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Katniss (Purplemargay) Name: Mosspelt
Clan: Riverclan
Postion: Recent Warrior
Appearance: Gray-blue
Personality: Happy and Playful
Mate/Kin: none (brother died of greencough, as did parents)
Crush: none
Other: Tend to be a bit clumsy.

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True. :) Which reminds me. I haven't made one yet.

Name: Icestar
Clan: RiverClan
Position: Leader
Personality: Icestar is stern and fierce in battle. She believes firmly in justice, but she has a gentle side too. She can't stand to see innocent cats being hurt and loves kits. The leader acts impulsively without thinking, and this has led to many mistakes and bad decisions. She always trusts her gut instinct, even if it may be incorrect.
Mate/kin: Kin are dead, mate is open
Crush: Open
Other: The Clan thinks she is on her third life, but the truth is that she is on her fifth.

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Name: Midnightstar (formerly Midnightmoon)
Gender: tom
Rank: Leader Of ThunderClan
Mate/crush: was Tortoisesoul
Kin: Leaf-frost (mother), Silverwing (father), *no sibs*

Appearance: A massive deep jet black tom. HIs eyes are a brilliant glittering ice-green color. His ears are large and he rarely misses something-he's a very good listener. He has long, sharp claws. Many an enemy has met their end at his claws. His fur is long and silky with a kind of gloss to it. In moonlight, his pelt shines a deep blue.

Personality: Midnightstar is ambitious but not so amibitious he would destroy his Clan because of it. He seeks for his Clan to be the strongest. He is wise, but sometimes his emotions get the better of him. He has a warm temper sometimes.

History: Midnightkit was born at midnight during a warm greenleaf night. He has no kin (he was the only kit in his litter) other than his mother, Leaf-frost, and father, Silverwing.

Midnightpaw was apprenticed to the deputy at the time. Midnightpaw was quick and strong and was made a warrior earlier than the other apprentices.

Midnightmoon later mentored two apprentices, one who died early of greencough. The other lived only to die in battle, killed mercilessly by a vicious rogue. Midnightmoon was appointed deputy of ThunderClan thirteen moons ago and has helped his Clan through many battles since. He became leader six moons ago when the old leader, ratstar, lost his last life due to an infected wound.

What midnightstar's Clan does not know is that he is the father of Minkpaw of RiverClan, Foxpaw of WindClan, and Sablepaw of ShadowClan, and former mate of the now-deceased ShadowClan medicine cat tortoisesoul.

More to come, I gotta copy the others that go with this character. |D /shot

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Name: Tortoisesoul
gender: she-cat
Rank: Medicine cat
Kin: Foxstorm(tom, in WindClan), Sablemarten(she-cat, ShadowClan), Minkfire(tom, in RiverClan)
Mate/crush: was Midnightmoon before he was leader.
Apprentice: None yet

Appearance: A small tortoiseshell she-cat with more orange than any other color on her pelt. Her eyes are dark blue, almost like an ocean at night. She is fast when working to save a cat's life. Her paws are small and neat and her claws are hooked and curved, giving her an increased ability to pick out specific parts of herbs to make use of them.

Personality: Tortoisesoul is very quiet and keeps mainly to herself. She can be very crabby and doesn't like cats who ask obvious questions. She is also very, very regretful.

History: Tortoisekit was born destined to be a warrior but that changed when she witnessed her mother die at the paws of an invading RiverClan warrior. Tortoisekit vowed form then on that she would never allow another cat to die.

Tortoisepaw learned her duties fast under Rainleaf's gentle but stern guidance. Tortoisepaw had an uneventful apprenticeship, seeing the Clan through small battles and border skirmishes and few sicknesses.

All of that changed when Tortoisepaw became Tortoisesoul. Struck by Midnightmoon's, the ThunderClan deputy, beauty by moonlight at a Gathering, she began to meet him when she could. She soon became pregnant with his kits. Rainleaf was very understanding to her-but very disappointed. The leader was not happy either. And once the whole Clan found out, she thought she was done for, but Rainleaf and her leader defended Tortoisesoul. To this day, Tortoisesoul regrets everything that happened. Since those painful moments, Tortoisesoul has worked harder than any cat to earn the trust of her Clanmates. Her kits, however, went ot separate Clans. Only Sablekit stayed in ShadowClan with her, but she was given to a different queen. Foxkit wen to WindClan to live and Minkkit went to RiverClan. Tortoisesoul loves her kits and does not regret them, but she regrets falling in love with Midnightmoon.

