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SOLVED: Children's/YA > YA fantasy book: boy locked in tower, escapes using napkins [s]

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message 1: by ♥Xeni♥ (new)

♥Xeni♥ (xeni) genre: children's / YA fantasy

intended age-range: anywhere from 8 to 16 (I don't remember how it was written)

plot: All I remember is how a younger brother acquires the throne, after imprisoning his older brother in a very high tower on suspicions of treason. (Fictional kingdom). There is an evil magician who is running the show from behind, and is making the younger brother do all the cruel things (to his brother and the land). Eventually his brother escapes due to two idiosyncrasies: a doll house that his late father built for him, complete with real working loom, spindle, etc. and the fact that his late mother taught him to always use a napkin at meal times.

So, although he is imprisoned, he gets his brother to give him the dollhouse to play with, and requests a napkin with every meal. He takes a few threads off each napkin, and then after about a year of spinning a thread on the miniature spindle he makes a rope long enough to reach the floor of the tower.

I forget anything else that happens in the book!

characters: The two royal brothers are the main players, although a side character is the evil magician who is ruling through the younger brother.

setting: a fictional kingdom, complete with medieval town/castle. You find things like magic, dragons, magicians, etc.

illustrations: I think the copy I had had illustrations, or it was just written so well that I have pictures in my head from the accounts.

book cover: No idea anymore.

read: I think I read this only 10 years ago, but it could be anywhere form 13 to 5 years ago. So probably published somewhere in the 1990's.

message 2: by Kit★ (new)

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 138 comments The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King Prince Peter and younger brother Thomas, and their father King Roland, Flagg the evil magician. One of my fave, fave, fave books of all time!!

message 3: by ♥Xeni♥ (new)

♥Xeni♥ (xeni) Oh my gosh. That's it! Thank you so much! I really loved that story!!

message 4: by ♥Xeni♥ (new)

♥Xeni♥ (xeni) Now I remember when/why I read it as well! The "Stephen King" jolted my memory. Thanks!

message 5: by Kit★ (new)

Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 138 comments No problem, glad I could help :)

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