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Name:Joel Mason
Stage Name:J.M.
Band:Embers on Sunday
Music Genre:Hard Rock
Appearance:Tall, black hair, usually wears his Black Atlanta Braves Hat, Faded Grey Jeans, Nike Shox, A Black longsleeve shirt with a grey band short sleeve t- shirt over it/
Extra:A skilled guitarist, Joel loves playing and being on stage. A rocker by heart, he loves music. Rated by Guitar Magazine, he is the biggest rcoker in the world. On the cover of every rock magazine, he does some solo songs and with his band has gone platinum 6 times.

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SAM (ilovemydogs578) | 673 comments Mod
Name: Taylor Kim
Age: 22
Stage Name: Taylor
Band: Girl Talk
Instrument: Guitar/Vocals
Music Genre: Pop
Appearance: 5.8' long legs, tan skin, shoulder length thin blond hair with dark brown highlights, bright aqua blue eyes.
Extra: Taylor loves to sing and plans on going solo one day. She is the star of Girl Talk and the icon of pop music. She loves her music but is also an actress. She lives and loves performing and is one of the best singers of this modern time. She is not friends with pop competition but has no problem with famous people in different genre's.

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Name: Hero Andrew
Age: 21
Stage Name: Hero
Band: Nobody's Princess
Instrument: Keyboard/vocals
Music Genre: Pop
Appearance: 5' 5", very pale skin and is noticed for it, long light brown wavy hair that goes down to back, bright blue eyes. Always wears her lucky ring that says 'To Thine Own Self Be True' carved on it.
Extra: Hero loves to sing and she is best known for some movies she has played in. Her band is number 2 for Pop bands, right behind Girl Talk, and she plans on someday going over to Broadway instead of staying in Hollywood. Not a fan of Rock bands.

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Name: Elizabeth Johnson
Age: 25
Stage Name: Aurora
Band: AJ
Instrument: Vocals
Music Genre: Hip Hop/ Pop
Appearance: 5' 5", Tan skin, Long Golden Blonde Hair, Glacier Blue eyes.
Extra: Aurora is one of the best known singers of her time. She loves what she does and she is good at it. She is friends with Hero and they are very well known for it.

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♥M♥A♥R♥I♥E♥ (mariehastings) | 272 comments Name: Krystyne Erxsy
Age: 21
Stage Name:Krys
Band: Girlicious
Instrument: Vocals/Guitar
Music Genre: Pop
Appearance: VERY curly long auburn hair, deep-set violet eyes
Extra: Krystyne loves to sing and dance and is very well known. All three of her band's albums have topped the charts. She also writes many of the songs that the band plays and is adored by all of the band. She has a kind heart and often plays for charity concerts.

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SAM (ilovemydogs578) | 673 comments Mod
Name: Lisa
Age: 22
Stage Name: None
Band: None
Instrument: None
Music Genre:
Appearance: 5.6', light tanned skin, shoulder length thick brown hair and green eyes.
Extra: Taylor's Best Friend

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Name:Jade Steel
Stage name:Axle
Interment:Electric Guitar/Vocals
Music Genre:Pop/Rock/Country
Appearance:Blond spiky hair, weres white jacket, white jeans and black t-shirt,deep blue eyes,tan Muscular, and handsome.
Extra:Rock god, country oldie, Pop star he cant decide, he mostly is a soft rock but he can also heavy metal.He is a legend of most he has climbed his way up. He also enjoys Acting of a different stage. Close friend of J.M.

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