Tortoisesoul is right there. |D She never died. o.o

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x.x I copied it from a group where eclipseclan was shadowclan. XD /fixing

Name: Sablemarten
Gender: she-cat
Rank: Warrior
Kin: Tortoisesoul, Midnightstar, Minkfire, Foxstorm
Mate/crush: None

Appearance: Sablemarten is a lithe, sable-colored she-cat. Her pelt is medium-length and is glossy. Her pelt is a solid sable color save for her tail, which is black. Her eyes are an flashing green. She is small and quick on her feet. Her claws are deadly sharp and fairly long.

Personality: Sablemarten is hateful, mean, and horribly standoffish. Because she's a medicine cat's kit, she grew up with cats staring at her funny and that's what made her hate her mother and every other Clan cat who's ever looked funny at her. Ger words are as sharp as her claws and she has a tendency to yell. She doesn't like to be around other cats and especially hates those of ShadowClan because they forgave Tortoisesoul. Her standoffishness knows no bounds. She is rude and is sometimes vain.

History: Sablekit was born on moondark night along with her brothers Minkkit and Foxkit. From the moment she was given to that other queen to nurse, she and her brothers were looked at strangely. It didn't take long for them to figure out that these kits born on moondark night were the kits of their own medicine cat. Sablekit was especially scorned; she had her mother's pelt color. Sablekit began to hate everyone then.

Sablepaw was looked at as kind of a useless apprentice; everyone believed she would be no good as a warrior. She is working hard to prove them all wrong, but it's been difficult due to her bad temperament.

She just recently became a warrior late due to an almost-broken leg and was named Sablemarten.


Name: Foxstorm
Gender: tom
Rank: warrior
Kin: Tortoisesoul, midnightstar, Sablemarten, Minkfire
Mate/crush: open

Appearance: A light brown tom with thin, wild fur. It never stays down. He is small and slight but has the powerful muscles and bones of a ShadowClan and ThunderClan cat. His eyes are amber like Tortoisesoul's.

Personality: Friendly and outgoing, Foxstorm likes basically anyone after he gets to know them. He loves to run and enjoys playing games. He also spaces out sometimes and sometimes doesn't listen very well.

History: Foxkit was born on moondark night with his brother and sister Minkkit and Sablekit. He was rushed to WindClan and given to Oakfeather, a queen there at the time. When he became Foxpaw, he was told who his parents and siblings truly were. Foxpaw shrugged and didn't care much-he was happy he had a real family;he'd never felt like a true part of Oakfeather's family. Foxpaw is the only one who loves his parents unconditionally and stands as a fo-between with his more hostile siblings.

Foxstorm became a warrior around three moons before his siblings did. The leader thought he had proven himself as a warrior well and named him early. Foxstorm has continued to excel even though he is not a true WindClan cat.


Name: Oakfeather
Gender: she-cat
Rank: Elder; formerly a warrior/queen and before that a medicine cat
Kin: Foxstorm (adopted)
Mate/crush: Oakfeather never said who her mate was.

Appearance: Oakfeather has a pelt that sticks up all over like ruffled bird feathers. She can never groom it so that it'll stay down. Her eyes are a light green.

Personality: She's grown quieter and more accepting with age. She has her snappy moments and sometimes dislikes being bothered by kits and apprentices.

History: Oakkit was bron in newleaf and raised without much fanfare. She loved to play, like all kits, but she became interested in the medicine den just before she was to be apprenticed.

Oakpaw was apprenticed to the medicine cat and quickly succeeded him; she was a fast learner. But she was tired of it already and wanted kits. She trained an apprentice quickly and quit being a medicine cat as soon as she was able, not realizing that her apprentice wasn't ready yet. Oakfeather never looked back, but also never had the kits she had so desperately wanted-her only litter died, a punishment from StarClan for failing in her duty to her apprentice. She nursed Foxkit when he came to WindClan and she has always treated him like her own.


