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Powers (Only two):

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Name: Seth
Age: 18

Personality: Feisty, likes to get into a brawl
Powers: Invisibility and speed
History: He grew up in the slums of the big city. He found out he had powers and used them to mug people and build a reputation. He now goes abroad doing whatever he wants.

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A T (aatalex) Name: Darkie
Personality:quick and dodgy. hungry all the time. has craving for sweets. and gets high on lemon products.
Powers (Only two): Fire manipulation. teleportating.
History: orphan child, ward of the state. now sort of a hobo. steals to survive.

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- (renkks) Name: Cal
Age: 18
Appearance: Put one on later....
Personality: TBA
Powers (Only two): Mind control, telepathy
History: Im thinking of it...

Name: Izza
Age: 16
Appearance: Put one on later....
Personality: TBA
Powers (Only two): Elements controller
History: Im thinking of it...

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- (renkks) Okay I have to things to say
1) Wtf is that a picture of?!?

2) Lmao. High of lemons?!!?

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A T (aatalex) what you dont like my humor?

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- (renkks) No I thought it was funny

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A T (aatalex) okay thats cool.

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Name: Nyara
Age: 17, looks 14
Personality: very timid but determined, once she comes to trust someone she will do anything to help them.
Powers (Only two):empathy, can channel her memories to others
History: She hides her past from everyone. She is searching for her twin brother, who disappeared many years ago.

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Personality:protective to his friends,sometimes cold,mischevious.
Powers:agility,can strike fear into someone just by looking at them if he wills it.

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Creepy looking dude.

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lol yeah i know.

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Does anyone want to create Nyara's twin brother? He's her exact opposite.

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Name: Nyama
Age: 17
Personality: Very bold, he is not a person you want behind you because he will stab you if he gets the chance
Powers (Only two): Fire and darkness
History: He vanished fa long time ago, he is Nyara's twin brother

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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 3 comments Name: Tristessa ((Tri))
Age: 17
Personality: Sly and fox like.
Powers: Can shift into a fox, and feel/ control emotions.
History: Can't remember

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