a place by the riverbank. He watched the river with sharp eyes, waiting for a chance to swipe a fish out of the river and sink his teeth into it.


Tortoisesoul yawned and looked up as Sablemarten entered her den. "What do you need?"

"Scratch reopened itself overnight." Sablemarten meowed curtly, showing her mother the long scratch she'd gotten when she'd fallen in a hole and hit a stick.

Tortoisesoul flicked her tail and mixed a poultice. She placed it gently on the scratch; Sablemarten nodded in thanks and left briskly.

She'll never forgive me.


Foxstorm looked at Rainfire, a little surprised she was up so early. "No, no nightmares." Foxstorm turned to look at the exit to the camp, where the dawn patrol was waiting. "I've got to go, they're waiting for me...I'll talk to you later."

Foxstorm sighed as he padded out with the dawn patrol. He didn't like being up this early; he'd never considered himself much of an early riser. He hunted well when it was darker. One of my ShadowClan traits, he mused to himself, is hunting in the dark! Foxstorm looked up; the sun was already rising and making it light.

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Lupine Estill (psychesp) {wind}
((uh ... Foxstorm's in wind... Not Shadow))
Rainfire gazed longingly at the departing tom. Oh... I'm hopeless. I'll die in a battle anyways, like medicine cats always do. Why don't I just quit and hand the job over to my apprentice... that is when i get one. They'll never trust me enough for that. And besides, maybe if i'm like him... a warrior, then he'll care. What if I can save his life one day...
She spotted several kits being rough and padded over to them, "If you're going to be like that then you might as well go clean ticks from the elders' fur." Her eyes sparkled as she handed them the digusting poultice. But i love this job...

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) {Wind}

Tinypaw's eyes lit up, and she nodded, smiling broadly. "Then I guess there is no reason to whisper, then is there?" she wondered, looking up at Dovestar. She had always wondered why all the older cats did strange things, when to her, the truth was just so obvious. She never really understood, but maybe, once she was a warrior, she would. And she was already imagining the way she would wake up her Clan mates. It was pretty simple really: just yowl in they're ear.



Shadowstar's eyes lit up as he saw Moonshade approaching him. He smiled, but he had also noticed the looks the other Clan cats gave her, and held on to a sigh. He was still very annoyed that the other Clan cats still treated her as if she were a dead lizard that had come back to life, and was now walking around camp. But he knew she was just trying to be a good warrior, and that was really all that mattered to him. Pushing his thoughts to the back of his mind, he turned his attention to Moonshade. "Hello, Moonshade," he mewed, smiling. "Everything okay on the borders?"

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Kayla {Wind}

Dovestar smiled widely, flicking her tail and padding forward a few steps to the middle of the camp. "Nope. No need for whispering. Yowl your head off on three." She flicked her tail once... twice... three times, and then opened her jaws and yowled across the whole camp as loud as her voice could muster. "Warriors! All awake!!!!" Her eye glowed with mischief.

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Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) {Wind}

Tinypaw grinned, and prepared to yowl. As soon as she flicked her tail three times, she let out the loudest yowl he lungs could handle. "Wake up everyone!! Fresh-kill ain't gonna catch itself!!" She then laughed, and winked at Dovestar. "That should wake em up!" she mewed. This was going to be a great day.

((FAIL at the five sentences. XD))

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Domuyrr Shadow:

Moonshade noticed Shadowstars look of troubled disease, but quickly dismissed it. "Everthings more or less fine. There was a new scent near the thunderpath, but I think it was just a rouge." She thought back, double checking everything in her mind. "Oh, and there was a young fox scent near the carrionplace, but it was stale. Might want to have everyone be careful though. We don't want to lose any kits, what with the clan small as it is." She hesitated, considering not for the first time just telling him everything. About the tom in the other clan, about... well, just everything. After all, didn't her friend and leader deserve to know, if anyone. She tried to let only her troubled feeling show in her eyes, but quickly cleared it away. "And you? Good hunting?", she asked, chaning the subject.