Name: Flamesoul
Gender: tom
Rank: Warrior
Kin; Open
Mate/crush: Open
apprentice: None at the moment

Appearance: Flamesoul is an average-size reddish-orange tom. As his name suggests, his pelt is in the colors of flames, and so are his eyes-his eyes are a dark amber-yellow mix. His paws are neat and light and his claws sharp. He has mastered the art of being almost silent in his pawsteps.

Personality: Flamesoul has always been regarded as 'quiet.' And also antisocial. Flamesoul does not necessarily work well in teams but prefers to do things alone. He has a slow temper and rarely gets angry.

He doesn't get mad. He gets even.

History: Flamekit was born on a night when the clouds covered up the moon. The clouds covered the moon at the very moment of his birth. No one really cared, or noticed this small omen from StarClan themselves. Flamekit right from the start had a lot of ambition and was quick to learn fighting techniques, but was not so quick on the code; to this day, he sees no need for so many rules, though he does not say this out loud.

Flamepaw was apprenticed to a senior warrior who would later die in a vicious battle against ThunderClan over Sunningrocks. Flamepaw was taught exceptionally well by this cat, especially where it concerned fighting.

He was given the name Flamesoul because the leader thought his spirit was vigorous and powerful, like flame; and Flamesoul began his slow takeover of the Clan from the inside, beginning with the naive leader Stormstar. Stormstar meant well when he gave Flamesoul an apprentice, thinking that Flamesoul would later make an excellent choice for his deputy, as the current one was contemplating retirement at the time.

Splashstar, when the deputy retired from age, Stormfire was made deputy, contrary to what Flamesoul wanted. Flamesoul resented Splashfire's deputy position and did what he could to rid the Clan of Splashstar so Flamesoul himself could more quickly become deputy.

Splashstar dissapeared mysteriously one Gathering night when Splashstar had been forced to stay at camp due to greencough. Splashstar was never seen again and nor was his body found, but this disappearance made Stormfire Stormstar, and paved the way for Flamesoul's subsequent deputy appointment. Only it didn't work that way, and Flamesoul was not placed in the deputy position, a choice of Stormstar;'s that he deeply resents.

Flamesoul's ambition has only continued to grow. As he tries to obtain the position of deputy any way he can, he checks himself and his actions time and time again, to make sure nothing is suspected of his actions.

Flamesoul is one cat who threatens to ruin everything.

Extra Info: Flamesoul has a tendency to be able to convince almost any cat to do most anything; many cats whisper behind his back that his name should have been Silvertongue and not Flamesoul.

But no one but himself understands just how fitting his name is for him.

Because Flamesoul intends to wreak havoc from the inside, rather than the outside.


Name: Shadowsoul
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Previously attempted to be med. cat, but now is a warrior
Kin: Midnightstar(father, dead), Blackie(mother, rogue, dead)
Mate/crush: None

Appearance: A smaller, fine-boned jet black she-cat. Her pelt is glossy and constantly well-groomed. She is young and strong and quite capable. Her claws are just as sharp as her tongue. Her muscles are thin and wiry and strong underneath her pelt. Her eyes are a poisonous yellow.

Personality: Shadowsoul has a very commanding nature. She knows what's best for a cat's injuries whether they like it or not and she will use this to her advantage if she has to. Her tongue is sharp. However, Shadowsoul is also a very wise young she-cat, as well as knowledgeable.

History: Shadowkit was born in leaf-bare as an only kit. Her mother, unable to produce enough milk for her, gave shadowkit to a different queen. Shadowkit's mother was a well-known rogue in ThunderClan when Midnightstar was leader and so was treated well. Unfortunately, Blackie, Shadowkit's mother, died soon after, having contracted greencough. shadowkit quickly took an interets in the medicine den and became bitter over her mother's, and soon father's, death.

Her bitterness was alleviated in the medicine den. She felt at home there. She began to stay in there as a kit, having disliked all the other kits, and she was apprenticed to the former medicine cat.

Shadowpaw learned quickly, but she had been absorbing whatever Frostedlight had said when Shadowpaw had been just a kit. As a result, Shadowpaw earned her medicine cat name quicker. However, Shadowsoul didn't know that her beloved mentor would soon die of greencough just like her mother had.

Shadowsoul felt alone after Frostedlight died. Her bitterness became more deeply entrenched in her soul. As such, Shadowsoul finds it extremely difficult to make close friends-what if they die?


