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Okay guys. If you are stuck on what mutations to do, I have made these up (yes I realize some of them may already have been used... but I didn't look anywhere for them but my own brain. :P)
If you want to use one of these you can ask me here first and I will let you use one if I believe you will be an avid roleplayer.
You can also submit your own ideas.
You can change the mutant name, these are just the ones I've come up with. You can also change any gender I indicate.

A mutant able to influence other human/mutants feelings and emotions through direct contact with their skin.

Am mutant who is able to move or run at any speed; sometimes so fast she cannot be seen or detected. She has the ability also to stop the world around her, freeze it in place - but only for limited amounts of time.

A mutant who has the ability to know whether he/she is being lied to.

A mutant with the ability to picture herself in any environment or with any person and her mind will be there, able to see and hear everything that is happening within a 20 meter radius or so. Her body stays safely where she still physically was.

Splits - she/he has the ability to temporarily disconnect parts of her body from others. For instance, if an axe was flying toward her leg, she could disconnect the bottom half of her leg and then reconnect it once the axe was past.

Aqua - he/she can move and control water, as well as breathe underwater and if others are with her she can transfer this to them for a time.

He/She has the ability to temporarily(5 seconds or so) stop time.

He/She can control earthly elements such as fire, water, earth, air, etc.

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L (audinosbiitch) Hey! *chases*

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I like the last one

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The fourth one would be called Astral Projection.

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