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) {Shadow}

Shadowstar nodded approvingly. "I'll make a note of that," he mewed, looking at her suspicously. He could tell something was bothering her, but he wasn't quite sure what. He put it in the back of his mind though as she asked him about the hunting. "Oh, it was fine. Prey is running well today," he mewed halfheartedly. "Maybe you should set up a couple of hunting patrols, see what you can catch," he suggested. Not that it really mattered, though. The fresh-kill pile was getting pretty large, so large in fact, Shadowstar was forced to make a place to storage some of the food so it wouldn't turn into crowfood. But, then again, it was good to keep the food in stock. Leafbare always brought hard times.

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Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod

Icestar led the patrol on, using a much faster pace than normal. The patrol was struggling to keep up with the long-legged leader, but she didn't care. Only when one tripped the third time did she slow down a little, and start to mutter under her breath. The cats closest to her could only pick out the occasional "Minkfire" and "Flamesoul," as well as insults like "mouse-brain" and "fox dung," but it was enough to tell that Icestar was angry. Very angry.

Her blue eyes, usually so gentle and understanding, now sparkled with ferocity. When they stopped to hunt along the way, Icestar pounced on a vole and sank her claws deep into it for a while before letting go. The cats closest to her could see the look of pleasant triumph in her eyes mixed with a savage fury that scared them. The white she-cat ripped the vole apart before realizing what she'd done, then tossed it to the patrol although it was not the custom for cats to eat before the queens and elders were fed.

After eating, they set back again - once at the fast pace - and a few warriors went to dig up the voles and fish they had buried. Icestar watched, slumping a little and her tail drooping slightly. The fire had gone out of her eyes but she still didn't look like herself, but now she was spent. That walk around the territory did wake her up, and she could have laughed that only an hour or two ago, that was her main concern. If only that was her main concern now! Oh, she had hoped against hope that Flamesoul had learned from past mistakes, but she could have saved it. That thick-headed tom was as stubborn as a badger.

The patrol was now whispering amongst themselves, casting worried glances at their leader, but Icestar didn't care. They were nearing the camp, and she was eager to see if Minkfire had returned or had continued hunting, despite all that Flamesoul had said to discourage him. The white she-cat hoped that she wouldn't see him in the camp, which meant that he was still out and that he had a strong spirit. Now why did the leader care so much about Minkfire? That was something Icestar couldn't explain, it was just something about the warrior that seemed special, a spirit and kind of personality that she hadn't seen before in any cat.

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Domuyrr Shadow:

Moonshade glanced at the freshkill pile, and noted its ever mounting height. "I don't think that we really are going to need a hunting party. There are too few of us, and too much of the well fed prey running around." Her whiskers twitched in amusement. "It's terrible of me to say this, but we need a border skirmish, or some thing, because it is getting really rather humdrum around here..."

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Kayla {Wind}
Dovestar nodded seriously. "Why yes, it should," she purred, and then flicked her tail in the direction of the small fresh-kill pile. "Go get something to eat. Would you bring me something as well?" she added, sitting an her hanuches and fixing her gaze on the warriors den, ready to accost those coming out. She gave her apprentie a wink.
((Uhh, Anne? Post 13?))

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Mande-- | 49 comments Shadow:

Layla ran towards the fresh-kill pile. Back from a solo-hunting-trip, she dropped a few rabbits and a squierell. She smiled and grabbed a small mouse as a reward for her hard work. She layed down by the river and hummed as she ate. She looked around too.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) {River}
Mosspelt slipped out of camp. She was feeling restless. After seeing the scene out by the river, she hadn't been able to push the thoughts out of her head, no matter how hard she tried. Now, somehow the camp seemed to cramped, to small to it all her thoughts into. As she looked around she saw Icestar's patrol approaching. Instantly she was on guard. Had Icefire seen her as she lay hiding in the bushes? Was she mad. She tried to hide her feelings but her yellow eyes still glinted with a spark of caution.