Name: Minkfire
Gender: tom
Rank: warrior
kin: Tortoisesoul, Midnightstar, Sablemarten, Foxstorm
Mate/crush: OPen

Appearance: Looks almost exactly like Midnightstar. His pelt is thick and sleek due to being raised in RiverClan. His pelt is a shade of unmarred jet black. HIs eyes are a bright, luminous yellow.

Personality: Cunning and quiet, Minkfire knows how to use the actions of others to his advantage. He likes to hide and knows when to keep his mouth shut. He hasn't told anyone about his parents.

History: Minkkit was born on moondark night along with Sablekit and Foxkit. He was immediately given to RiverClan and raised there without much event. When Minkkit became Minkpaw, the leader told him about his parents. In a fit of rage at that knowledge, he disowned his parents before the medicine cat and the leader. He refuses to speak of them and views himself as having no parents. He rarely speaks to Foxstorm and Sablemarten.

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Domuyrr Name: Moonshade

Clan: Shadow

Position: Deputy

Appearance: Meduim length straight black and has purple/copper hints when the sun shines on it. Also, her tail and face are creamy white and slightly brown as the fur changes color. Her fur is everywhere, even in between the pads, as though for walking on snow. She has tufts on the top of her ears along with the fine hairs that spiral around and protect her ears., and many dark colored whiskers. Her eyes are orange-red, and slightly angry looking. her nose is far more grey and red than the rest of her face and body.

Personality: She is very scatterbrained, but because her kin is all gone, dead or left the clan, and also of her, umm, unrequited love, is very sad. She droops when she dwells on it, but does not want her clan to find out that she is in love with someone else ooutside the clan, for fear of being aaccused of being a traitor. She has internal conflict all the time, and hardly ever opens up to anyone. Though she is extremely loyal to her clan, she fears judjment. To avoid having to talk to anyone in her clan about love, kits, the akward subjects, ect... she throws her all into hunting and perfecting her fighting. When she feels she has done that she will often help with anything around camp, like repair and mixing medicine.

History: Her mother died giving birth to her and her brother, and they had been shunted around from Queen to Queen in the nursery. Her brother, Hollowtree, left the clan because he hated the way that everyone treated them, helpless, useless, and unwanted. He became a rouge near the border of Windclan and the Twolegs nest.

Mate/kin: N/A

Crush: She secrectly likes a tom in another clan, but she keeps this thought very close to her heart. Many of the toms in the clan think she is cold because she will not talk to them or even give the remote facade of loving them.

Other: She is not as fast as some other cats, but she is very good at stealth, and therefore a very good stalker. Because she practices fighting moves day in and day out, she is also very nimble and flexible. She has never been assigned an apprentice, though she may get one soon.

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Lupine Estill (psychesp) Name: Rainfire

Clan: WIND

Position: Medicine cat (is this ok?)

(BTW I had a description but the pic is way more accurate)

generally calm. She doesn't talk much for fear of letting out her doubts about being the clan's medicine cat. She is also afraid that if she did say anything to Foxstorm he'd reject her. She often becomes lost in thought and almost all of her visions are irregular or irrelevent, so when she sees signs of danger no one believes her. She must rely heavily on her apprentice(could someone RP one- make one?).

Rainpaw was a very playful kit, but she was never as good as any of the others at warrior skills, though she dreamed of becoming one until she was out in the woods on her own and was attacked by a rogue. She was so horrified that she vowed to help those who had to face this fear every day as a medicine cat. From then on she was quiet and didn't play often, completely inside herself. Now, as a medicine cat she often wishes she'd chosen a different path.

her mother and father had her early and are elders (mom-Cindertail, dad-Swiftpath)she has no siblings

Crush: Foxstorm (but she's a medicine cat so she can't say anything)

Gender: she-cat

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Kayla Name: Mintfur

Gender: Female

Clan: River

Rank: Med Cat


Personality: Mintstar is very cool and icy regarding matters of the other Clans. When at Gatherings she often degrades the other Clans. She is proud of her own Clan and believes, in all honesty, that WindClan are not only the smartest but also the quickest and best-looking of all cats. She keeps her cool well. When with her Clan she is quite content and sweet, especially with the kits. Again, however - at Gatherings or if another Clan comes to her, she enjoys annoying other cats, especially leaders and deputies, and she always hopes her taunting will turn into fight - which she always wins.

History: As a you kit, her apprenticeship was actually delayed a half-moon because the deputy, who was supposed to be her mentor, was killed by a monster. Once she became an apprentice, she was already bigger and stronger than some of the other apprentices, which gave her an advantage. Her own mentor ended up being the current leader - and she was taught very loose rule on when it was time to stop. She learned all about power, and how to get just the right angle, and to never back down.

When she became deputy, she was unable to hold herself back when another Clan attacked them. She killed one of their warriors. Their leader's last life was taken during that battle as well. There was speculation on whether or not she should be allowed to continue on as leader, but in the end she was confirmed and became the proud, dangerous leader of WindClan. She has become much more mellow and sweet since she became the role model, but you still wouldn't want to meet her in a battle.

Kin: Open

Crush: Heh. Uhh... she has a crush on Foxstorm, how 'bout. :P

Mate: Open


Jasper ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Name: Shadowstar (Shadowpelt)
Clan: Shadow (How ironic...XD)
Position: Leader
Appearance: Black, with white chest, and golden eyes.
Personality: He's actually very kind, not like most leaders of ShadowClan. He always tries his hardest to take care of his Clan, even if, sometimes he makes the wrong mistakes. He never gives up, and he always keeps trying. He never backs down from a challenge, but sometimes, he beleives it's best to do so. Basically, the only thing he wants in life is peace for his Clan, and the three others.
Mate/kin: Open
Crush: Open
Other: He has 7 lives left.

._. Should he be evil?

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Kayla Okay, I'd like to change my leader. I still want leader, she's just a differnt kitteh now.

Name: Dovestar

Gender: Female, and proud of it. She thinks the majority of toms out there are completely useless. Not all – just most. She wants a mate but she needs that tom to be able to be a smart one and not make stupid decisions like the majority of toms she has seen, especially ones in high positions. She tends to treat toms a bit harder than she-cats.

Clan: RiverClan

Rank: Leader, and again, proud of it. She loves her Clan dearly and would do anything for them. She quite strongly believes that they are the best Clan out of all. The best hunters, runners, fighters, and the best-looking – I mean, literally everything.

Appearance: Dovestar is a bit of an odd-looking she-cat. She has rich, light cream-colored fur that is actually very short but still amazingly soft to the touch. The tip of her tail, tips of her ears, fur on her muzzle and the top of her paws all have a bit of a reddish tinge to the fur, a red-brown that shows up faintly. She has very, very faint tabby markings running all down her body that are also a reddish brown color, but these are so faint they’re hardly noticeable unless, well, you know they’re there or her fur is absolutely soaking wet. Though she has the typical small muzzle and dainty mouth, her snow-white fangs are quite a bit longer than any other she has seen. She has a black spot on her tongue (who knows why – lol!) and her claws are also abnormally long and are a see-through cream/tan color.

She has a very slender body, and her fur being very smooth and short/close to her skin certainly helps this image, though if she had very puffy fur you would still be able to tell how slender she really is. Despite being thin, it is, in fact, a healthy thin – no ribs can be seen through her fur like some cats who are thin. Her legs are also very slender and longer than usual – but don’t let this fool you. There’s some serious muscle under the skin, both in her legs and the rest of her body. Her tail is a bit more fluffy than the rest of her fur but not too much so, and is, (surprise!) very long compared to the rest of her body. Her whiskers are reddish-brown and very long (whaddaya know!). She has a soft pink nose. Her eyes are deep, dark green and when the sun shines on her face and gets through her eyelashes (yes, cats have eyelashes. I know what you’re thinking – huh? :P) they turn liquid-like and dapple lighter green in the middle.

Personality: She has two sides – the public side and the soft side.

The soft side is out only when she is with her Clan or her mate (though she doesn’t have one yet). During this mood, she is carefree and easy-going. She will tell jokes and laugh at those from her Clan even when they aren’t funny. She hates hurting other cats’ feelings and will say what needs to be said to make them feel better. She is easy to get along with and easy to talk to, because she is the kind of cat who would volunteer to get up and do the work of another to make them happy. Though her confidence comes out whenever she talks, she tends to be much more quiet and soft with her words when she is talking to her Clanmates or someone close to her. She has a soft spot for kits and would spend all day playing with them and keeping them entertained, not only for her own happiness and theirs but also to give the queens a rest for a while. In apprenticeship, she believes in praising what is done right and reprimanding only when something is majorly done wrong – otherwise, it needs to be constructive criticism with praise still laced in. She tends to be almost shy around her Clan – talking softly, asking instead of stating.