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Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) {Shadow}

Shadowstar grinned. "Ah, I thought you might say something about that," he purred. "I guess there really is no reason for any more fresh-kill," he sighed. "And it may be...'humdrum', as you say, but at least the other Clans aren't getting in our fur as they usually do. ThunderClan is always butting in with our business..." he growled. "But, nonetheless, I'd rather have it be peaceful, then to have too much...problems," he said, but as he said this, he knew that the problems in his Clan, and in every Clan, had yet to begin. Things were just...too quiet. Sooner or later, something would happen.


Tinypaw laughed, and nodded. "Of course, Dovestar," she mewed, and grinned, catching her wink. She then scurried off to the fresh-kill pile. She picked out a small rabbit for her self, then looked through the pile, for a good-sized rabbit for Dovestar. Some of them were very large, but those could go to other cats more in need. So she picked a medium sized rabbit, and padded back over to Dovestar.

((They are going to have a ton of fun together XD))

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((I'm gonna be on a self-imposed hiatus starting tomorrow...I won't even be on the DCF. x.x I got finals next week to study for, an online class I have a buttload of work to do before next wednesday, and a ton of other stuff. @@ If posible, interact with my characters minimally; i kind of dont want anyone playing them atm. I'll edit this post or something later with an RP time to make a decent post right now, lol.))

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((Oh. I'll reply to that. ^^" Mande, please don't roleplay just yet, we need to fix out the whole character thing first. I know I said approved, just take that back, it was my bad. Okay Sephy, thanks for letting us know.))

[River; back in time, before Icestar met Flamesoul at the river]

Icestar padded along the lush grass, her tail held high in pride. This was what it meant to be leader. The RiverClan territory was flourishing, the river ran high with fish, and sunlight dappled her snowy white fur as birdsong rang above her. A cool breeze brushed along her fur and she smiled just as her name was called softly. The leader looked up to see the RiverClan medicine cat, Mintfur, looking toward her and pricking her ears slightly.

"Hello, Mintfur," Icestar meowed politely, dipping her head slightly in greeting. "It's a nice morning, isn't it? Good time to look for herbs." She smiled knowingly. "I'll leave you to it. Good luck and I hope you find what you're looking for. Don't get so caught up in your medicine cat stuff that you forget to feed yourself," she added jokingly. "I know how it is with you medicine cats. There's plenty to spare this greenleaf."

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Kayla ((Thank you, Anne. :P))


Mintfur purred and swept the herbs that were behind her legs to the front of her with her tail. "I've already got them. It felt too nice to pass up this mroning." Then she mock gasped. "Forget to feed myself! No way!" She twitched her whiskers affectionately at her leader. "Well, don't let your old medicine cat keep you from your important duties, Icestar." She flicked her ears and smiled once more, winking.

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Icestar nodded, a smile working its way to her face. "That's a nice bunch of herbs. Seems you don't need another apprentice to help you get anymore this season," she joked. "Yes, Mintfur," the leader meowed after Mintfur had finished talking, then beckoned with her tail to the rest of the patrol. "See you later!" Icestar called over her shoulder as the patrol moved on again, towards the river. Perhaps they could stop and fish a little bit.

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Kayla {River}

Mintfur purred and nodded as her leader's back turned to her. She picked up her herbs with her jaws and mumbled and goodbye throgh them even though she knew her leader couldn't hear her. Flicking her tail, she moved in the opposite direction of Icestar, towards the camp. She thought for a moment about stopping to hunt but decided that she wasn't hungry and would just continue to the camp.


Dovestar purred as she saw the meal her apprentice had picked for her. "Thanks, Tinypaw. It's exactly what I would have chosen." She smiled, flicking her tail softly over Tinypaw's shoulder, and then leaned down and took a bite. She chewed and swallowed, savoring the juicy meat, and then motioned for her apprentice to do the same as her. She would need her strength as soon as they left for their first day of training.

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Tinypaw smiled brightly, glad she had picked a good meal for her leader. She crouched down, and also took a bite out of her own rabbit, chewing slowly, so she could also savor the taste of it. She then swallowed, took another bite, and continued to eat the rest of the rabbit. Her excitement was bubbling in her body. She was very anxious to get started, but she knew that she needed to eat before practicing, or she would tire fast.