When she is in the presence of other Clans or Clanmates or leaders from other Clans, she has a completely different personality. She is completely cool and indifferent to the problems of the other Clans unless they directly involve her own. She will gladly offer suggestions to the Clan leaders to see if she can help but she does not act at all sympathetic and will not volunteer herself or her Clan to help. She keeps a cool and straight face at all times during discussions, and her voice is icy in a kind way – just making sure everyone knows that she believes in her Clan and that should anyone put them down, they would regret it. She is normally the peacekeeper as she does not want to put her cats in danger. Before each Gathering she orders all attending cats that fighting will not be tolerated and that if a fight breaks out, they are to do whatever is necessary to stay out of it. She is not the gentle peacekeeper, though – not because she is soft and sweet but because her faith in StarClan is never swayed and she follows them to the ends of her world – when she refuses to fight her tone is deadly icy and if others do not stop, she simply leaves. She does not care about the opinions of cats outside of her Clan and they have no effect on her decisions, no matter what she says. She tends to not have comebacks to mean comments – instead she gives them a glare and puts it out of her mind because she knows they are only jealous.

History: When she was a very young kit, she never once heard the name she had been given (or was supposed to be given.) She never found out the name of her father, mother or any other cats either. She sat in a nest curled up in the nursery with her two brothers all day while foster mothers and queens took care of them. The second she opened her eyes for the very first time, within seconds she had been picked up by her scruff and was being raced through the trees, the forest blurring all around her at the fast speed. For about three minutes there was nonstop running, and then she was thrown (yes, thrown, flung, whatever you want to say) into a bush. Both of her brothers were stuffed in right after her, and then in a matter of seconds the cats were gone, not a trace of them or who they were. All three kits sat there for a few minutes, simply shocked, and then they all started crying. They were scared, cold, tired, and hungry. After a while her brothers convinced her to stop crying by giving her a name since they had received none – she became Sugar Berry, and they called her Sugar for short. Her tortoiseshell brother became Siren, and her other brother was now called Crook.

All the kits made a living for, oh – about an hour. Then a fox showed up. Poor Sugar, who had just gotten over being dumped in the first place, was forced to watch her brother killed and eaten before her very eyes. The only reason for her survival is that when they heard the fox coming, Siren jumped ahead to let Crook up the tree behind him. Crook just barely managed to pull them both up the tree, and Sugar dug her claws in and held on for dear life. Once the fox was gone, she couldn’t get down for terror that it would come again and her muscles and limbs being so sore. In an attempt to help get her down, Crook launched off to push her off. They both tumbled and rolled, but when they landed, she was on top and Crook didn’t survive the seven or eight foot fall. She sat there after that, mewling her head off and crying and wailing. About an hour later a Clan patrol found her sitting with huge puffy eyes over the bodies of her brothers, crying her eyes out and whimpering and shivering.

The patrol took her back to the camp, where she was immediately taken pity on and put in the nursery. A queen by the name of Leafheart took care of her and was now her foster mother, though in the first few hours of being in the Clan Sugar was licked constantly by the mother, who felt very sorry for her about losing her brothers. After a few days once she had recovered enough to be able to see another cat ithout crying, she was presented to the leader at the time. Flamestar told her that he was very sorry about her losses and that she could become a Clan cat, but that she would have to change her name. A she-cat by the name of Blossompaw stepped up and presented the name Dovekit, and it was a pretty unanimous decision.

During her kithood, she was not at all confident. Actually, she was very shy and quiet. She spent a lot of time all by herself, just sitting in the nursery or outside in the shade and looking around, sometimes crying. When she became an apprentice, her mentor became Blossomheart – formerly known as Blossompaw. Blossomheart was sweet and kind to her and took everything very slow and easy. She made sure that Dovepaw knew how to hunt and run and jump perfectly before she even began to think about teaching her fighting. When she did, they were always in group sessions with other apprentices so that she could see everything be demonstrated. Blossomheart knew that Dovepaw needed to be able to concentrate on something other than her studies, so she had to have another outlet.

She passed through apprenticeship with flying colors despite her dark past and she was given the name Doveshine – Flamestar told her that her heart shone with loyalty and acceptance. She took this to heart and when not a moon later she was made the deputy, she was overjoyed. She was given an apprentice immediately by the name of Cloudpaw. She helped tame his very angry spirit and he became a very treasured member of the Clan.

She was fighting in her first battle as the deputy. It was against ShadowClan, who had been attacking their cats as they passed the border on patrols. Her Clanmates came back with terrible injuries when they hadn’t even been crossing the border. Flamestar called the battle. They were in the midst of the ShadowClan camp when their deputy, Rootfang, attacked Flamestar, and Doveshine’s leader lost his last life defending her against the ShadowClan. She took over since then and has been leading her Clan for 5 moons. She still has all of her nine lives left.

Kin: None of her known kin are still alive as far as she knows. Her brothers both died and were buried by the Clan, and she never knew her mother and father. However, she thinks of most of her Clan as her kin.

Crush: None at the moment, though perfectly open

Mate: Again, none. She is looking for a nice, sweet, compassionate tom.

Other: She can’t be around foxes. If a fox comes anywhere near her or even the word is mentioned, her whole body freezes up and her eyes become really wide. After she recovers from this, a bout of sobs usually follows. This is her only main weakness as a leader.

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Jasper ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Name: Leafspots
Clan: River
Position: Deputy
Appearance: White with brown, black, and orange patches, green eyes.
Personality: Kind, caring, brave, loyal, a little reckless, and can be hostile at times.
Mate/kin: Open?
Crush: Open

Name: Tinypaw (Tinyspots)
Clan: Wind
Position: Apprentice (Mentor is Dovestar)
Appearance: Gray fur, with darker gray spots along back, one white sock on her left front paw, and golden eyes. Is also very small.
Personality: Kind, energetic, clumsy, and loyal.
Mate/kin: Open?
Crush: Open
Other: Is a new apprentice.

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Mande-- | 49 comments I suppose. *Sigh.* Haha, just joking!
There's no one there to crush on! LOL.
Name: Layla
Clan: Shadow
Position: Warrior.
Personality:She is very inventive, and more artistic than average. She likes to get lost in thought, and is introspective, observant, curious, and a real synthesizer. Perception, enjoyment of games of strategy, are what she thrives in. She is very prescient. She's a real tough questioner, and looks for hidden patterns, and seeks meaning,
Mate/kin: None of either.
Crush: ...
Other: ...

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Mande-- | 49 comments If you would like Anne, I'm redoing her everything now. I'll delete the old.

Name: Layla Marieh Canveal
Clan: Shadow,
Roses may be red,
and violets blue,
but as I hide in the shadows,
they shall never bloom.
Position: Warrior.
She is very inventive, and more artistic than average. She likes to get lost in thought, and is introspective, observant, curious, and a real synthesizer. Perception, enjoyment of games of strategy, are what she thrives in. She is very prescient. She's a real tough questioner, and looks for hidden patterns, and seeks meaning,
Mate/kin: No Mate, or history of crushes. No kin known to her, unsure of their whereabouts if she even had any.
Crush: No Crush.
Has been a kitty-pet all her life, spoiled by Two-Legs. She left when she was 14 moons old with 2 friends but they got seperated on their way to the ancient "treasure" and were all forced to be in different clans when they got caught trying to steal from the kill pile. She got thrown out of another clan and decided she wanted to be in Shadow.

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Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod
Oh and your "other" thing makes your character sound kind of Mary-Sue-ish. Could you change that so it fits in with the others?

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Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 320 comments Mod
Please do be polite. Words can hurt more than people realize. I have left the most important comments up and deleted the others.

If you want her name to be Darkmoon, please edit her profile to reflect that ^^

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Domuyrr I like this one a lot! Just the name is a bit odd. *Shrugs*

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Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod
Yes, please change the name.

message 19: by Kayla (new)

Kayla If you still want it to be similar, you could do something like Blossomheart. The name Layla reminds me of a hawaiian flowered necklace called a lay (I don't think that's how it's spelled though) and then it's a flower/blossom.

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Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod
She said she wanted it to be Darkmoon...?