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Moonshade twitched her whiskers in a slightly self reprimanding manner, and flicked her tail. "I know, but there is so litte for us and our apprentices to do, we will soon have a generation of fat, lazy warriors. Besides, something is bound to happen soon, what with everything being so quiet right now. You know how it is," she said, voicing his thoughts, "a long calm, and then a feirce storm. Our warrior ancestors give us a prophecy, and we go off and fulfill it." She purred, lashing the tip of her tail in mirth.

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) {Shadow}

Shadowstar gave out a purr of amusement. "Well, if you are so worried about our apprentices, then maybe you should tell they're mentors to find something for them to do, instead of sitting around the camp," he mewed, eying her. He had the urge to ask what was wrong, but he couldn't find the words. He held on to a sigh, and padded away to his den.

*NO NAME* SO DON'T TRY! teh awesome dude who says hi | 112 comments Longclaws took a mouse from the fresh-kill pile.

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Tinypaw smiled brightly, glad she had picked a good meal for her leader. She crouched down, and also took a bite out of her own rabbit, chewing slowly, so she could also savor the taste of ..."

((No name, those have always been the rules.))

Dovestar ate her rabbit quite a bit more slowly than her apprentice. She tried to be quicker than she normally was but her apprentice needed to learn patience, and she could teach that easily before their training session even started. Finishing, she licked her lips. Now, she remembered that she wanted to practice hunting today, but she may as well ask Tinypaw. "Tinypaw, do you have any preference on what we do today? I was going to practice your hunting but we could easily do something else. I could teach you a couple of battle moves or take you around the borders, or we could just lounge around and talk. I would have no trouble with that." She flicked her ears.

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Dovepaw looked up, her eyes wide. "What? Just talk? Are you serious?" she asked, looking at her suspicously. First she talked about hunting, and now...just talk?? Her mind whirled. "I mean...Just sitting around talking doesn't really help, does it?" she questioned her leader. She couldn't beleive her ears! Was Dovestar serious?? She just couldn't beleive it. Maybe it was some kind of trick. She wasn't quite sure. The one thing she did know, what that she did not sit up all night, to just sit around talking all day. She also knew it was bad to talk back like that to her leader...But that was just...Insane!

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Longclaws sprawled on the ground to think. Of all the things I want and need. He thought to himself. An apprentice. I must have an apprentice. A mate and kits. Who can I mate with? That will have to wait. Kits who I can mentor? No queens either. He got up and pricked his ears at the scent of squirrel. Thinking would have to wait too.

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Moonshade twitched her whiskers at her leaders' retreating figure and headed towards the entrance again. She might get more hunting in, but mostly it was just an excuse to get away from the stares and whispers of her clanmates. I will try and get some more herbs for the medicine cat, I supppose She thought to her self. She sighed, and headed towards the Riverclan border. She didn't know why, but the marshy, dampness of the air and ground always calmed her down and made her feel welcome. Mabey it was because she ocassionally saw him doing patrol.

Jasper ~Classy Jas~ (darkchaoticwolf) ((I really wanna know who this 'Him' is...))


Shadowstar practically sulked in his den. He just didn't want to think right now. Even though everything was peaceful, his Clan was dying. They needed more kits. More warriors. It just wasn't enough. He heaved a sigh, and curled up in his nest, but did not fall asleep. His thoughts whirled in his mind. The use to be so...full. When he was a kit, everything was exciting, and new. Even the fresh-kill. None of it was wasted. And now, with so much fresh-kill, and so many was soon going to become crow-food. He sighed again, his eyes clouded with sadness. Nothing was helping. They needed more warriors. And fast.

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Moonshade stalked around near the Riverclan border, her ears flicking back and forth. She did not want to be caught by a patrol, and yet.... She so desperalty needed to see a face that was not filled with wariness and hatred. But would a Riverclan patrol really give her that? She had mixed feelings, but overall, she doubted it. She droped down right where she was, and laid her head in her paws.

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