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*NO NAME* SO DON'T TRY! teh awesome dude who says hi | 112 comments Name: Longclaws
Gender: Male
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Warrior
Looks: He is a black tom with sharp green eyes. His claws are an inch longer than most cats. He has large muscles in all areas except for his lower back. He is smaller than most cats though. The tip of his tail is sharp yellow.
Personality: He always tries to stay away from battles and tries to find a way out of one. If he has to fight, he fights ruthlessly. He is very good at arguing and always makes good points. He never gets annoyed.
Mate/Kin: Open
Other: He never strikes any lethal blows. He only attacks the places that are the most painful.

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Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 320 comments Mod
More description (both personality + physical) please. :P Also complete sentences.

message 23: by Anne, Sorry for sudden poofs. I often forget about GR. (new)

Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod
Longclaw seems more like a warrior name they would have, but if you want it to be Longclaws that's okay too. Just making sure it's not a typo.

*NO NAME* SO DON'T TRY! teh awesome dude who says hi | 112 comments Yeah I prefer Longclaws. Should I edit?

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Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 320 comments Mod
Yep ^^

message 26: by Anne, Sorry for sudden poofs. I often forget about GR. (new)

Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod
I'm going to accept, but next time I prefer more :)

*NO NAME* SO DON'T TRY! teh awesome dude who says hi | 112 comments I will expect that.

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Name: Nightfur
Clan: Thunderclan
Position: Warrior
Appearance: She is a jet-black female with short fur and green eyes. She is smaller than most cats her age, but she does not let that hold her back.
Personality: She is kind and protective of her adoptive clan, but she does have a temper... She loves to play with the kits, and one day hopes to have one of her own. She has no memory of her mother or what happened before she was found. She is very independent, and likes to hunt alone.
Mate/kin: She has no living kin or mate.
Crush: She doesn't have one yet.
Other: She was found as a kitten by a Thunderclan Warrior and raised as one of the clan.

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Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod
More personality, more appearance, complete sentences... seriously, how many times do I have to say this? It's an advanced RP.

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Is that better? I edited it.

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Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod
Still more, at least three sentences. Five is definitely preferred.

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Domuyrr Name: Leopardsoul

Gender: She-cat

Clan: Thunderclan

Position: She is the recently appointed medicine cat, and her mentor just died in an attack by rouges very recently.

Appearance: She is dark, but not entirely black. Her fur has a silvery bronze tint to it.She is a short and straight haired feline, and thin, wirey mucles means she is a good hunter when she is not helping out with the clan. Her tail is very long, and has a redder tint towards the tail. Her eyes are large and ice blue rimmed with a deeper blue. her claws are very long, and her ears as slim, as is the rest of her body. She gets in about equal amouts of warrior and medicine cat training, so she is in very good shape.

Personality: She wants to be as much help to her clan as possible, and tries very hard. She is not afraid to ask questions about herbs to the other medicine cats in other clans. she is also very blunt, and will never break news gently. She is a bit of a loner, and simply does not know how to be friends, let alone mate, to anyone.

Mother: Pantherpelt, decesed

Crush: Midnightstar,((This is only because he is the only thunder tom I could find...))

Other: She never knew who her father was, and it was roumered he was from a different clan.

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Man, you are hard to please! Is it better now?

message 34: by Domuyrr (new)

Domuyrr Could you add, maybe, one, Leetle tinsy tiny sentence more? Then I think it is good to go, as a basic!

message 35: by Sephiroth, Yay Linkin Park. And endless repeat FTW. (new)

Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 320 comments Mod
Paragraphs are preferred; the standard paragraph is 4 to 5 sentences. It's accepted as is but next time add in some more physical description or add a picture if description is that short ^^

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You guys are so hard to please! I usually create a basic outline, then edit as the character develops during rp :)

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Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 320 comments Mod
We're hard to please because this is an advanced rp :3

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Anne (stunningfire) | 553 comments Mod
Yes, please do create a more advanced character since this is an advanced group.

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Lupine Estill (psychesp) It is for this kinda stuff you have to be dedicated... but it's okay because you don't have to reply as often as you wait for other people! :>

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Raven (crystalofunivalia) Name: Soulwhisper
Clan: thunderclan
Position: warrior
Appearance: looks like Bluestar but more silver
Personality: shy, sweet, fierce, loyal
Mate/kin: none yet
Crush: none yet
Other: none

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